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The eyes

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I can't tell you who I am, but I can tell you all that I've done... All that i want to rid myself of... Even now, that I speak, and tell you my story- I'm thinking of her eyes.

Category: Horror - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Published: 2010-01-11 - Updated: 2010-01-11 - 318 words

I sat and concentrated on staring at the white walls that encased me, but all that seemed to be on my mind were those damned eyes. Her eyes. I had tried to get them out of my mind, to break free of the spell that compelled me to think about them. And yet, here I was, staged in a nut house and feeling her eyes upon me.
Yes, I had raped her… Yes I had killed her, but I wanted those eyes to stop laughing at me. Mocking my every move. She had cried, yet her eyes held the same determination not to give up. After disposing of her I had read up on the human eyes. Windows to the soul, a book had said. I sat and thought about this for hours on end every day. Yet the thought that I was seeing into her soul didn’t bother me. What was it?
I thought back to how it started… To when I first encountered her… Reminiscing the thoughts that had fluttered through my mind.

There was nothing remarkable about her. Samantha Brown stood in line in front of me at the coffee shop, that cool November day. I leaned in a bit smelling the air around her, recalling the smell of rain and spearmint gum. Suddenly without warning she turned, and I had the chance to see the next face that was to be on my list.
That's when it hit me. She was staring at me. Those eyes only moving to see my entire face. Those hazel eyes that clouded as soon as she talked.
"Hello. I'm Sam." She smiled at me and offered her hand.
For the first time in my life I was frightened. WHY

Want to find out what happens?? I'm having difficulty with my computer so I'm moving it and changin a few things. Let me know if you want more-
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