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Ah! This chapter is BY FAR the shortest mother f*cking thing I have EVER written -_-
Enjoy anyway (especially YOU, Mo!)



Mikey wasn't having fun. No siree, this was not fun at all. The movie turned out to be even gayer than he'd originally thought, but no matter how much he fought it he couldn't look away. It was if his eyes were glued to the screen. He was sitting way up in the top, or, in other words, in the very back of the room. Gerard and Frank were down in front, holding hands and occassionally kissing. Despite the fact that he'd said he was fine with them, he wasn't. He didnt want to be seen with them. That was the biggest reason for his sitting all alone. He knew it was wrong, being ashamed to be seen with his brother and best-friend-turned-bi, but at the same time he didn’t really care. Finally deciding what to do, he pulled out his phone and sent a text Gerard’s way.

I’m leaving –this movie sucks. See you back at home..

Some dude behind him tapped his shoulder and asked him to put his phone away, that the light was distracting his girlfriend from the movie, and Mikey kindly obliged. Then he stood up, nice and slow, and took his own sweet time walking down the aisle of the theater. Various groans and complaints were thrown his way and he smiled. He paused right beside the walkway that lead to the door and looked at Gerard, who was giving him that questioning look. Mikey took out his phone and motioned for Gerard to do the same and when he did, Mikey walked out. He stopped by and used the bathroom first, figuring Hey, why not leak first and then eat? Right as he zipped up his pants he looked at the wall in front of him and saw the words ‘Gerard’ and ‘Frank’ written inside a heart. “Dammit, why must they follow me everywhere?” he mumbled under his breath, flushing the toilet. He would have used the urinal, but there was another dude using the one beside it. He always felt awkward using them when other men were in the bathroom, ever since the incident in the second grade with the walk-in pedophile. He didn’t like to think about it much.

“Hey man, you almost done in there?” a thick German voice asked. He shuddered and opened the stall and squeezed past the man, who was taller than him. “Danke schon.” Mikey just smiled, not knowing a lick of German. The man entered the stall and left, and Mikey washed his hands and practically sprinted out of the bathroom. Once out he headed for the exit, and after that the bus stop. He didn’t feel like walking home, and the mall would be open until at least eleven tonight, so he figured he’d go shopping or something, maybe run into a friend or someone new who didn’t know his brother. That was pretty rare these days, though. No matter what grade you were in, you had some idea of who Gerard Way was. Well.. a few fifth graders probably didn’t know who he was.

“You gettin’ on, kid?” Mikey looked up to see the bus driver getting ready to pull away from the curb. He nodded and hopped on, showed the driver his card that allowed him to ride at any time for free, and then walked to the very back of the bus. He chose a seat next to a girl that looked about the same age as him. She was wearing an Emo Hello Kitty! Hoodie with a pair of dark gray skinny jeans and black and white converse. He figured they were the high tops because he couldn’t see her socks or anything. She had long curly hair that looked like a dark brown, and when she looked up at him before he had sat down, her piercing blue eyes had nearly frozen him. He really wanted to talk to her but.. would she think he was weird? No, he wouldn’t risk it.

A few minutes later someone tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around he caught the girl’s stare. “Yeah?”

“This is my stop,” she said softly, smiling. He blushed and stood up, letting her slide past him. The friction of their bodies touching gave him shivers and in that split second he knew –he had to see her again. Hoping she wouldn’t think anything of it, he hopped off the bus and waited a little while before following after her.
Sorry for taking so long to write this chapter  Here’s what the hello kitty thing looks like!
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