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Imposible To Say

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Mikey and Alicia left not long after Ray and Bob, all going to get ready. No-one had specified the dress code so I settled for a simple black jeans and T-shirt combo. Frank hadn’t moved from the couch where I had left him to get changed, he just sat there watching the blank TV screen.

‘Frankie? Come on, time to get changed, love.’ I whispered, kneeling down in front of him. His eyes locked with mine as he looked down at me. He nodded slowly, sticking his arms up. I stood up and lifted him into my arms. His head rested on my shoulder as I carried him to our bedroom. I tried to sit him on the bed but he wouldn’t let go.
‘What’s the matter, baby?’ I asked, squeezing him.

‘I-I don’t w-wanna let g-go.’ He whispered, snuggling against my shoulder.

‘Baby, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.’ I said, unwrapping his arms and legs. He slowly slid onto the bed, holding my hand.
‘You’re not going to let go, are you?’ I asked.
He just shook his head, tightening his grip.

‘I-I don’t want-t to l-lose you a-again.’ He sniffed, wiping the fresh tears with his free hand. I leant down so I was eye level with him and pecked his nose softly.

‘Baby, there is no way in hell that you’ll ever lose me. I promise I won’t leave your side.’ I said, wiping away his dry tears.

‘P-Promise?’ He whispered.

‘Promise. Now come on, we have to get you ready.’ I pulled at his hand, coaxing him to get up. He stood up and walked with me to the closet. I pulled out a pair of black jeans for him while he got a T-shirt out.

‘G-Gee?’ He asked, wringing the shirt in his hands.

‘Yeah, baby?’

‘Y-You’re not w-wearing your wedding r-ring.’ He whispered. I looked down at my hand and, sure enough, the ring wasn't on my finger.

‘Shit! I forgot to get it off Mikey. I’ll get it off him a dinner, promise baby.’ I said, handing him his jeans. I could see how upset he was and I understood why. That small token meant everything to both of us.

‘Y-You’re making a l-lot of p-promises t-tonight.’ He stated, slipping out of his pajama shirt. I walked up to him, running my fingers over his tattooed chest. His skin was always silky smooth, not one hair on his body beside the ones on his head.

‘And I intend to keep every single one of them.’ I whispered, leaning forward and capturing his lips. He dropped his shirt on the floor and wrapped his arms around my neck, jumping into my arms. His tongue attacked mine, fighting for the power. I knelt down on the bed, placing Frank’s head on the pillows as I ran my fingers between our bodies. His breathing hitched when I started to suck on his neck, his body moving against mine. I kissed lower, to his waist line. His hips thrust up, begging me to go lower. I slid my tongue underneath the waist of his pajama pants. He moaned lowly and thrust up again. I could feel his erection against my chest as I kissed up his stomach. His hands knotted in my hair slowly.
I was brought back to earth by our closet door slamming closed. I guess someone had left a door open.
‘Sorry, baby. But we have to go.’ I said, grasping his hand. He nodded and sat up with a large grin on his face.
‘What?’ I asked, stepping up off the bed. He stood up with me, his arms wrapping tightly around my stomach.

‘N-Nothing.’ He said, kissing my cheek. I shrugged it off.
Frank let me go and finished getting ready while I grabbed his pills.
‘W-Why are y-you br-bringing those?’ He asked as I slid the pills in my pocket.

‘Just in case, baby.’ I said, kissing his forehead. I took him into the bathroom as I did my make-up. I hadn’t worn eyeliner in a while, seeing as I was always home. Frank hadn’t worn it since he was 18.

‘C-Can I… ‘He trailed off. I smiled and leant down. I would have let him do it but he was too short to look in the mirror. I was almost too short.
After I finished with the eyeliner, mascara and powder foundation, I grabbed the car keys and closed the front door. Frank ran to the car, bouncing in the seat once buckled in. I giggled to myself as I started the engine.
Amanda had chosen to go to The Kinross, a nice little restaurant on the edge of town. It was a 10 minute drive, 15 minutes with traffic.
I parked at the back of the restaurant, right next to Bob. He was still in his car, smoking and listening to Rob Zombie. Frank got out of the car first. He ran up to Bob’s window and started banging on the glass. I got out and took Franks hand as Bob got out of the car, holding his heart.

‘Control that fucking monkey!’ He yelled, pointing at Frank.

‘He’s not a monkey, he’s just having fun. Nothing wrong with that.’ I said calmly.

‘I swear you’re dating a 5 year old.’ He muttered.

‘Come on, guys!’ Mikey yelled from the side door of The Kinross. Frank began to run, making me run with him. Frank stopped a few feet from Mikey and I almost tripped. I could hear Bob laughing from behind us as my face turned scarlet.
‘Amanda is getting impatient.’ Mikey said, walking back inside. Frank pulled at my hand. We all walked in, smelling the cooked meat and freshly cut onions. I could see Amanda sitting at the table with Ray, her arms crossed over her chest. Alicia was sitting beside Ray, laughing loudly. I decided to sit as far away from the pissed off Amanda as possible.

‘Where’s Katlyn?’ Alicia asked as Bob sat down. I had forgotten about his “date”.

‘She’ll be here soon. Her little brother is staying with her so she had to drop him off somewhere.’ Bob answered, unrolling his cutlery. He started to drum them on his plate, bopping to whatever he was playing.

‘Oi! Stop it!’ Mikey snapped, stealing the knife and fork from his hands. Bob pouted and sat back in his seat. My mind wandered, my eyes glazing over as I stared at the far wall. I could hear everyone talking, laughing. All except Frank. He sat still, which wasn't normal for him.

