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Say Those Three Words,and You're Dead

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Sumary inside,so please read!^^

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A girl who believes love is stupid and not real,ends up falling for her worst enemy.Little by litte,they fall for eachother,but a jealous popular girl and an ex-boyfriends gets between them.Let's just say it doesn't go so well.

"School!",a woman from downstairs called.Her mother.She groaned and covered her face with a pillow,when it was suddenly taken away.
"What the-"
She was cut off when she sat up to see her older brother.What a surprise.
"Get up,mother said,or she will take your laptop away.",her brother said with a smile.She grabbed her pillow from his hands and stood up going to the bathroom.She took a shower and washed her mouth.She hurried into her room and got dressed quickly.
She wore baggy jeans with a gray sleeveless shirt and a brown khaki jacket.She put on her sneakers and grabbed her backpack and scrunchy.She dropped her bag on the couch and started to put her hair in a ponytail real quick.
"Why is it that you are always running so late in the mornings?",her mother asked.
"Mom,I have no time for this.",she said.
She was Riley Redbird.Long dark hair with dark eyes and tanned skin.
She grabbed a sanwich for lunch and grabbed her cell.She grabbed her backpack and ran out the house and towards school.

"Hi,Jake!",girl squealed at the boy that walked by.He smirked and gave them each a nod as he walked down the hall with his friends by his side.
"Jake!",somebody said.They turned to see one of the most popular and beautiful girls in school.Courtney.
Courtney Ryans.Long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.
She wore a short skirt with a pink tank top and pink flats with her hair down and pik earrings with pink bracelets.
"Hey,Courtney.",he said.She walked up to him and smiled.
"Hi,Jake.I was wondering.Since you are so good at math,think you can tutor me?",she asked.
"Sure,why not.",he said.
"Grea.Meet me at my place tonight.",she said and walked off with a wave.He sighed and turned around to continue to walk.
He was Jake Montgomery.Dark,spiked hair and brown eyes with light skin.
He wore baggy jeans with a white v-neck and white nikes.
"Move!",a voice yelled.They turned and his eyes narrowed as a girl ran toward them.
His worst enemy,Riley Redbird.
"Does she always make an entrance and look stupid at the same time?",Jake asked himself.Riley screeched to a stop in front of him,as his friends were like a wall in front of her.
"Move.",she breathed.
"Why?",he asked.
"Move,dumb idiot!",she yelled.He smirked.
"So temperish.",he said.
"Look,Montgomery,I have something very important to do.So you and your friends,get out of my way!",she growled.
"More important than looking at me?",he asked.
"Yes,idiot.Now move!",she yelled.He sighed and stepped aside.She went ahead walking,but he tripped her and she fell to the floor with a gasp.
"Oops.",he sad and him and his friends wlaked over and away.She looked up at them and huffed angrily.
"Watch,one day I'll get you idiots to regret all these things!",she yelled.He suddenly gave her a thumbs up from behind him.
She sighed in frustration and stood up brushing herself off.
She ran to the office quick and to the principal's office.
"Ms.Peterson,I'm here.",she breathed out and sat down.The principal turned in her chair and sighed.
"Must you always be so tardy?",she asked.
"I'm really sorry,I had some problems on the way.",she said.
"Well,let us just decide what to do with you then.The fight you had with Steffany Roberts luckily did not injure her so badly.There fore I will not expell you.",the principal said.
"Yes!",Riley said.
"But....I will have to punish you.",she continued.Riler stopped smiling and sighed.
"Alright,I'm all for it.",Riley said.
"You will be a part of the school play,join on of the afterschool clubs,tutor students I assign you to help,and cleanup the gym after school everyday till the end of the semester.",she said.Riley's eyes were already widened and her mouth was open.
"School Play?Club?Tutoring?Cleanups??Ms.Peterson,I ca-"
"You can and you will.It is either that or you choose to drop out of school yourself?",Peterson said.Riley sighed and stood up knowing she didn't have a choice.
"Fine,I'll do all that stuff.",Riley said and grabbed ehr bag.
"I expect to see you sighed up for the school play and in a club before the end of the day,and to see you in the gym sweeping.",Peterson said and then waved for to leave.Riley left,and she wasn't so happy.
"Why is this world full of shi-"
"No bad language.",a voice cut her off.She looked up and sighed.
"What do you want...Bryce?",she asked.
A boy befor eher stood and was alking up to her with a smirk.
Her ex-boyfriend,Bryce Willis.
Short,spiked blond hair with brown eyes and tanned skin.
He wore baggy jeans with a gray collar shirt and nikes.
"I can't go in the office without getting your permission all of a sudden?",he asked as he now stood before her.
"I didn't say that.",she said as she crossed her arms.
"Well,can't always trust what you hear.",he said.
"What do you want?",she asked.
"I want you to admit that you love and come back to me.",he said.
"I DON'T love you,and will not ever love anybody.Love is something fake and stupid.",she said and walked past him.He sighed and looked back.
"Like what you just said?",he asked.She stopped at the door and sighed.
"No,like you.",she said and walked out.He chuckled and shook his head.
"Same old Riley.",he murmured.

