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Poise and Rationality

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Stars always spoke to him. He pretended he could read those winking bodies. Moonless darks were like an omen. On the other hand, starry nights radiated with hope. A sign that everything passes.

That should be useful tomorrow.

Walking down empty alleys was always soothing; even when there wasn’t a single celebrity in the sky like today. Unlike School, passers-by didn’t care about your eccentrics.

Ryan turned right without much consideration…he did this all the time. This path always turned into a very narrow and obscure lane that only he ever took.

The temperature dropped suddenly as he entered the deserted alley. Without really noticing it, Ryan pulled on the sweater his mom knitted him last Christmas. He was deep in thought about what sorrows tomorrow, the first day of senior year, would bring. Specially after what happened before summer break.

The expressionless girl standing less than five feet from him stopped him dead.
This was his path; no one came by this way. At least not in the 17 years he'd lived here.

Tentatively, he continued with his walk. Only, he walked into what seemed like a wall made of thin air. His butt broke the fall making his internals rattle. Without his command, his eyes focused on the girl's.
She broke into a smile that would forever haunt him.

At that precise moment, a vein somewhere in his body twitched and developed a slowly increasing pain.

"Hello Ryan" she said.

The pain grew to full force, spreading to his spine and the marrow of his bones. Ryan whimpered pathetically as she roughly pulled him to his feet.
At her touch, his system froze. His sensory organs were revolting against the burning hell she was putting his body through but nothing moved. He couldn't even scream. He was paralyzed and in her control.

"How are you?" Came her unearthly voice again.

Ryan gasped for breath. Her arms were came around his neck; burning his epidermis, pushing him way beyond endurance .He tried thrashing in the dark, trying to draw attention, hoping an angel of Mercy would pass by and relieve him.

But she held him like that for what seemed like eternity. Like a strange pair lovers they stood silhouetted in the murky sub-alley.

In spite of the pain, something made Ryan look up at her face.

Ebony black hair. Huge sapphire eyes.

This time when she spoke, Ryan knew what was coming.

“Death visits only once.” She whispered.” Enjoy it.”

What he had been experiencing so long was nothing compared to what she put him through now. A fresh wave of agony and burning hit him. It felt like someone was tearing every bit of his flesh while he was still alive. His breath cracked and body liquid fell out his mouth as she channeled something inexplicable into him. His senses collapsed.The last thing that crossed his mind finally broke him:

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