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Chapter 2

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Now Mikey, he had the worst problem of all. He had terrible dreams of someone killing him, or someone in his family, or one of his band mates. He never had dreams like this before he came to this mansion. Was it the mansion itself making him have these dreams? Or was it someone or something in the house? He needed to find out soon. Then, there was that one night...


'Mikey..'The voice had said.
'Mikey, wake up.'
Mikey turned and said sleepily, "Frank go away"
'I am not Frank.' It said back.
"Fine, whatever Ray."
'I am not Ray either.' The strange voice had said.
"Bob?" A silence filled the dark room.
'No' The voice said.
Mikey then asked "Who are you then?"
'My name is Angelo. But you can call me Andy.'
"Andy?" Mikey had said
'Yes?' Andy replied
"What are you doing here? How did you get here?"
'I am a ghost, Mikey. I died a long time ago.'
"How?" Mikey asked.
'You don't need to know that...' Andy said.

Mikey woke up the next morning thinking about what had happened no more than 7 hours prier.
'Was it a dream?' he thought.
'No' A voice different than the ghost he had met in his head said.
"Andy?" he asked.
"Diavolo..?" Mikey said. No reply. A knock floated through the room from the door.
"Mikey?" Gerard said "Who are you talking to?"
"No one, just myself" he said in reply.
"Okay..." Gerard replied shortly. Mikey walked over to his drawers and opened the top drawer. Something popped up out of the drawer, which made him jump.
'Guess who.'
"I'm not sure anymore..."
'It's Andy...why aren't you sure anymore..?' Andy asked.
"Well, I was just talking to a guy named Diavolo..." Mikey said. Andy's ghostly eyes widened.
"What?" Mikey asked.
'Y-You talked to Diavolo?' he said.
" that bad?" Mikey tilted his head to the side.
'It may be..'

A few hours later..

Mikey was downstairs eating some fruit. Gerard came running down the stairs.
"Hey Mikes," Gerard said "I heard you talking a few hours ago. About someone named Diavolo?"
Mikey looked at him
"OH! Yeah, that...he's a..a character from my comic book. I was talking to myself about it." he said, then laughed nervously.
Gerard looked at him funny and left.

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