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the coffin bleeds

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a small piece originally inspired by the dancers in the video for Helena, only Helena's watching the coffin.

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This came from a dream i had about the dancers from Helena. i hope it makes sense! if you read it, please review to tell me what you think! =]

She stared at the coffin holding the one person she kept in her heart. The roses someone had carelessly thrown now bleeding onto the cold black wood, the beads of red soaking into the earth as they fell.

The veil she wore obscured her vision of all but one, the only one who could not see her. You would have loved me today.. She tilted her head to the side, a single tear falling endlessly into the pit of nothing. Oh how you would have loved me..

The dancing wind, playing around her hair, seemed to howl, pulling the petals of the roses into a final, morbid waltz. The song in her head, forever playing, quieted, slowed, and stopped, his final resting place becoming hers.

'You never would have loved me..' The breath carrying the words fell, not to the ground, but to the wind, the dancing couples saying goodbye. Her black lips trembled as they released her fear, her red-rimmed eyes creasing.

'Oh how you would have cried..' The rain buried the grievers, the tired drops bored with the sound of death. Her tiny dancers whined, retrieving a final gulp before oblivion carried them down, the nothing awaiting them.

'Oh, how you would have seen me..'

'You have never seen me...'

thank you so much for reading! hope you liked it =] please don't forget to rate and review!
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