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Ryan walked down the hallways with a notepad and his schedule, trying to find his first period English class and locker. The School was moderately big, made of insignificant grey stone in 1965. He tried to ignore the din created by the students reuniting after two months. He caught pieces of their conversation –“Jamaica is definitely overrated”,” Oh my gosh, I was seeing Josh over the last three weeks” and “I met this new girl who will be going to our School”
Self centered, stupid, douche bags, thought Ryan sourly. A passing janitor caught the look on Ryan face and nodded in agreement.

He found Mrs. Robin’s English class, room 235, and walked in hoping he would go unnoticed. So far, so good. Sure, no one had inquired of his well-being or holiday updates but at least they didn’t hurl insults at him like last year. That was an undeniable improvement.

Ryan took his usual back seat and got his sketch book out from his bag pack. He was one of those kids who actually used bag packs and did his homework.
Presently he began sketching the girl from last night’s dream. Frankie, he called her.
Sketching and illustration was one of those things that Ryan did to de-stress and absorb everything that his peers threw at him. He kept his art a secret, save for his family; those were his feelings in color, not something the world needed to look at. Not that people cared anyway. Lately, it had been made very clear to Ryan that it was basic human nature to care about no one but themselves.
Focusing on the paper, he thought about Frankie’s features. She could not be described as pretty….but there was an odd and undeniable appeal in her deep blue eyes and ebony hair that hung in stark contrast to her skin.

“But Jamaican boys are sooo…” the speaker sighed, not bothering to complete the sentence. Her entourage of girls knew it was their cue to laugh.

Ryan’s head jerker up. Katy.
As usual, she was the centre of attention: every head turned to look at her as she entered the room. They were all probably gaping even more than usual because she has dyed her chocolate hair blonde.
Ryan thought she made a beautiful blonde. He wondered if she was still with Jake. He thought about what she was really like, when she took off this ‘popular girl’ mask every night. He wondered why he even cared.

Without realizing it, Ryan was looking at Katy with a thoughtful expression too old for his face.
Katy smiled at that. At him.
And no one noticed except him and her.

Of course, it confused Ryan. But it put his heart at ease instantly.
For all his worrying, this year did not predict a terrible storm. Except that he probably was falling for Katy. Again.

The English teacher walked into the room in a hurry and Ryan pushed the last thoughts about Katy away. He was a man who learned from his mistakes and never again would he misunderstand her intentions. The day went on without any hitch. It wasn’t bad at all- two people even asked him how his break was (one of them a teacher) and he was soon caught up in the study and intensity of the last high school year. After all, there was college to think of.

Three periods later, Ryan made his way to the cafeteria looking for the usual crowd he sat with. Brendon and Stuckey greeted him as he dumped his bag pack on the table. His lunch buddies were a friendly lot – every year they absorbed the new kids and anyone who had no where else to go. It had been Ryan’s idea in sixth grade.
After a content lunch of home made bacon and tuna salad, which was shared with Brendon and Stuckey who loved Mrs. Ross’ food, Ryan set off for AP World History five minutes before the bell rang. He saw Katy coming his way and averted his gaze immediately in order to avoid an awkward situation.

“Hey Ryan!” she called out cheerfully.

Ryan came to a stop. “Hi…Katy”

“What do you have next?”

What do I have next?
“ uh…AP World.” I think…

“Ooh AP huh?”

He laughed weakly.

“Well, see you around!”

She left some astonished onlookers and a perplexed Ryan behind.

He entered the Class and let the teacher’s droning voice wash over him. The periods were of an hour and ten minutes long in High School and Ryan was easily turned off. He let his head fall into his arms and imagined what life would be like after School and fantasized about marrying Katy and having three kids –Tom, Dick and Harry. He caught himself thinking stupid and shook his head. He had already reasoned that the only reason that Katy was interacting with him, was because she suddenly remembered everything that happened at that party and now felt guilty about it. So he knew he really should stop. This was going no where.

To get his mind off the confusing situation, he resumed his portrait of Frankie. He already knew this stuff they were doing anyway…he had read the History book during summer.
Eventually, the class ended and Ryan gathered his books. He felt like someone was calling him even though no particular voice could be heard other than general chatter. He turned back casually to check. He choked on his gasp.
"You've seen her before?" asked Stuckey who was seated across Ryan.
Frankie, the nightmare girl was staring intently at his face. The moment their eyes locked Ryan felt a familiar burning sensation around his eye lashes.
“No!” he screamed drawing much attention and before it could all start again he ran for his dear life.

Her frowning eyes followed him through the door.


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