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A Ross Family Christmas

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It's Christmas time at the Ross house!

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Curled up in her bed, Holly Ross snuggled deeper into the thick blanket that she had cocooned herself in, some part of her sleep-numbed brain knowing that the less covers she had on her, the colder she would be. She mumbled in her sleep as her husband, Ryan Ross, watched her from the doorway with a grin on his face. She buried her face in her pillow and made a noise in her sleep as her son, Rylan Ross, came to stand by his dad in the doorway, watching his mother with mischievous eyes.

Ryan looked down at his six-year-old son and moved his arm from being folded across his chest, before he reached down and patted him lightly on the back, getting his attention. When Rylan looked up at Ryan with begging eyes, Ryan nodded as his grin turned into a smirk. As his son’s eyes lit up, he watched with pure amusement as Rylan bolted from his side to the bed, leaping onto it before he began his bouncing.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! It’s Christmas! I wanna open my gifts! Wake up! Wake Up! Wake up!” He shouted as he smiled from ear to ear, as he stopped bouncing when Holly peaked out from under the covers, her eyes focusing on him. He broke into a fit of giggles as he jumped off the bed and ran from the room, leaving a laughing Ryan standing in the doorway.

“Why do I get the feeling you gave him permission for that?” Holly grumbled from under the covers as she snuggled back into them.

Ryan walked over to the bed and after feeling around for a few minutes, found the folds of the blanket that would give him access to the cocoon his wife had made of their bedspread. Laying down, he moved the covers until he was inside her cocoon with her, his arm sliding around her waist, rubbing the small bump that rested at her stomach. He smiled when he felt the slight flutter of movement from their baby under his palm.

“You’re not denying it you know,” she muttered, but he could hear the small smile in her voice.

“Nope, I’m not,” he replied as he nuzzled the back of her neck when she scooted back to be closer to his body’s warmth. “He’s been as good as he could be while we’ve been waiting for you to wake up. He hasn’t even opened one gift up.”

“Good boy…” She sighed softly as she reveled in the warmth of her husband’s body. She didn’t normally mind the cold, but who in their right mind didn’t like waking up to a warm body in the winter time? She turned over in his arms and opened her eyes, looking up into his liquid browns. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas beautiful,” he said as he softly kissed her nose before capturing her mouth in a soft, sweet kiss that didn’t last long before she moved her mouth away.

“Morning breath… Bathroom…”

Ryan chuckled as she unwrapped herself from her cocoon and made her way to the bathroom. He smiled to himself as he shook his head and got up from the bed, proceeding to make it as he waited for his wife to come out of the bathroom.

- - - - -

Downstairs, Brendon and Kat watched as Rylan studied every package with his name on it, trying to see if he could figure out what was inside of it. They were there to make sure he didn’t open any before Ryan could convince Holly to come downstairs, and to spend the holiday with their friends. Brendon’s arm was around Kat’s shoulders as they curled up together on the couch, her head coming to rest on his shoulder.

“So, how much longer do think it’ll take him to get her out of the cocoon she’s more than likely curled herself in?” Brendon questioned as he watched Rylan examine another wrapped gift.

“Impatient much?” Kat questioned, her tone teasing as she lightly nudged his side with her elbow. “Or is it just the ADD again?”

“The ADD,” answered a voice before Brendon could even open his mouth to reply.

Brendon and Kat looked up at the stairs as Ryan and Holly both came down together, hand-in-hand as they came off the stairs. Brendon pouted as he shot Ryan a look that Rylan missed because yet another package had grabbed his attention.

“Now, now, Brendon,” Ryan playfully chided, “no pouting on Christmas or you won’t get to see what Santa brought you.”

When Rylan wasn’t looking at his dad and Uncle Brendon, Brendon smiled sweetly and flipped him off, earning a light reprimanding smack to the back of the head from Kat. “None of that on Christmas, Mr. Urie,” she warned with a smile. “So, who’s up for Christmas breakfast?”

Holly looked at Ryan, curiosity etched into her features. “Did you already make breakfast?”

Ryan chuckled as he nodded. “That I did, love, you just slept in through the smells of it all cooking. Rylan, what are you doing?” He questioned, looking at his son, who stopped trying to peak under a fold in the wrapping paper at the sound of his name.

“Making sure it’s wrapped good?” He smiled at his dad, earning a head shake from his mom as Kat and Brendon got up and headed to the dining room.

