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Eight Years Old.

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the Elric Brothers meet their new challenge -- the SP Alchemist.

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Eight Years Old.

“WHEREARETHEYWHEREARETHEYWHEREARETHEY!?” squealed a short, seventeen-year-old girl in front of Central Headquarters. She had short, messy chestnut brown hair that formed into an inward curl to her neck. Her soft, crimson red eyes and pale complexion gave much compliment to her appearance.

Beside her stood Jean Havoc, who had been accompanying her for the time being, as they were waiting for her companions. “I think they’ll be here any second, France. They’re really excited to meet you, so this won’t take any longer than a few minutes.”

“Really!?” the SP Alchemist exclaimed. “WHATDIDTHEYSAYWHATDIDTHEYSAY??”

Havoc looked at her and smiled. She was the image of an eight-year-old child, brimming with vigor and enthusiasm. “They said that you seem really interesting, and that they’d put their library books on hold for the time being for you.”

France stopped her jumping and looked at Havoc with an astonished expression. “They really said that?”

Havoc stopped and thought.

“What did Mustang say?” Havoc asked the two boys who were rushing down the corridor. Alphonse, trying desperately to keep up with his much lighter older brother. Edward did not respond to Havoc’s question, so Al took it upon himself to answer. “He asked us to accompany the SP Alchemist in travel, to help her recover her memories from before her comatose state. Colonel Mustang said that we might get vital information from her.”

“Wouldn’t that… you know. Take a lot of time?” Havoc questioned. Alphonse turned to him and shrugged.

“It might, but it seems really interesting,” Edward confessed. “It feels like we’re gonna be on a goose chase for some memories.”

“Yeah…” Havoc said. “That does sound ‘take a lot of time’ –ish.”

“Whatever,” Ed dismissed shortly. “Al, we’ll have to put our books on hold for a while,”

“Yeah, pretty much.” Havoc answered.

A few minutes later, Edward and Alphonse Elric were walking towards the two. The seventeen-year-old girl quickly spotted them and pointed at them. “There they are!”

Havoc turned his head toward them and waved; however, Alphonse was the only one who had the nerve to greet the two. As usual, Edward seemed to be so frustrated about nothing in particular. He had his serious face on. France quickly took note of this.

“They don’t seem to like being here, Jean.” She whispered, disappointed, obviously.

Havoc glanced over to the Elric Brothers, noticing Edward’s grumpy expression. He let a sigh seep in between them. “That’s Edward Elric, France. He’s usually in a bad mood, especially when work isn’t done. But he’s a good guy, I’ll tell you that. Just don't call him--“

“Hi there! I’m France, nice to meet you!” France greeted sweetly to the brothers. Edward looked at her and noticed that he was about two inches taller than her. This made him comfortable in a way. Alphonse loomed over her and greeted her.

“I’m Edward Elric. This is my younger brother, Alphonse.” Edward said, gesturing to the tall suit of armor behind him. Alphonse waved at her, but she was too astounded to notice.

“Why are you shorter than him?”

France’s words echoed in Edward’s head repeatedly. Shorter than him. Shorter than him. Shorter than him.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING A HALF-SIZED MIDGET YOU COULDN’T EVEN SEE WITH A MICROSCOPE!?” Edward exclaimed. He was always so hot-tempered.

“ – short.” Havoc said, finishing his earlier tip.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” France said upon hearing Havoc’s statement. “I don’t think you’re short, I just thought that… the older brother would be taller than the little brother, that’s all! I’m sorry Edward, to tell you the truth you're really tall!”

The tears were already beginning to well in her soft, crimson red eyes. The Colonel did mention that she was overly sensitive, like a child would be. An eight-year-old child. This would be quite a challenge for the Fullmetal Alchemist.

"It's okay," Edward uttered under his breath. "Thanks."
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