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Diagon Alley

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I felt myself wake, keeping my eyes closed tight. I took a deep breath still keeping my eyes shut.

"All a dream." I whispered taking short, deep breaths, recalling every little word, action, and event that had happened in the past couple of weeks. "I'm in the cupboard right now, on Privet Drive. There's Aunt Sandra." I said as I heard several small taps from some where around the room. "Just a dream." I finally opened my eyes, seeing the furniture from the old lighthouse around me, a giant right beside me.

"Hello Frank, awake already I see. Must get goin'. We wanna make sure we get all yer supplies for Hogwarts." It was real. All of it, true. I sighed, some what relieved that I'd get the day off from Uncle Frank's complaining.
"Er... Hagrid. How are we suppose to get off the lighthouse?" I asked looking out the windows and seeing nothing but water, at least the storm had died down. "Magic o' coarse. Don't tell Dumbledore though, not suppose to use magic outside the school." He smiled as gathered items around him, nothing I could identify.

Quickly an owl flew in through the window, landing on Hagrid's jacket that I had used for a bed. "Hagrid... the owl is - er... it's attacking your jacket." I attempted to shoo it way, only getting pecked at. "Give 'em five knuts, the little bronze ones." I weaved my hand in through the pockets until I felt the smallest of the metals. I picked out five of them and placed it in the small pocket tied to the owl's leg. I watched as it flew out the window and into the sky.

"Hagrid, how am I suppose to pay, I've don't have any money. Remember Uncle Frank said he wouldn't pay to send me to Hogwarts."
"Blimey, Frank, der ya thing yer parents didn't leave yeh anything? All in Gringotts. Come on, must get movin'." We walked out of the lighthouse and outside I saw a large row boat, big enough for the both of us. Hagrid sighed as we climbed in the boat. "Seems like a shame ter row, don't ya think?" Hagrid smiled, taking out his umbrella and tapping the boat once, making it move rather quickly through the water.

The boat ride wasn't very long, mostly because I got lost in my thoughts. Wondering about how Hogwarts was like. A small part inside me thought that this was all... unreal, possibly the word. It seemed too good to be true to be leaving the Iero's and having something good actually happen to me. Mostly I thought of the other... erm - wizards? Wondered if I'd make friends or just be as miserable as I was at the Iero's.

"Here we are." said Hagrid as we arrived at the dock, somewhere in London, I believed.
I pulled the letter out of my pocket, revealing the list of supplies. "Can we find all this in London?" I asked myself aloud, reading certain items like a wand or dragon hide gloves. He chuckled leading me into a small pub called The Leaky Cauldron.
As soon as we walked inside the place turned to silence, and all eyes were on us.
"My word... it's Frank Iero." The man at the counter said, his eyes widening with wonder.
Another man walked up to me, shaking my hand. "Good to meet you, Mr. Iero. Nice to meet you at last." Many more came up to me and I looked up at Hagrid, his face seeming to beam in pride.
Within minutes I was shaking hands with everyone in the room. Giving everyone smiles and having them returned. "Hello Mr. Iero." said a man who seemed familiar.

"I know you." I spoke loudly. "You bowed down to me in a store once." He smiled from ear to ear. "He remembered. He remembered me!" He spoke proudly to the people around him, who seemed just as fascinated, some jealous.

"Well, we should get going. Got Hogwarts business." He smiled as we stepped out the back of the small pub, into a smaller alley. "Let's see, two up, three across. Yes I got it!" Hagrid whispered under his breath. Without warning he tapped on some of the bricks in front of us, all of them disappearing, leading us into a whole other town in front of us. "Welcome to Diagon Alley." He smiled as I looked around, seeing people peek in through the windows.
"Come on, Frank. We got ter get to Gringotts." He grabbed my arm as I looked around, seeing a group of boys around my age crowding around a broom. "What's Gringotts?"

"Wow, Frank. Sometimes I ferget how little yer know." I shrugged seeing a large building come up ahead of us. Gringotts Wizard Bank, read the sign. "Wizards have banks." Hagrid chuckled as we walked in. I couldn't help but stare at the workers in the bank. They weren't human, or I supposed here, wizard. But something that I had only seen in children's books, they were goblins.
Many of them scurrying around all over the place. Some holding money in their hands, others had large sacks, and like the one we were approaching was on a very tall desk.
I wasn’t paying much attention to what Hagrid and the goblin were saying, I was too busy looking around me, only wishing I had more pairs of eyes to see everything at once. I silently wondered if wizards can do that, but figured that even wizards couldn’t.
I felt a tap on my back and followed Hagrid and the goblin to the back of the bank, leading us to tunnels and vaults. There was a small cart ahead of us and we hopped in. I looked around, seeing vaults and other small goblins wondering about their day. All of a sudden, we stopped, sending me sliding within the cart. I looked at Hagrid as he attempted not to chuckle and but failed when he smiled widely as we got out of the cart. The door to the vault in front of us was pulled open, grabbing my attention immediately.
Inside there was gold, almost topping the top of the vault which was very, very large. I looked at Hagrid and he nodded as if reading my mind, this... all the money in this vault, was mine. Hagrid stepped inside and grabbed a hand full of coins and placing them into my hands, which I immediately placed in my pocket. The small goblin closed the door, leading us to another one close by.
This vault didn't have a key, but instead a complicated pattern. "Wait in the cart, Frank, will yeh." I nodded climbing back in the cart but still attempting to watch the scene. The goblin scratched the door, making the patterns move to the side. He pressed a small button in the middle of the door and the vault opened, the only thing visible was a small sack in the center of the entire vault. All there was in the vault was the small sack. Hagrid climbed in after retrieving the sack and we made it back to the main office in the bank, leaving to do who knew what.

"All I need now is... a wand!" Hagrid chuckled noticing my excitement. "Let's go to Olivander's, no better place in thr world to get wands." He lead me Olivander's and then turned around to leave. "Yeh go inside now. I have to do some business, I'll be back by the time your done." I nodded walking inside the small shop, it looked much larger from the inside.
I looked around, nobody seemed to be here. I picked up a wand on the desk and inspected it a bit. A loud crash came from the back and in place of what I thought was a chair seemed to be a rather old, short man. "Frank Iero, I knew I was going to be seeing you rather soon." I placed the wand back down as the old man went in the back and grabbed several rectangular boxes. He took a wand and handed it to me. "Try this one. Just give it a flick." I nodded, pointing it at one of the shelves, flicking it once. All the boxes on the shelf fell on to the floor, only one of the wands strayed to my feet. "I wonder..." pondered the old man as he picked up the wand at my feet. I when I first grabbed the wand it felt something different. It felt... in place, it felt right. He smiled and nodded. "That's a very unique wand you know. It's from the feather of a phoenix, there was only one other just like it. Do you think you know who's wand that is?" He said leaning in closer. I nodded.
I heard three small taps coming from the window and turned around to see a beaming Hagrid. "Frank, Frank." He cried out. He pulled a small cage from behind his back, revealing a beautiful white owl. "Happy Birthday!" He shouted as I ran outside and thanked him endlessly. I looked at the owl, watching it sleep comfortably with it's head under it's wing. "Thank you Hagrid." I spoke repeatedly until we made it too a hotel and I fell fast asleep.

This was defiantly going to be better than the Iero's.
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