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Just a cute christmas one shot :] Frerard. (Riendeers were never so sexy ;])

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Hey people, just a quick Christmas one shot for you all :] I had written this before but my computers old and decrepid and has now actually died... so I have lost all of my stories (which I am devestated about :'[) and had to re-write this on my father dearests laptop. As such it isn't as good as the orginal, and the lack of word (groan) has meant I cant spell check it. So... its not fabulous, but I hope you guys like it anyway ^_^ Reveiws would be much appreciated right now since Christmas eve went a bit tits up for my computer :[ (how I loved it XD)
Love you all and Merry Christmas :D

When Frank had seen the present waiting for him on his bed he had squealed like a little girl on Christmas. You would have thought that the fat man himself had plopped down the chimney and left it there personally.

Frank had no idea who had snook into his house and left it for him whilst he had been in the shower, but he was suddenly filled with uncontrollable excitement. He flicked on his stereo as he passed and began to sing along to jingle bell rock as he picked up the parcel and began to turn it over in his hands.

It had been wrapped in shiny scarlet paper, tied with a cream bow with a piece of mistletoe held in place by the ribbon. It was a very pretty present but with a week still left until Christmas Frank wasnt sure whether he was supposed to open it now or wait. But a quick read of the (festively decorated) note answered his question.

Hey Frankie baby ;]
Thanks again for agreeing to come with me tonight, I'll make it up to you I promise. I know you said you don't mind but believe me... after you've seen your outfit you will do.
I'll pick you up at seven, so be sexy and ready for me ;]
Love sexy Santa Gee xox

Frank giggled at the note and put it down with a grin on his face. A week previously Gerard had begged him to come with him to his works Christmas party, saying that every one had to have a date and if he turned up alone not only would he be the biggest loser in there he would also be mobbed by all the single women who refused to believe that he was gay and had a super sexy boyfriend.

"But you don't have a super sexy boyfriend Gee." Frank had been quick to point out and Gerard had scoffed, pouting at him.

"Yes I know that, oh best friend of mine." At this point he had grinned and grabbed Franks shoulders, beaming at him as he said "But that's where you come in!" And Frank had been so flattered at the fact that Gerard thought him suitable to play the role of super sexy boyfriend that he had been unable to refuse.

Hence why he was now stood, with a towel round his waist, holding a present containing his mystery outfit with only two hours left to get ready.

Frank had no idea what his outfit might be but he couldnt wait to find out, so with careful deliberation he untied the bow and placed the sprig of mistletoe onto his bedside locker before gently unwrapping the red paper, careful not to rip it as it was shiny and therefore special. Beneath the paper was a white box with a store name written across the top in gold calligraphy, Frank paid no attention to the writing (which he should have done as he would have realised it was the name of a local, and popular, sex shop) and simply flipped the lid to grab at his outfit.

Franks singing came to an abrupt halt as his eyes widened, he turned away from the bed and held up the pair of tight brown leather trousers he had taken from the box and fleetingly wondered if this was supposed to be some kind of joke. But he knew Gerard well enough to know that this really was his outfit.

"They are not going to fit..." He whispered, turning the trousers to see them from all angles. One thing was for sure, he wouldnt be needing any underwear.

Dropping the leathers Frank turned back to the box to see what other ungodly horrors lay in store... but apparently, there was very little else. Horrified, Frank grabbed the box and tipped it upside down as if more clothing would magically appear, but all that fell onto his duvet was a brown dog collar, a brown leather band, a small brown tail and a pair of reindeer antlers. "Wheres the top!?" He squeaked, staring down at the (apparently top less) box.
For a short moment Frank was too surprised to move, but then he snapped out of it and began to sort through the rest of his outfit.

