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Chapter 62

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Hes' was quiet in her crib, sleeping. Kat and I had cleaned up and were going upstairs for dinner. Ray and Bob hadn't showed up yet but Ray had called to say there had been an accident on the roads and they'd be with us soon.
As we passed through the doorway into the kitchen Mom turned. Her face was drawn as she glanced from Kat to me. She grabbed Kat and wrapped her in her arms. They sobbed and I turned from them, tears stinging my eyes. I had to be the strong one now. Kat was Ill and it was my job to look after her and make her better. I picked the phone from the hook in the hall and dialled for the doctors surgery. I pulled out a chair from the dining room table and sighed as I sat down. The dial tone stopped and I booked Kat an appointment for the next morning.

Dinner was laid out on the table and the five of us were sat around the table. Kat had explained what was wrong to everyone after Bob walked through the door and pinned me against the wall after looking at his sisters face. She'd wrestled him from me and sobbed in his arms as she explained. Shock was heavy in the air, weighing us all down. Mom began to eat slowly and we all followed suit. Kat was slow than the rest and she sighed, pushing the plate away. I slowed down, only half chewing my food. “So the light was on in Licy and Mikey's apartment when we drove past. Think they're home?” Ray was trying to lighten the mood a little, were they home? “Nobody's called, but they might be.” Kat scraped back her chair and left the table. She kissed us all goodnight lightly and walked down to the basement. I threw down my fork. Sighed. “We'll talk in the morning. Can you call Mikey, Ray? See what's up.” I kissed Mom and followed Kat down only minutes later. The light was off. Hes' was crying so I picked her up and rocked her. Kat was crying in bed and lay half dressed. Hester fell asleep quickly and I lay her back in the crib before going pulling off my shirt and un-belting my jeans. I crawled behind her onto the bed and wrapped my arms around her. I nestled my face in her hair. Her perfume was still rich and its tangy fruity smell softened my tightened muscles. It was a smell I knew and loved, it meant I was near her and it comforted me more than anything in the world. She turned in my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck. We rested out foreheads against each others. The tears still ran down her face and I brushed them away with the hand I took from her waist. I soothed her quietly. “I love you.” I pushed her hair away from her face where it stuck to her wet cheek. “I love you too.” her voice was broken and it hurt me to hear it. I kissed her gently and pulled her t-shirt above her head. I unclasped her bra and ran my hands over her soft curves. She gasped as I brushed her nipple and I whispered an apology before taking her mouth to mine. I pushed my mouth harder to hers as I felt the sobs in my throat and the tears falling from her face hit my hands as they held her too me. I pushed myself harder against her and she gasped under my grasp.”Gee, No. Stop it. Your hurting me.” I ignored her, my teeth ripped at her lip and the taste of her blood in my mouth was bitter. I felt myself harden and she gasped again as I pressed against her leg. I reached down and forced her legs open with a fist. She gasped and opened herself for me. I pushed myself inside her, hard. She was moaning against my mouth, wanting me to stop but I couldn't. A rage was pulsing through my veins and it had to be pleasured. Tears sprang in my eyes as I pushed myself to cum. I felt myself explode and she shuddered beneath my hands. I'd hurt her. She turned from me sobbing as realization shook me. What had I done. I wanted to hold her and tell her I was sorry. To beg for forgiveness. She pulled away from me as far as she could.
The silence was bitter and Kat's sobs became louder and more painful to hear. Had I really done that. I'd pushed myself on her. There was a word for someone like me and my body shook at the thought. I glanced at the clock beside the bed. 1am. Hester began to cry as if she could feel her mothers pain. Kat shook the covers from her and wrapped her robe around her bruised body. She took her daughter from the cot without looking at me and took the baby upstairs, away from me.

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