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2,000 Words Of Love

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What happens when the married Pete Wentz falls in love with someone not Ashlee Simpson, and the girl Pete falls in love with his ten years younger than he is?

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>> CAST >>

YEAR = June 2008

>> Emma Katelyn Taylor - eighteen years old - dancer, amazing song writer - Ashlee Simpson's new assistant/song writer for her new album - maybe it's important to include she'sa fan of Fall Out Boy and has a huge crush on Pete Wentz already - shy, quiet, doesn't take an interest in being with Pete until Pete goes after her...

>> Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III - twenty-eight years old - bassist, song writer, singer, guitarist, key board player - bassist in FOB - married to Ashlee Simpson - doesn't take interest in Emma until he finds out he's in love with her

>> Ashlee Nicole Simpson - twenty-three years old - singer, dancer - married to Pete Wentz - has no idea what's going on until she catchs them doing it

Other Characters

>> Jessica Simpson, because she's Ashlee's sister
>> The Rest Of Fall Out Boy, because right at the begining of all the drama they know what's going on, well Patick does, anyways



>> Pete

the doorbell rang.


Now i half to get out of bed and answer it. I rolled off the king sized bed and slowly trotted down stairs, i looked around at the bottom of the stairs. I guess Ashlee got the door.

I walked into the living room,

"Hey honey" Ashlee stood up from the couch, so did our young, hot guest. Just because i'm married doesn't mean i stop looking at other girls, i don't think any married man does. "This is Emma, she's my new assistant"

"I feel sorry for you" I told Emma. She laughed. She has the prettiest smile. Ashlee hit me playfully.

"She's a song writer to, so she can help me start writing"

"Nice to meet you Emma" we shook hands. "I'm gonna shower and go out to eat with Patrick like promised"

"Ok, bye" Ashlee kissed my cheek and i ran upstairs to shower. It's already noon and no ones woken me, that's a new world record.

I came back down stairs after an hour and found Emma by herself in the living room. Ashlee probably went out to get something. I guess that's my alone time with her.

"Hey" i started. "Just curious, how old are you?"

"Eighteen" she replied. Ten years??? Ten years age diffrence??? "i know it seems odd for an eighteen year old to be doing this kinda stuff but i need a job and it's fun, meeting celebrities"

"Who'd you meet, i can tell you who are the bitches and who are the rapist"

"Well i met Cobra Starship last year, i did some sound and lighting stuff for a short period of time.

"Gabe's a rapist, Ryland's a rapist, Alex's a rapist, Victoria's a rapist and Nate's a"

"Let me guess, a rapist?"

"No, Nate's good" she laughed.

"I think at one point during that tour i had all the guys waiitng at the edge of there seats"

"Ooh, spicy" i laughed.

"I don't know, i guess i would have gone out with one of them, if they weren't so older than me, i had a fetish for older tough guys"

"So do i, we have alot in common" she started laughing hysterically.

"Can i have your autography, i'm a huge fan of Fall Out Boy" she handed me a pad and pen. I smiled and signed it.

"Maybe tomorrow i'll bring the guys over"

"That'd be so cool i'm in love with your band"

"What's your favorite song?"

"Growing up, i can kinda relate to it" we laughed.

"Ok, well i have to get going, i'll catch you around"

"Ok, bye"

Now my hearts beating a thousand times per minute, and my pants haven't gotten any bigger since i was fifteen.
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