He picked up the brown leather band and stretched it between his fingers. "What the...?" He mumbled, frowning at it. It was too big to go round his wrist, but too small to go round his thigh (when he fleetingly wondered about it). Which begged the question... what was it for? "Does this thing come with instructions?" Frank grumbled, pushing the other items aside and picking up a piece of paper hidden beneath the antlers he hadnt noticed before. He turned the paper over in his hands to find a photograph of the outfit being modelled by a ridiculously muscular man . Above his head the words 'Sexy reindeer' had been written and Frank scoffed to himself. "How can a reindeer be sexy?" He demanded, his eyes scanning the image in slight horror as he realised he had to wear that.

The leather band it seemed, was to be worn around the upper arm. Frank didnt see the point in that but he guessed it could have been worse...

It could have been a lot worse.

"Well..." He said softly, turning round and picking up the leather trousers. "I did promise..."


Gerard knocked on Franks door and shivered a little from the cold wind. He had never been so excited about going to a party before but he had a good feeling about tonight, and he couldn't wait to see how Frank looked.

He guessed the shorter man would probably be a little pissed off about what Gerard had chosen for him, but really he hadnt had a lot of choice and his own outfit wasn't much better anyway.

Gerard was dressed as a 'sexy Santa' and his outfit consisted of a long red robe made of silk with cream velvet on the cuffs and collar, it had only one button and this did up between his navel and his chest leaving pretty much all of his stomach and the majority of his chest on show. The trousers were tight black jeans joined with a wide black belt (with a shiny silver buckle) and black boots. A coiled whip hung off the belt and atop his freshly straightened hair was a red velvet santa hat with a small sprig of mistletoe pinned to the white fur. Gerard had been petrified of the idea of turning up to the party in that but once he had put it on and smoked up his eyes with some eyeliner he decided it actually looked quite good... in a weird, kinky sort of way.

Gerard sighed when Frank didnt come to the door and waited for another second before letting himself in. Stood in the warm hallway he could hear Franks music playing and rolled his eyes fondly, it was no wonder he hadn't heard the door knock.

"Frankiiiie - are you readyyy?" He called as he walked up the stairs and a second later the music stopped. "Can I come in?" He asked, resting a hand on the door to Franks bedroom and pushing against it, but someone on the other side shoved back so that it wouldnt open.

"Only if you promise not to laugh at my outfit." Franks voice had a strong warning tone to it and Gerard swallowed back his giggles.

"I promise." He swore. "As long as you dont laugh at mine." He added and this seemed to relax the shorter man as soon enough he let the door open.

When Gerard saw Franks outfit the last thing he wanted to do was laugh. The leather trousers hugged his hips and legs in all the right places and the dog collar and leather strap round his arm some how just made the whole thing sexier. The fact that there was no shirt in the ensemble meant that all of Franks gorgous tattoos (and physique) were on show, the black eyeliner round his eyes making the hazel of his iris's sparkle, and the reindeer antlers adding a quirkiness to the look that some how didnt take away from the sexiness of it.

For a long moment Gerard couldn't help but stare, his jaw dropped and his eyes wide. Frank however, didn't notice, as he was just as pre-occupied staring at Gerard. He was suddenly grateful that the leathers were so tight as it meant there was absolutely no room for Gerards outfit to cause any... unwanted effects.

"Uhm... wow... you look..." Gerard gave a nervous cough and tried to give a casual smile. "You really pull that outfit off." He grinned and Frank smiled, punching his arm playfully before sliding past him to get out of the room.

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself." He smirked, walking down the stairs. Gerard followed him and nearly laughed at the sight of the reindeer tail pinned to the back of the trousers, but then all humour dissapeared when he realised how damn good Franks ass looked in those leathers.

"So, is there a reason we're going to this party dressed like a Christmas orgy?" Frank asked innocently as he began pulling on his jacket. Gerard laughed and leaned against the wall, checking his reflection in the hall mirror.

"The theme is 'kinky Christmas' remember?" He said casually and Frank gave him a suspicious look, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I don't remember you telling me that." He said coldly and Gerard bit his lip, giggling as he walked over to the door and pulled it open.