“Yeah, nice try, come on you,” he said as he headed over and picked up his son, who looked back at the tree and presents longingly as he was carried into the dining room. “No presents until we’ve eaten little man, you know that.”

Rylan pouted as he was sat in his chair at the table. “I know…”

Holly sat across from Kat, but next to her son, at the table as Brendon and Ryan went to work serving up the dishes for the girls, Rylan, and themselves. “So, how much longer until my son has someone to play with?” Holly asked with a grin as Kat shook her head.

“I don’t know, how much longer until you pop?” Kat questioned, smiling sweetly as Brendon and Ryan both chuckled.

“But I think a little Brendon running around driving you crazy would be funny, and cute,” Holly replied before she took a sip from the coffee Ryan set in front of her before he went back to helping with the dishes.

“I already have one, do I really need two?” Kat questioned, lifting her eyebrow as she nodded her head towards the kitchen.

“I heard that, you know,” Brendon called from the kitchen before he emerged with plates for both Kat and himself, setting hers in front of her before he kissed her cheek.

“I don’t know, I kind of see her point on that one,” Ryan said through a grin as Rylan giggled. He smiled at Rylan. “Do you see what your Aunt Kitty Kat means?”

“Yup!” He exclaimed through his giggles as Brendon shook his head muttering something about everyone ganging up on him.

- - - - -

Holly yawned softly in her spot, curled up on the couch with Ryan, both of them wrapped in a blanket as they watched the flames dance in the fireplace. Everyone had already gone to bed, claiming food coma, after the presents had been passed around, and Christmas dinner had been eaten, so Ryan and Holly had the living room to themselves, enjoying their late night privacy. She snuggled closer to her husband, her head coming to rest on his shoulder as he wound his arm tighter around her.

“Did you have a good Christmas, Holls?” Ryan questioned before using his free hand to bring his coffee cup to his mouth, taking a long sip from it before her set it back down on the stand by the couch.

“One of the best,” she answered as she turned her head up to kiss his cheek before laying it back down on his shoulder. “Thank you Ryrie, for everything.”

“There is one more gift you know.”

Holly lifted her head and looked at him, furrowing her brows in her confusion. “You didn’t have to get me anything else Ryan.”

“Yes, I did,” he said with a smile before he removed his arm from around her and slid out from under the blanket. He was aware of Holly’s eyes watching him as he moved to the tree and reached between the branches to grab a small package she hadn’t noticed earlier when she was helping him hand out the gifts. Coming back to the couch, he sat down and held it out to her.

Holly took the small package, wrapped in shimmering blue wrapping paper with a silver ribbon, and looked it over before she untied the ribbon and unwrapped the box. Taking off the lid, she smiled at the beautiful necklace inside, running her fingers over the locket that was open to show that inside was a picture of Ryan on one side, and a picture of Rylan on the other side. “Ry, it’s gorgeous,” she said with a slightly bigger smile before her eyes caught sight of the envelope underneath. “What’s this?”

“Open it and find out,” Ryan answered with a small shrug as he smiled at her.

Holly set the box down in her lap as she removed the envelope from under the necklace and carefully opened the envelope, unsure of what was inside. She took out the card that was inside and opened it, glancing at the tickets that were face down on the opposite side of the note Ryan had written in the card.

“Hope you like the necklace, Holly. I wanted you to have something to wear when we take our trip in the spring, Merry Christmas. Forever yours, Ryan Ross.”

Holly furrowed her brows as she looked at the “trip” part of the note before she flipped the two tickets over, her eyes going wide when she saw they were round trip tickets to London, England. “We’re going to London?” She questioned, her smile stretching across her face.

“A second honeymoon,” he answered as she quickly put the tickets back in the card and the card back in the envelope before she tackled him to the couch, clinging to him tightly. “Bren and Kat said they’d take Rylan so we can have our alone time-” His words were cut off when Holly pressed her lips to his, giggling into the kiss. When Holly slowly broke the kiss, he smiled up at her, running his fingers through her hair. “Merry Christmas Holly love.”

“Merry Christmas, Ryrie,” she replied, smiling still as she rubbed her nose against his.

[Author's Note: This was supposed to be up on Christmas, but Shaun's comp lost it's ability to connect to the internet. But we got the computer that his brother gave us up and running on the net this morning so I'm posting this, and I'm going to be working on posting the other stuff I have waiting to be seen in a minute =)]
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