"Gotta do this.",Riley said as she stood a couple feet away from the school play list on the wall.
First and second period had ended and everybody was in lunch.
She stepped towards the list and uncapped her pen.
She lifted it to the list,when a hand sudenly hit her shoulder.She turned around with wide eyes,to se the one and only Jake Montgomery.
"School play?Wow,never thought an animal like you would enter a play called,"Snow White".But hey,maybe you'll be one of the woodland creatures.",hesaid.She sighed and crossed her arms.
"Just be quiet and leave me alone.It's not like I want to do this stupid play.",she said and looked back at the list.
"Then why are you standing in front of the list and about to sign it?",he asked.
"None of your stupid business.",she said.
"Of course it is.I always have to find out what my enemy is planning to do to destroy me.",he said.
"Oh,shut up.",she said looking at him.
"Yes,ma'am.",he said with a smirk.She narrowed her eyes and turned herself fully towards him.
"What exactly are you planning to do?",she asked.
"This.",he said.He grabbed her face and smushed his lips against hers.
Her eyes widened and a blush formed on her cheeks
His eyes widened as well and suddenly his stomach churned.
He pulled away slowly and they stared at eachother silently,until she broke the silence.
"What was that for?",she asked.She noticed he was still holding ehr face,as well as he.They stepped awya from eachother and wiped their mouths off.
"Don't think nothing stupid in that dumb mind of yours.It was just a dare.Nothing so special.",he said.She scoffed and crossed her arms.
"Of course.What would I be thinking?There would be no way you'd actually fell something for me.Of course,I'd expect that from you.",she said.
"Yes,you would.Glad to see you didn't get stupid things in your head.",he said and walked off.
She scoffed again as she walked him walk away,and again when he was out of sight.
"Hope one day,your balls are chewed off by a dog and then pooped in your mouth.",she said and turned back to the list and wiped her mouth off again.
But for some reason,she was still blushing.
She sighed her name quickly and then walked off to the outside tables to eat her sandwich.

Jake sat at the table with his friends who were daring eachother things.
He sat there quiet and thinking about the kiss.
"Hope one day,you're ripped apart limb to limb,and then fed to sharks.",he muttered absolutely angry.
But he noticed his stomach still churned.Like he was nervous.
He sighed in frustration and ran his hand through his hair.
He ignored the feeling and just continued to talk with his friends.

I am done with this story!Yay!
Hope you liked it.
I am sorry I haven't been weiting lately.My computer was broken and all.
But it's alright now!
Praise the lord!
So,hope you look forward to the upcoming new stories,and rest of the chapters to other stories!
Bye Bye!:3^^
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