"Oh really? It must've slipped my mind." He said sweetly and Frank shoved him with a glare.
"Great, well next time it slips your mind you can wear the tail." He snapped and Gerard laughed, looking Frank over quickly.

"Well, if its any conselation, I think you look great." He smiled.

"Really?" Frank asked hopefully before blushing and mentally slapping himself for acting like such a girl. Gerard laughed and nodded, cupping Franks face and looking into his eyes.

"Really." He said genuinly before walking out of the house towards his car. Frank felt his cheeks heat and bit his lip, wondering for a second if maybe he liked... but that was ridiculous. He shook his head and gave a casual smile before following Gee to the car.


"Oh my God Gerard! You look amazing." Lyn bounded over to the couple who had just walked into the small ballroom and flicked her gaze over her colleagues outfit. "I'm a santa too, I can be your Mrs. Claus." She laughed, giving a twirl to show off her incredibly skimpy Santa dress. Gerard laughed politely and wrapped an arm round Franks waist, pulling him close into his side and flashing Lyn a winning smile.

"That would be great, only I don't want Rudolph getting jealous." He chuckled, Lyn only just seeming to notice his companion.

"Oh..." She mumbled, looking dissapointed. "This is your... boyfriend?" She asked, glaring at Frank. Gerard bit back his laughter and nodded, squeezing Frank closer who in turn slipped his hand into the back pocket of Gerards jeans, Gerard almost losing his cool in surprise but quickly composing himself.

"Yep, but I'm not Rudolph, I'm Comet. Can you see a red nose?" He scoffed at Gerard, pretending to be insulted. Gerard laughed and pressed a kiss to the tip of his nose.

"Sorry baby." He smiled and Lyn pursed her red lips before looking at Frank again.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Comet." She sighed before turning on her heel and walking away to join a group of people. Gerard chuckled and walked further into the room, eyes turning to stare at him and the man at his side. Soon people were whispering behind their hands, some scowling whilst others gave 'come hither' eyes and looks of adoration. For a while Frank felt uncomfortable, but as he began to get used to it he realised the majority of people were whispering about how they had always thought Gerard had been joking when he said he was gay, and that they couldn't believe they had never stood a chance with him. As this realisation dawned on Frank he gave a smug smile and eagerly let Gerard introduce him to his work mates, playing the role of loving (sexy) boyfriend with ease, hugging and flirting with Gerard as if he had been born to do it. Enjoying himself more than he imagined he would and not worrying about what would happen after tonight and reality would hit again, making him "Frankie, my best friend" and not "Frankie, my boyfriend."

As the evening progressed Gerard was surprised by how natural he and Frank seemed as a couple. Frank was casual and sexy in everything he did, but each seductive glance, every small touch was sending Gerard crazy. His stomach churned from all the butterflies and he kept losing his breath every time a look or touch seemed just too real to be an act. He had always adored Frank, he thought he was funny and kind and of course, too good looking for words. He had wanted to be so much more to him than just a friend for what felt like forever but he had never dared dream that maybe Frank felt the same. Now though he let himself wonder, and the possibility was just too painfully good.

"Are you boys gonna dance or what?" Gerards colleague (and current elf friend) Carol demanded. Frank giggled and glanced at Gerard for the answer. "You better say yes Mr. Way or else I'm sticking that whip where the sun dont shine." Carol laughed, Frank along with her. Carol, Frank had decided, was his favourite out of Gerards work mates. She had been polite and seemingly happy to meet Frank, spending a lot of the evening talking and joking with he and Gerard.

"Well... erm, okay, if you want to Frank." Gerard looked at Frank questioningly and he laughed, seizing his hand and dragging him towards the dance floor.

"Of course I do darling." He drawled, smirking and slipping his arms around Gerards neck and winking at him. Gerard gave a small chuckle and wrapped his arms around Franks waist, his heart missing a beat as the music changed to a slow song (typical he thought) and Frank pressed his (half naked) body closer.

For a while they were silent, Frank gazing at Gerard with a soft smile playing about his lips as they danced together, Gerard trying hard not to give away his true feelings.

