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How Come I Haven't Set Anyone On Fire Yet?

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How a group of Jersey kids end up at Hogwarts is beyond me...

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Gerard's POV

I really don't know how the five of us got here, so don't ask. How all five of us were sitting in class and then on a plane to England because we're "wizards."

If I'm a wizard, how come I haven't set anyone on fire yet? How come all those times Mikey would run around the kitchen when he was little straddling the broom he didn't take off? Frank couldn't tuen bullies into toads or something? Ray couldn't magically make his hair more poofy like he constantly goes on about? And Bob can't magically summon his lost drum sticks?

But somehow, here we all are, sitting at the Ravenclaw table, black robes, wands in our pockets, with everyone (including professors) staring at us.

"Ahem," said Dumbledore standing and clapping his hands. "I think we have well accquainted yourselves with our new students looks yes?" He said smiling through his beard. I had to admit, we were a sight to see with our band tee's showing through our open robes, piercings, and eyeliner. "Everyone back to there dorms for a goodnights rest."

All of us huddling together followed the rest of the Ravenclaws back to our dorms.

"Thank God we all have classes together," Ray said throwing himself onto his bed.

"I know, I mean this way, if one of us gets lost, we all get lost," Mikey put in taking off his glasses and cleaning them.

"Do you think they'd let me practice drumming here?" Bob said.

"Well, we can find out," Frank said with a smile.

"Iero, what the fuck are you gonna do?" Ray asked getting an excited look in his eyes.

"Nothing I don't do in good old Jersey guys." He said getting out his amp and guitar.

"Fuck yeah!" Mikey screamed as a couple of guys walked in.

"What are you doing?" Asked the taller of the two.

Frank looked up and smiled, "This." He plugged his guitar up and let loose amp on ten with the rest of us jumping on our beds.

I know I know I know, short, just like everything else I've written on here.
So hi guys, I'm back with a brand new fic and I'm ready to roll, did ya' miss me?
It's okay if you didn' though.
Anyway, this is just a teaser, just to see if you guys like this concept or not.
I won't write anymore of this unless I get reviews telling me to.
So, lets get this party started.
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