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Caught Up In This Web's character, Taylor tells her side of the story.

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"Maggie!! Do you see it anywhere?"

"Nah, but I hear it!" I quickly put it on silent. This is the fourth time I’ve stolen her phone this week. What a dip! Serves her right. Not too long ago she squirted mustard all over my "adult" magazines. She claims it was payback for hanging her lacey undergarments up on the flag pole at our school that one time. Just for the record, that was like three years ago! We had this really long "fight" about it, and I told her that that one time she poured mustard all over my face and in my mouth while I was sleeping (which made me puke, because I absolutely hate the taste of it) was payback, but she kept denying it. So, I thought, why not steal her phone and make her freak out again?

"Taylor, what about you?" I look around the kitchen, pretending to look for it. You know, just in case Amy pops her head in here to see if I'm actually helping. My stomach growls and I lick my lips. Mr. Tum-Tun.. needs food. Like now. I look over at the fridge. It's teasing me, I swear. I smile, admitting defeat. Hunger always wins.

"Nope! Maybe it’s in the fridge?" I say as I get up and walk over to the it. I really wouldn't be surprised if there's nothing to eat, what with the band practically living here and me eating practically everything in sight. To my surprise there’s still some jelly leftover. Yummy goodness..

"Why the hell would it be in there?!" I peek my head around the corner and see Amy digging through the couch. Again. I shrug, smiling.

"Heh, never mind, it’s not here. But I’m gunna make a sandwich. You want one?" I hear her mumble something. I’ll just take that as a no.

"Look, I’m sure we’ll find it." Well, I guess I have had enough fun for today. With a sigh, I pull it out and take it off silent. "There can’t be very many places it can hi-"

"Found it!" I quickly set it on the table before Amy could notice and continue making my food. Amy and Maggie come running at me like wild animals.

"Thank you!" she squeals in my ear, and then she kisses her stupid little device. I snort. Connor walks over and sighs with relief.

"Finally we find it! We’ve been looking for that stupid thing for ages! Now… Taylor ?" Trying my hardest to respond without food falling out of my now full mouth of peanut buttery goodness, I let out a "Mhm?"

"Make me a sandwich, beyotch," he smirks. I roll my eyes.

"Connor, make your own damn sandwich!" Jeremy yells from the bathroom. I grin at him and he sticks his tongue out. I sit on the nearest couch and look down at my dead cellular device. Maybe I should-…. What was I just talking about?

"So uh, Taylor.." I quickly swallow my last bite and turn my head. Amy's leaning against the small archway by the kitchen, arms crossed, eyebrow raised.

"Where exactly did you find my phone?"

"Ha! Funniest thing. See, remember how I was here last night, stealing your food?" She nods. "Well, I had to use your phone to text my girl, Jennifer, cause like I totally forgot to charge my phone yesterday and it totally died on me and I didn't feel like seeing my mom to get my charger. Remember?"

"Yeah, I do. Get to the point." Damn, pissy much?

"Well.. Before I left, I told you I was gonna steal your phone. And I did! But..I put it in my pants.. And that's where I found them." She stares at me blankly, then starts to giggle.

"Wow, Taylor. You would do that, and then not tell me!"

"But I did tell you?"

"Was I on the couch?"


"Was I zoning out?" It takes me a second to reply. I wonder where my charger is..


"Exactly. You are one smart blonde, hun. I luff you!"

"Shut up, Amyson. I know I'm stupid." I can’t help but giggle.

"Speaking of stupid," says Jeremy as he enters the kitchen area. "You’ll never believe who called me yesterday" Your mom, I thought to myself. He calls his mom almost every night. He doesn’t let anyone know, though. The only reason I know is because I stole his phone too. Everyone turns their attention to Jeremy.

"Who?" Amy quickly interjects.

"This manager dude from Reprise Records. Or was it Eyeball? I can never remember.." he looks down at his feet, deep in thought.

"Jeremy, snap outta it!" Connor says as he claps in Jeremy's face.

"Oh, what? Yeah, so anyway, this guy calls, and he's all 'This is Dakota from blah blah blah Records, and a friend of mine is interested in hearing your stuff.' And I'm thinking this is a big deal, so I wrote down the address and we've got a 3:00 appointment to play for this guy downtown."

I start fiddling with my hands, thinking about what Jer just shared. The big time Everyone else is staring at Jeremy with confusion (among other emotions) on their faces. Amy shakes her head, smiling.

"What?" he asks, backing up. Ha! He's lucky Amy doesn't get violent. If she were actually angry, of course. Trust me.. my hand knows!

"Jeremy... Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy," Amy says walking towards him in a slow manor.

"Stop it, you're scarin' me. Spit it out, woman!" They’re so cute. I wonder what they would be like as a couple..

"What? Oh..I forgot what I was gonna say. Well I guess we'd better head to bed then, if we're gonna make it downtown by 2," Amy says shooing every one out of the kitchen. I thought we were supposed to be there by -oh. Of course. How could I forget that my best friend likes to be early for everything? I rub my tummy and yawn.

"Man im pooped," I say laying down on the couch.

"So, who all is staying here tonight?" I don’t bother to answer, she already knows.

"Me!" I hear. Ugh, this place is gonna be crowded.. as usual.. The t.v. comes on. I start to space, heavily. Everyone’s voice become faint and I fall asleep.

Zzz Zzz Zzz...
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