"I've had fun tonight." Frank said quietly as other couples danced around them . Gerard smiled and drew small circles on Franks lower back, beginning to relax a little.

"Yeah? Me too... I'm really glad you came tonight." He said softly.

"Well... I havent cum yet." He grinned, winking with a laugh as Gerard looked at him in surprise. "Oh God Gee I'm joking!" He laughed and Gerard swatted his ass, gaining a lot of hungry looks from the women, and some of the men, watching.

Frank squeaked and pouted at Gerard who smirked at him. "What?" He asked innocently and Frank shook his head fondly, resting his head against Gerards shoulder and closing his eyes, losing himself in the moment.

"Ass..." He giggled, Gerard smiling and hesitantly drawing Frank closer.

From the edge of the dance floor Carol smiled as she watched the two, obviously very much in love, men dancing. She took photos of them with her camera every time other couples didnt get in the way, taking a shot of their heads together and suddenly realising what hung above them.

"Hey! Gerard!" She called and Gerard looked up at her, a little annoyed at having his and Franks 'moment' interupted. "KISS HIM!" Carol called and other people looked up in curiosity as Frank glanced over his shoulder at her, Gerards cheeks flushing a deep red.

"Excuse me?" He choked and Carol laughed, pointing at something. As one, almost everyone in the room looked up to see the branch of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling directly above Frank and Gerard.

Gerard felt his heart drop into his stomach and Frank blushed a little, slightly surprised by the hope building inside him. As everyone moved to get a better veiw of the couple, camera phones at the ready, Gerard looked down at Frank, silently pleading him for help.

"Its okay..." Frank whispered softly so that the others wouldn't hear. "You can kiss me."

Gerards stomach lurched and his breath hitched in his throat as Frank gave a small smile and leant forward a little. His stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies as he saw Gerard snap out of his shock and smile back, leaning slowly closer.

Fingers tensed on camera buttons as everyone waited... and then...

"Mm..." Gerard pressed his lips softly to Franks, who instantly parted them to capture Gerards lips more firmly in his own, their arms wrapping tighter around eachother as Gerard raised a hand to tangle into Franks hair, tugging him closer and slipping his tongue into Franks mouth, Frank sighing as he melted against Gerard.

The kiss was like nothing either of them had ever experienced, it was magic, it was fireworks, it was a decades worth of Christmas presents all rolled into one, and when they parted Frank felt as if his lips would never be complete unless they were on Gerards.

Carol smiled as she scanned through the photos she had taken, stopping on one she had taken the very second Gerard and Franks lips had touched. "That ones going in his card next year." She giggled, smiling as she looked up to watch the couple blush as they realised they had been watched by everyone.


"Thanks for coming tonight Frank, I really appreciate it." Gerard smiled softly as Frank hung his jacket up in the hall. Gerard had driven him home and then walked with him into the house though he didnt really know why, but Frank hadnt questioned it so here he was, stood in Franks hallway unsure of what to say or do.

After the kiss they had continued through the night as casual as they had been. It was as if that whilst they were at the party they really were a couple, but the ride home had been awkward and Gerard felt like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight when all the magic wore off.

"Dont mention it." Frank smiled, turning to Gerard. "I had loads of fun." He grinned and Gerards smile widened.

"Me too." He nodded and Frank giggled before looking down to the floor, shuffling his feet nervously as Gerard watched him curiously.

"Hey Gee..." Frank looked up at Gerard through his eyelashes and slowly approached him, resting his hands on his chest and looking up at the mistletoe in Gerards hat. "You got some mistletoe in there..." He whispered and Gerard looked up in confusion before remembering about what was pinned to the hat and smirking.

"Oh yeah..." He whispered, taking hold of Franks chin and tilting his face to his. "I hope you know this means I have to kiss you." He said seriously and Frank giggled, leaning closer to Gerard.

"Uh hm... I'm counting on it."

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