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Chapter 1

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Saiya sat on her bed in the mysterious house that she had to call home now.She ran her hand through her hair and tears started to form in her eyes.She sniffed and wiped away the tears falling down her cheeks.
She was the smartest and quietest,most hard working girl in Puckett High.Now,she is a demon for an evil side and to be a warrior.
"Saiya,get your rest.",she heard outside.She sighed and stood up.She walked over to the closet where there was her clothes hanged and grabbed her pj's.
"Yes...mother.",she whispered.

"Yo,mom.",Blake said as he walked into the house.
"Hello.",his mom said.He went upstairs and threw his bag on the bed and kicked off his shoes.He went back downstairs and sat down at the table with a sigh.
"Where have you been.It's really unusual for you to come so late.",his mom said.
"Just out with some friends.",he said with a shrug.
He remembered Aphrodite telling him to keep it a secret.
"Well,remember tomorrow is when your father comes to visit you.",his mom said.He rolled his eyes and sat back crossing his arms.
"Big surprise.",he muttered looking away.
"What time will you be back?",she asked.
"I won't be back.I have a date with somebody and I'm not gonna dump her to meet a father that left when I was a kid and still dares to look me in the eye and smile.",he said.His mother turned to him and crossed her arms.
"Do not talk like that about your father.",she said.
"I can't do that.",he said looking at her.She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment,before turning her back to him.
"I do not care what you think about your father,because I'm not so proud of him either.But try to be nice to him while he's here tomorrow.",she said.He sighed and stood up.
"Fine,I will.But I do have a date,so I'll come quick after.",he said.
"Alright.",she said and went back to cooking.

The next day,Blake entered the school walking to class.He looked up putting his hands in his pockets,but to see Saiya.
He smiled and walked up to her.
"Hey.",he said stopping in front of her.She was at her locker taking out books,and she looked up at him.His eyes narrowed a bit at how she looked.
Her eyes were a bit puffy,as if she was crying.
"What's wrong?",he asked.
"Nothing.What do you want?",she asked closing her locker and turning to him.
"So,what happened with you yesterday when that lady took you away?",he asked.She looked around and sighed.
"I really do not think that's something to talk about with so many people around.",she said looking down.He sighed and nodded.
"Fine,come on.",he said and grabbed her wrist pulling her to the empty classroom.
"Alright,now we can talk about it.",he said as he closed the door.
"Well,what is you want to know?",she asked.
"What happened?",he asked.She looked down and crossed her arms.
"Nothing.I just woke up in my room very tired.",she lied.He smirked and shook his head.
"You liar.I could tell.",he said.She looked up at him and bit her lip.
"Fine,it's not the truth.But why should I tell you?",she asked.
"Because I'll tell you what happened with me.",he said.
"Like I want to know.",she muttered.
"Fine,how about we start off with names.My name is Blake Johnson.",he said and smiled holding out his hand.She looked up at him and sighed again,grabbing his hand.
"My name is Saiya Anderson.",she said.They shook hands and pulled away.
"Now,what happened with me was awesome.I woke up in some room that the girl,Aphrodite,said was a council room.And then it went black when she hit me with something on my face,but it hurt a lot.Then I woke up with alot of old and young adults staring at me.Then they tested me on some kind of powers I had,and I now have powers.Then they called me some fearless and strong warrior of their kind and side,a demon.",he said.Her eyes widened and she stared at him silently.
"Th..",she trailed off.
"What?",he asked.
"They didn't kill your parents?",she asked.
"No.What the heck are you talking about?",he asked.
"N-nothing.",she said.
"Alright,,spill out the truth about you.",he said.She sat down and sighed leaning on the desk.He sat on the desk next to her and looked at her waiting.
"I woke up in a room that they also called the council room.The woman,her name was Demetria.She called me a strong and fearless warrior of their side too.But...they hurt my parents and hung them over me.Luckily,they didn't die but...that's not what I thought.She hit me with something too and it hurt,and I woke up with lots of people staring at me.Then...",she trailed off as tear filled her eyes.He narrowed his eyes.
"What?",he whispered.
"....then I killed my own parents!They told me I was finally a monster and their greatest and fearless warrior of their side.",she cried.He stared with wide eyes at her and then quickly bent down and grabbed her turning her to him.She cried,loudly.He sighed and pulled her into his arms hugging her and letting her cry on his shoulder.
"I'm sure you didn't mean to kill them.You aren't a monster.But,why did that happen to you,and something else happened with me?",he asked.
"Because she's one of those cruel demons.",a voice said.They looked up with wide eyes and saw the blond girl,Aphrodite,standing there with narrowed eyes.
"Aphrodite?",he asked.
"Blake,let go of that monster.",Aphrodite said.
"She's not a monster,don't say that.",Blake said.
"No,she's right.I killed my own parents.",Saiya cried.
"Exactly.Whatever you cruel monsters do,it always includes killing a human.",Aphrodite said crossing her arms.Blake sighed and looked at Saiya.
"Are those the only people you've killed?",he asked.She nodded her head looking down.He looked at Aphrodite and crossed his arms.
"I get that I'm you guy's savior or whatever,put don't pick on somebody you know nothing about.",he said.Saiya looked at him with wide eyes.
"Y-you're..defending me?",she asked.He looked at her and smiled.
"Course.Besides...I can't judge you either if I don't know you.",he said.
"Well,you cannot know her.Blake,she is one of the bad side Demons.They are evil,vile,and cruel.",Aphrodite said.He looked at her and stopped smiling.
"Well,what do you want me to do?",he asked.
"To never see her again.It is best to now be friends with the enemy,because all they will do is hurt you.Now,come on.",Aphrodite said opening the door and waiting for him.He looked at Saiya and and she was looking at him.
"Go,I think she's right.I am just a monster,and I guess it is best that you don't talk to me.You're good and I'm bad,and they are total opposites.",Saiya said.
"Fine,I'll leave.",Saiya said and grabbed her bag quickly leaving.Aphrodite gave her a disgusted look as she ran down the hall,and looked back at Blake.
She smiled and held her hand out.
"Come,Blake.It is best you go to your class.",she said.He scoffed and walked towards the door,past her angrily.

