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My One True Equal

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A poem about Knuckles' feelings towards Yellow Zelkova (not yaoi). Set after Episode 72 of Sonic X. Rated PG just to be safe.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or plot points referred to in this poem. They are owned Sega, Sonic Team, and/or TMS Entertainment. I do, however, own the poem itself.

A/N: This is my first shot at Sonic-related poetry. Hopefully, you'll like it. It's set in the Sonic X universe, after Episode 72. Obviously, it contains spoilers for that episode, as well as very minor spoilers for Episode 66.

As I mentioned in my summary, the poem is from Knuckles' point of view, and it regards Yellow Zelkova, one of the Four Kings of the Metarex. Hopefully, the rest of the poem speaks for itself.

With all that said, please read, enjoy and, if at all possible, review.

My One True Equal

You were my only worthy foe,
The only one who didn't strike low.
You didn't need tricks,
Those things that make me sick,
My one true equal.

I met you in a sea of lies and deceit,
Those who needed cheap tricks to stand on their feet.
Those were just the ones on my side,
But your friends wouldn't let them slide,
My one true equal.

You faced us alone,
I couldn't have known,
That you would be my greatest trial,
The only one worth my while,
My one true equal.

We pummeled, we fought,
To no result, as it ought,
I regretted that we had to part,
Without me knowing what thou truly art,
My one true equal.

When we met again, it was much the same,
We fought and fought to nobody's gain,
Ultimately, though, we were foes,
And that meant you had to go,
My one true equal.

I hate that you were brought down by another,
To this day it's caused me no end of bother,
Neither of us ever raised the bar,
It seems that to the end you are
My one true equal.

With your armour down,
Your true form, your renown,
Made known to us,
You fought me still with no fuss,
My one true equal.

You couldn't have won,
For I am simply too strong
And nimble and wiry and fast,
You fought although you couldn't last,
My one true equal.

With this you showed honour,
You pulled no surrender nor runner,
You kept on fighting until the bitter end,
And now my compliments I send,
My one true equal.

Some would say I'm mad,
That your tricks were as bad
As all those I scorn,
I shouldn't be so forlorn,
My one true equal.

But the judgment of one in strife,
Is not what he does with his life,
But what he does at death's door,
When he can take no more,
My one true equal.

That's why I tried to save you,
Even as you vanished from view,
I couldn't let a true warrior die,
It would make my life a lie,
My one true equal.

But you refused my aid,
You left no debts to be paid,
Nor any sign of your life,
One that caused so much strife,
My one true equal.

But perhaps it's for the best,
For in death you passed the test,
To turn from a soul of zero,
Into my only hero,
My one true equal.

I'll keep up the fight, wherever I find
A need for honour, for I'm the last of my kind,
Not just of my race, but of the warrior crew,
For this world has left us for the sake of a few,
My one true equal.

Though you sank into fire,
I'm sure you passed through the mire
Of death into that place on high,
That those on ground call the sky,
My one true equal.

I'm sure we'll meet some day, some time,
When I have paid for my ancestors' crime.
It may be in a week, maybe a year,
But it's a day that will bring me much cheer,
My one true equal.

There we will fight to settle the score,
Without the horrible backdrop of war.
There will be no victor, but it will not scar
Me, for I'll know that you are
My one true equal.
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