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It's Only Love [one shot]

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For Emily. Ryden fluff and stuffed animals.

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It had been too long since Brendon and Ryan had a night like this one.

The past few months had been filled with chaos, fights, silence. But tonight was a contrast to all of that. Brendon came home earlier then normal from the recording studio, tired as always, to find Ryan Ross making an exotic set-up in his bedroom. At first, Brendon didn't know what to say. Well, besides Where the hell have you been for the last four months? or Why the hell are you in my room, I thought we were still angry at each other.

The room was decorated in candles(vanilla scented, just like Brendon loved) with romantic music playing in the background. Not sweet symphonies, one of those 'romance' CDs you buy in a two pack at Walgreens or target, but the gesture was sweet enough.

Who was he kidding? Though Brendon wanted to kick Ryan out of his house...he could never hate him. Especially not after something so cheesy. Ryan Ross only did cheesy when he really liked someone.

There was passionate, loving sex. Sweet, sensuous, angry, I'm sorry/I forgive you sex. The kind of sex that dreams are made of. Though Brendon came to quickly during one round, and Ryan gripped his hips a little too tightly during another, the neighbors(and Spencer and Shane, if they came home) were sure to know there was love there. Really, really good love at that.

Afterward, they lay there. Tangle of limbs, sweaty, callused fingers caressing against skin of any sort; getting a new feel for the same bodies they'd grown so accustomed to(and really missed). Lips pressed temples, noses nuzzled jaws, feather-light kisses pressed to chests. Fucking love. And for a while, the two of them thought over why they hadn't done this a long time ago. Sure, there was the band breaking up, there was the lovers feud they'd had a few months back. But tonight was amazing and that was all.

"I love you," Brendon whispered, breathless and slightly flustered, obvious smile in his voice as he kissed up Ryan's neck and nuzzled against his jaw.

The words caused a smile on Ryan's lips, a grin. "I love you too," Ryan said honest, panting lightly for air.

The faint remnants of the romantic music played on in the background as they embraced each other, wondering so many things amongst themselves that they wouldn't dare ask. Not right now. Not in this moment. The fingers along sides and kisses to chins and foreheads were far to perfect to mess up just yet. But there was one more thing Ryan needed to do before all of this could be complete.

"I have something for you," he cooed, nuzzling against Brendon's cheek softly. That earned him a curious look, enough to tell him to go for it.

Ryan reached down and pulled up a teddy bear. Pink, adorned in blue converse and a red shirt, holding a tiny music box in his hands. At first, Brendon didn't know what to say because hell it was cute...but not what he was expecting. At all. He offered the other man a sincere smile and took the bear, looking it over. The thing was adorable, that was for sure.

"Ryan, you shouldn't have..." He said softly, still a little unsure as to why on earth Ryan got him a pink teddy bear.

The older man laughed softly, "That's not all of it." This made Brendon shoot him another curious look.

Though there was no protest from Brendon when it came to more gifts, he still felt like an asshole for not having one for Ryan.

"Open the box." Ryan hinted, looping his arms around Brendon's hips and kissing the top of his head ever so softly.

The music box?

What happened next wasn't expected at all. Brendon's pulse was rushing at a million miles an hour as he slowly pulled up the tiny latch and opened the little box. The faint melody of 'Something'(typical, a Beatles song and Ryan Ross go hand in hand) played as the light hit something. Shining. Sparkling. Fuck, fuck, fuck. There, sitting in the tiny music box was a shining silver engagement ring, sparkling up at him.

In this moment, Brendon loved that damn teddy bear with every fiber of his being. Wide eyes looked up at Ryan, who was holding his breath, eyes closed, and back down to the ring. Shifting just enough, he pulled the ring out and slipped it onto his finger. The shock that sat on his face melted into calm, happy, bliss as he looked at the thing.


That's when Ryan's eyes snapped open. He expected a slap, having it tossed back at him, an unsure answer. But the answer was direct, clear, and made his heart almost explode in his chest. "Yes?"

"Yes," Brendon repeated, looking up and wrinkling his nose at him cutely.

Ryan leaned down and captured Brendon's lips in a kiss, a kiss with so many meanings behind it that he couldn't explain. Yet, the way Brendon kissed back told him he understood every single one. "But you didn't have to get a pink bear to do it for you," Brendon teased against his lips, letting a soft chuckle escape.

There was no way he'd ever forget that damn bear, or judge a bear on the color of it's fur again. It gave him the ring on his finger, the best fifth round of sex he'd ever had, and so many more things to fit with them. All stored in his tiny little box, beside the cheesy Beatles song.
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