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Born at the cost of lives, they are able to destroy anything in their path. Will they find their true potential, or will their power destroy them?

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((A/N - The prolouge is . . . not my best work. Suggestions on how to rewrite that are extremely welcome, as are title suggestions. I'm not sure what to call this yet. Thanks for reading! ^_^ Oh, and please point out any typos or possible errors! If they're here, they're on my computer too.
Just another note - The first few chapters are boring, just the character introductions, but it gets better, I promise.))

Years ago, at midnight December 3rd, a set of five baby boys were born. It was a time when the winter was at its harshest and as the mother’s health failed, the doctor’s knew she wouldn’t survive. Their only hope was to save her sons. As soon as the boys were free of their mother’s womb, the winds quieted. The snow stopped falling. It was as though the storm had been a warning of something much greater. But the deed was done.

The hospital was in a panic. After the quintuplets had been placed in the nursery, the other children inexplicably fell ill. Soon after, they died. The same fate met those who tried to separate the five. In the end, with the father missing, the children were handed over to a hazmat team. No one knew where the suited team had come from. All that knew of the events that had occurred were silenced. These children were deadly at birth. As they got older, their power would only grow.
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