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Chapter 1

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"You must really want to get hurt.",he said and pressed up against me.My eyes widened and I felt my body freeze up.
"Gorilla Tye!",Jan suddenly yelled.He looked over to her,and suddenly he backed away clutching his stomach.I felt a hand grab my wrist and looked over to see Jan.
"Come on.",she yelled.I grabbed her hand and we ran out of there fast.As soon as we were out of the mall,we went directly to the bus stop and got on the bus.As we sat down,I looked over to Jan.
"Won't your brother bother you,now that that happened?",I asked.
"Well,if he tries,one hand he lays on me will leave a bruise and I'll have the evidence to my parents.So he wouldn't dare.",Jan said.I smiled.
"You sure are a smart kid.",I said.
"Well,I got all my evil intelligence from him.",she said shrugging with a proud smile.
"We did leave our bags there.",I said remembering.
"Man!I really loved that clothes.",she whined.
"Guess we'll have to go back sometime to buy it all over again.",I said.
"Ok.",she said.
Once we got off the bus,I made sure to be holding her close as we walked back to her house,in total darkness.
We finally got to her house,though.Which absolutely relieved me.But what stabbed me in my face was that I saw her brother and his friends leaning on his car.
I ignored him and we walked up to the door.
"Run really fast to your house.If my brother catches you,he'll absolutely torture you.",she whispered.I nodded and waved bye as she closed the door.I turned to see them still leaning on the car and took a deep breath.I walked ahead towards my house,but then I saw one move.And the moment he moved,I ran.
I could hear one running after me,and looked back to see one of his friends.My eyes widened,and I tried to run faster,but was betrayed by my clumsy feet and fell.The guy grabbed me and pulled me to my feet.
"Let go!",I yelled struggling against his hold.
"Oh,wow.You know,she feels hotter than she looks.",he laughed.Then from the corner of my eye,I saw Tye and turned my head to glare at him.We stared at each other for that small moment.
Blue glaring at Brown,and Brown glaring right back.
"Let her go.I'll let it slide,but next time,you're dead.",he said,and his idiotic friend holding me,let go roughly.I huffed and brushed myself off feeling like I was about to cry my eyes out.
But I ignored it for a moment,and then looked at the gorgeous satan again wondering why he was letting me off.
He stared at me back for a moment,but I forced myself to look away.I turned around taking the dirt and grass off of me and walked up to my door.I unlocked it and came in,slamming it shut and locking it.
Then the tears burst out.I started to cry and ran straight up to my room.
Even though I was all tough just now and in the mall,I was a very emotional person and would cry very easily.
I threw off my jacket and sneakers and sat on my bed.I wiped away the tears that fell rolling down my neck making it too ticklish.I decided that what I needed was a warm,bath to calm myself.I walked into the bathroom and threw water on my face drying it afterwards.I turned on the faucet for the bath and put some bubble bath soap into it.I turned around and walked out the bathroom to go downstairs real fast.
I grabbed myself the phone for in case my mom or dad called,and ran back upstairs closing and locking my bedroom door after me.
I stripped myself off all my clothes and took off my scrunchy.
"I just need to relax.",I told myself as I shut the bathroom door.I placed the phone on the counter aside and grabbed my ipod.I quickly entered the warm bath and turned off the faucet leaving total silence in the bathroom,which I hated.I put oon my headphones,and put on some music.
I don't care if that jerk is hot or just simply gorgeous or whatever,I am not going to get in his way.As long as that is done,then I will have the same kind of life I've always had.Calm,relaxed,and not dangerous.,I thought o myself.

The next morning,I woke up to a loud banging downstairs.My eyes shot opened and I jolted up in my bed.I looked around frantically.
I got off from the bed,feeling all cold because I only wore sweat shorts and a t-shirt.I ran to my parents room and opened it to see them gone.
Then there it was again,the knocking,or what I call banging,on the door.I walked downstairs and to the door looking through the peephole.
I opened it to see the family,old and wrinkly face of Mrs.Newton.
"Oh,you're back.",I said with a smile.
"Yes,I decided to come back early.You have my mail,do you not?",she asked in her british accent,I nodded and turned to walk into the kitchen.I grabbed the junk and walked back to the door,but to only see horror.
Mrs.Newton stood there talking with little cute,and adorable Jan,while her brother leaned on the wall with an emotionless face.
"Dang it.",I whined.And he seemed to hear me,his head shooting up.I jumped a little,as his eyes met mine.
I stared into the beautiful,chocolate brown eyes,as he stared back into mine.Suddenly,he stood up straight and I cringed.
"Come here.",he said.Jan and Mrs.Newton looked up,and I gulped.
"Dang.",I muttered.I walked forward and stopped at least where the distance was safe enough to shut he door fast before he could make a move towards me and I could slam the door clear on his face.
"Is that all mine?",Mrs.Newton asked.I nodded and handed it to her.
"Thank you.",she said.She waved bye and I waved back.She walked,off and I looked over to Jan.
"Hey,Nat!",she said.
"Hi.",I said smiling.
"Here.",he said pushing Jan forward.
"Ow.",she said as she walked past me into my house.I looked back up to Tye and bit my lip.
"Take the runt.Here's the money for last night.",he said and held out a couple few hundred dollar bills.I reached to grab it,but then pulled away.
"No thanks.You can leave now,bye.",I said.He scoffed.
"Take the damn money.",he said.I shook my head.he sighed and walked up,making me reach foe the door handle,but he grabbed my hand pulling my forward.
He put the money in my hand and bent my fingers over it.I looked up at him with wide eyes,and he looked up at me as well.He let go of me,and then turned walking off.
I didn't notice what he wore.Baggy pants with a white t-shirt.He might have been a jerk,but he was still hot.
Then I notice what I wore and gasped.I shut the door quickly and looked down.
Oh crap!My bra was visible!,I thought as I looked at my pink bra.But them my eyes drifted to the hand he touched,that held money.
"Nat!",I heard Jan call.I looked up,and walked into the living room where she sat on the couch.
"Yeah?",I asked.
"Can we go to the park?",she asked.
"Sure,just watch TV while I go get dressed.",I said.She nodded and I went upstairs to my room closing my door.
I got into the shower and took a quick cold one,and got into some shorts with a pink tank top and some sneakers with my jean jacket.I left my hair down and grabbed my wallet for in case with my cell and ipod.
I went downstairs to see her watching spongebob squarepants and walked up to her.
"Come on.",I told her.She jumped off the couch and turned off the TV.She wore a skirt with a white short sleeved shirt and sneakers.She looked so adorable,especially with her hair into low braided pigtails.
We went to the park,and we were walking to the swings,what she wanted to go on,when she suddenly made a gagging sound.I looked at her to see a disgusted face on her.I looked up and almost gagged myself.A boy and girl about my age making out grossly.
I covered her eyes and laughed nervously.
"Pay no attention to the wierd adults.",I said.She laughed and removed my hands confusing me."It's really normal to me,but I'm still not that used to it.",she said.
"What?",I asked.
"That's just my brother and his girlfriend.",she said.My eyes widened and my head shot up to the making out couple.
"Say what now?",I asked.And like he had heard me,once again,his head shot up and his eyes fixed with mine just staring into each others.

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