‘What’s wrong, baby?’ I asked, wrapping my arm around him. He leant closer to me, his lips at my ear.

‘A-Amanda keeps g-glaring a-at me. I-I don’t l-like her.’ He whispered. I looked up at Amanda, sure enough, she was glaring. When she saw me looking though, she snapped her head down.

‘Don’t worry about her, baby. We won’t be here long.’ I whispered, rubbing his side.
‘Go sit with Mikey for a second, okay?’ I kissed his temple and stood up. Frank sat in-between Mikey and Alicia, whispering something to them.
I beckoned Ray over to the men’s bathroom. He got up, telling Amanda he needed to pee.

‘What’s up?’ He asked once we were in the bathroom. Before I answered, I checked the bathroom. I looked under the doors, making sure we were alone.

‘Your girlfriends a bitch.’ I said, leaning up against the wall. Ray raised his eyebrow, as if to say “Are you serious?”.

‘Are you serious?’ Okay, he did say it.

‘She’s glaring at Frankie. What did you tell her?’ I asked. He scratched his head, his hand disappearing into his fro for a moment.

‘I told her he’s on medication. I told her not to take it personally if he doesn’t speak to her because he stutters and is kinda shy. And that he can be a hyperactive little shit when he wants to be.’ He said, confusion painting his face.

‘Anything else?’ I pressed.

‘Other than you’re married to him, then no.’

‘Any possibility that she’s homophobic? If she is, we’re leaving. I’m sorry man, but Franks already nervous enough as it is. I don’t want to stress him too much.’ I said, running my hands through my hair.

‘Let me talk to her, okay? Maybe she misunderstood or something.’ He said, leaving the bathroom. I stayed with my back against the wall for a while longer, rubbing my face with the palms of my hands. I sighed and pushed myself up. I walked out the door, looking over at our table. Mikey and Alicia were talking quietly, glancing side to side. Bob had his feet up on the table, swinging on his chair as Katlyn attempted to get him to sit properly. I searched for Frank but I couldn’t find him.

‘Mikey, where’s Frank?’ I asked when I got to the table.

‘He went outside. I don’t think he likes Amanda.’ I rolled my eyes and left them.
Outside, Frank sat on one of the tables, smoking. I walked up behind him, placing my hand on his shoulder. He didn’t jump like I thought he would. He just hung his head.

‘I-I’m sorry.’ He whispered, handing me the near newly lit cigarette. I pushed his hand away and sat next to him on the table.
‘A-Aren’t you g-gonna yell a-at me?’ He asked, his voice wavering slightly.

‘No, baby. I won’t yell at you for this. I wouldn’t yell at you for any reason. Just, please, watch what you put in your system. I can’t lose you again and keep going.’ I whispered, stroking his face. He looked up at me, a small smile on his lips. He leant his head against my shoulder, humming as he smoked.

“I need to know if I can go, all the way down and back again. I need to know if I can take, another leap of faith today.” He sang lowly. I listened, waiting for his words to break. I looked down at him, slightly confused.

‘Frankie… you didn’t stutter.’ I said.

‘I-I don’t stutter w-when I-I sing… w-well, try t-too.’ He let out a small laugh. I wrapped my arm around his waist, pulling him a little closer so I could rest my head on his shoulder.

‘Why that song?’ I asked after a moment of silence. The only noise that could be heard was the people inside.

‘D-Doesn’t matter.’ He whispered.

‘You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, baby.’

‘I-It’s not t-that I don’t w-want to t-tell you. It’s j-just t-that…. It’ll u-upset you.’ His fingers found their way into my hair, massaging my scalp.
I was about to answer when the door opened loudly. I sat up, looking behind us.

‘Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.’ Bob said, walking towards us.

‘Bob… Why do you have a frying pan in your hand?’ I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and sat on the table opposite us.
‘You’re going to get us kicked out.’

‘That’s the idea. I don’t want to be here, Frank doesn’t want to be here with that bitch and, I’m pretty sure, Mikey is ready to run screaming. Plus, Ray asked me to get us kicked.’ He smiled, waving the frying pan over his head.

‘Well, go make a mess and don’t kill anybody. I’m not bailing you out.’ I said. He smiled again and walked past us.
‘Do you want to go home, baby?’ I asked Frank, hoping he’d say yes.

‘O-Only if you w-want to.’ He said, flicking the burnt out cigarette into the car park. He jumped off the table and stood in front of me.
‘I-I love you.’ He said, visibly struggling to keep his words steady.

‘I love you, too.’ I said, pecking his lips.
‘Wait here, okay? I’ll go tell Bob we’re leaving.’ He nodded and pushed me towards the door.
Bob was standing on our table, swinging a rope around. In fear that I may get hit, I went searching for Mikey. He was sitting at the bar, sipping on a Jim Beam.
‘Mikes. Frank and I are leaving. We’ll see you later, okay? And can I have my wedding ring back?’ I asked with an embarrassed smile.

‘Here. Please take care of yourself, and Frank. I’ll be round tomorrow. It’s Franks doctor’s appointment, remember.’ He said, handing me the ring. It was clean, unscratched. Just how it was meant to be.

‘Yeah, course I remember.’ I said, walking off quickly. How could I forget?
I got back outside, slipping the ring on my finger where it belonged. I took Franks hand and we left The Kinross, listening to the screams of the people inside. I swear I could hear the manic laughter that belonged to Bob.

Writing the next one now :)
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