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Tess and Fawn meet Bo.

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Fawn and I had spent our first evening in Newquay, our beach location of choice for the summer, getting unpacked and getting used to the house.

Yeah. House. We had a whole house, furnishings and all, completely to ourselves for summer. Courtesy of Fawn's aunt Dorothy.

See, Fawn really does have an aunt Dorothy. But she's not quite the image we spun to Dad, the 40-something M&S jeans and t-shirts wearing aunt. Dorothy was in fact Fawn's mum's younger sister.

And, well, Fawn's mum wasn't exactly young, having Fawn when she was 17.

But anyway, Dorothy actually lived in Newquay, fairly near the beach, which is what spurred us to choose this location, and since she was going away for the summer to Ibiza to hit the clubs and what-not, she had loaned us her house. When we arrived, there was only one note. It was on the fridge, stuck in place by a quirky, yet kinda creepy smiley face magnet. Fawn tugged it off and read it, her trademark frown of concentration visible.

"Jeez, Fawn. Son't concentrate too hard, it might burst into flames." I snorted. She just smirked.

"Can it, Tessie."

"Well? What does it say?" I inquired, wanting to know what we weren't allowed to touch for future reference. Fawn read aloud.

"'You've probably looked in the fridge and cupboards by now. The booze is all yours. As if you wouldn't drink it if i said it was mine." -I opened up the fridge at this point, squealing at the sight of bottle after bottle of everything from vodka to cranberry schnapps. "Enjoy yourselves, don't blow up my house with fireworks and wipe sick off the walls.' ..Safe. How much booze IS there,Tess" Fawn asked as began opening cupboards to check, well.. supplies.

"Um. A lot." I murmered in shock. Fawn opened her mouth to speak, but was interupted by a knock at the door. We both frowned and gave eachother questioning looks. I would have thought people knew that Dorothy was on holiday.. I trotted down the hallway to the front door, opening it to reveal a girl.

She was about seventeen, with long dark red hair in soft tumbling curls around her shoulders, with odd stands and sections sticking up as if she'd just scrunched it with her hand moments before. She had a paleish complexion and dark chocolatey eyes. I was struck by her eyes. They were Bette Davis eyes, huge and cute-looking. She wore red denim mini shorts with sets of gold military buttons at the hips. She'd teamed them with a simple white t-shirt and a red long sleeved cardigan.

"Uuhh. hi." She smiled. She seemed friendly enough. "You must be Dorothy's niece. I live next door and she mentioned I should drop by your way. I'm Bo" I grinned, sticking out her hand. A new friend already. I took her hand, shaking it lightly.

"Oh. Hi. I'm not actually her niece, I'm just... friend of niece. I'm Tessa. Come in." I smiled, letting Bo into the hallway. I heard Fawn yell from the kitchen where, I assumed, she wad browsing the various bottles left for us by Dorothy.

"TESS... TESSIIIE. TESSA! WHO IS IT?" I giggled. By this time I was already in the kitchen doorway.

"This is Bo. She lives next door. Dorothy told her to drop by to see us." Fawn looked her over and smiled.

"Hey. I'm Fawn, Dorothy's niece and you have to be a nice neighbour and let me borrow those shorts sometime." Bo laughed.

"Hahah. Sure. Anytime. So yeah, Dorothy came over just before she left and told me to come tell you what's what with parties around here."

After a while, we learned four things about Bo Kemp.

1. She was the most well informed girl in Newquay, knowing the wherabouts of every party within a 10 mile radius.

2. Her surname.

3. She loved creme brulee.

4. She was totally nice.

"So, there's this beach party tomorrow tonight, just out front there," I looked out the window. sure enough I could see an almost deserted beach. Wierd. It was a sunny day. I wondered why there was no one there.

"How come it's empty?" I questioned.

"It's private. Residents only, you know. It's only really people our age, a barbeque or two, steroes. And cute beachy guys. Up for it?" I looked over at Fawn. At the mention of cute guys, there would be no doubt that she would be up for it. And sure enough, she was grinning away.

"Beachy guys. Cool. We'll be there." Fawn stated without a second thought. Bo turned her head to me, looking at me with those big eyes of hers.

"What about you, Tess? Going to try your luck?" I snorted. I didn't feel uncomfortable telling Bo anything-she was already a good friend as far was i was concerned.

"Pft. I'm a virgin, and I plan to keep it that way until I'm in love." Fawn looked at me funny but Bo smiled.

"That's cute. You can stick with me then. We'll have fun getting tanked up and fattening up on barbequey goodness." She laughed, standing up and heading towards the door. "So... I'll come by and take you to the beach tomorrow then, yeah? It's a bit difficult to get to, even if it is only a few yards away. around 7? It was nice meeting you both! See you tomorrow!" She yelled running back through the house and out the front door. There were a few moments silence. Then Fawn piped up.

"Beach party. Safe. I'd better find something to wear. You should too, Tessie. You never know when that rock star guy might turn and up sweep you off your feet to a deserted rock." She grinned.

Right. I wish. My rock star guy was well and truly fictional.
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