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Pete's Kid Sister..

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I just wrote it when I thought the idea up, probably been done before, and pretty crap. But I had to post it to prove Natalie wrong. :P

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Ahaha Natalie, this'll prove you wrong. ;D

Pete's POV

“Pete, please, I wanna go home.” Patrick shouts into my ear for the millionth time, he has to shout for me to hear him 'cause the music's so loud but sheesh, man can that dude shout!

“C'mon Patrick, loosen up.” I shout at him, then tap him on the back. He gives me an awkward looking smile. Andy refuses to come out clubbing with me, so does Patrick usually, but I played the pity card with him since Joe's unavailable tonight. I down the rest of my drink and then look out at the crowds of people, they're all dancing out of time to some rock track. I love this place. Some girl motions me to come over to her, I don't know her, I don't care. I stand up.

“Where are you going?” Patrick shouts to me,

“Over there, won't be long. Pick a chick!” I shout back to him and he rolls his eyes at me. I make my way over to the girl, no wait, girls, now we're talking!

Patrick's POV
I let out a sigh as Pete pushes his way through the crowd of sweaty, dancing people. I turn back to the bar and order myself a diet coke. One alcoholic drink is enough for one night. I pay the man for mine, and Pete's drinks and then rest my head on my hand. I feel someone sit beside me.

“One vodka and Red Bull please.” It's a girl. I don't turn to look at her and keep watching my drink like it might do something interesting, I suddenly feel like being nice.

“Hey, I'll pay for that.” I shout to the bartender and he nods, I pass him the money.

“Thanks.” She shouts towards me.

“No problem.” I shout back, looking back at my diet coke. I still haven't looked at her once, I hope she doesn't think I'm being ignorant.

“You alright?” I hear her say, right into my ear, it's kinda awkward. I look up at her. She has big brown eyes, heavily covered in eyeliner, some of which has smudged. Her hair is short and jet black, and all scruffy, a full side fringe sweeping over and just missing one of her eyes. Her lips are curled into a small smile. I feel my cheeks brighten a bit.

“Yeah, you?” I shout towards her, she nods.

“Wanna dance?” She mouths, almost finishing her drink in one big gulp, at least, I think that's what she said. I shake my head and laugh. She grabs my hand and drags me to my feet. I can't help it, I look at what she's wearing.

She has a black long sleeved top, low cut and baggy, underneath a baggy red vest with white dots. They're a bit shorter than her short skirt which sticks out a tiny bit, and there's a studded belt loosely hanging off her hips. She has long socks, to just above her knees, which are stripy, black and white. And red converse. She's only a little shorter than me and is slim, but not too skinny. I instantly feel perverted, I just checked this chick I don't even know out.

“I don't wanna.” I laugh nervously, trying to sit down. She comes closer to me, too close, then leans into my ear.

“Pleeease Patrick.” She whispers. What? I don't remember telling her my name. She gives me a cheeky smirk, I give her a confused look. I look just over her shoulder, Pete's pushing his way through the crowd back towards the bar. She follows my gaze. “Oh fuck.” I see her mutter to herself, then she quickly rushes away, I notice Pete see her leave. I turn back around and look at my diet coke, I'm not drinking it now though, it might have been spiked or something. I push it away from me. I look up, Pete's sat beside me.

“Who was that chick?” He asks me, then ordering himself another drink. I shrug, “I'm sure it was my sister, did she come talk to you?” He asks. His sister? Wait wait wait. Pete, my best friend's sister came onto me? Not possible. I've never met her either, so how would she of known me?

“Yeah,” I shout to him, “I don't think it was your sister.” He gives me an uncertain look.

“If you say so.” He says,

“Can we go now?” I ask and he nods. I'm staying over his house tonight, maybe I'll see his sister and know if it was her or not. We get to his house and up to his room. I grab my pajama bottoms and walk to the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and get changed, leaving my tee on but taking off my jacket. I keep my hat and glasses on, too. I carry my clothes out of the bathroom and head towards Pete's room, then I get grabbed and pulled into a room, it's dark.

“Shh.” I hear a girl hiss, then I'm getting pulled somewhere else. I pull away and walk backwards towards the door. I hear a sigh then she puts the light on, it's the girl from the bar, but she's dressed in light pink pajamas. It was Pete's sister..

“You didn't tell me you were Pete's sister.” I say, swallowing hard, she just shrugs and sits on her bed. “I'm gonna go..” I say awkwardly, my hand searching for the door handle.

“Don't tell Pete.” She says, chewing her lip.

“I won't.” I say, turning the handle.

“You don't even know my name.” She says, a flirty smile on her face.

“What's your name?” I ask, I can't help but smile back.

“Wentz, Kaila Wentz.” She says in a James Bond style. I chuckle at her, then salute and leave. I pick my clothes up from where I dropped them when she grabbed me and head back into Pete's room.

“What took you so long?” He asks, sitting on his bed, in just his underwear and socks, playing on his xbox.

“I dunno.” I smile, then climb into the top bunk. “I'm tired, g'night.” I yawn,

“Yeahnight.” He says, concentrated on the video game.

I think through the Kaila situation. It's Pete's kid sister, so she's obviously off bounds. That sounds easier than it'll be, probably. We'll see how it goes, she might not even wanna talk to me tomorrow.

Ahaha rubbish much? ;D
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