Saiya sat in lunch talking with a friend quietly,luckily being able to pretend that nothing was wrong with her.
"So,what's with the puffy eyes.Been crying?",her friend asked.
"No,they're just itchy.Can you wait for a moment?I'm gonna go get some coke,thirsty.",Saiya sad.Her friend nodded and Saiya smiled as she stood and walked over to the vending machine.
"Yo.",Blake said as he walked up to her.She smiled and turned,but her smile faded away at the sight of him.
"Hi.",she said.
"Don't say you still think you're a monster.",he said.She rushed over and placed her hand over his mouth.
"Don't talk about that in public.This is strictly between both of us.",she said.He nodded chuckling with a smirk and slowly pulling her hand away.
"OK,OK.Don't be so uptight about it.But,don't listen to Aphrodite.You know blonds.",he said.She looked down and sighed.
"My mom was blond.",she said looking up at him.He stopped smirking and cleared his throat quickly.
"Did I say blonds?I did mean demon blonds.",he said looking away.She smiled.
"It's okay.I thought about what you said and how you defended me,and I thought maybe I should be strong about a mistake I made,and forgive myself.Also to forget what she said about me being a monster.",Saiya said.He smirked and looked back at her.
"Glad to see you improving.",he said and put his hand on her head messing her hair up.She laughed and fixed it quickly as he put his hand back in his pocket.
"Thanks,but I still do think that we should not hang out so much.We are very different.I am surprisingly on the bad side,and you are on the good side.",she said.
"Oh,that reminds me!Wanna hang out today,after school?Go watch a movie or something?",he asked.
"Why?",she asked.
"I need to keep from going home tonight,so mind just hanging out with me?",he asked.She sighed and shrugged.
"Sure.",she said.He smirked suddenly and sighed crossing his arms.
"Oh,such a fast agreement.Why'd you decide so fast.Could it be the evil dark side girl likes an angel like me?",he asked.
"No,I also wanna prevent myself from early.",she said.
"Oh,well.I guess I'll see you later.",he said.She nodded and waved bye walking off back to her table.
He looked back at her and smiled.

I don't know about you guys,but I think it's the angel that likes the evil girl.
What do you guys think??
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I hope you guys liked it!Please look forward to the upcoming chapters.
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