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Blood of the Innocent Or the Corrupt?

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The legend of a certain demon barber are proven true one night on Fleet Street.

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It was rumored that blood--any blood--spilled on the cobblestones in front of 186 Fleet Street would resurrect the infamous Demon Barber to terrorize the lone London street. But only someone with pure blood would be able to control Sweeney. If tainted blood found its way into the cracks of Mrs. Lovett's pie shop, then the results would be catastrophic--for both the shedder and Fleet Street.

12:47 a.m.

Mind reeling from the vast amount of alcohol he had consumed, twenty-four-year-old Alex stumbled along a darkened sidewalk. Wary people passing by watched as he neared the building where the demon barber had committed his murders. Oblivious to the muffled conversations around him, the man took a fumbling step and tripped, landing on a rough stone. Pain registered, but not before he noticed the spreading pool of blood by his left hand. The legends his college friends told him caused Alex to bolt upright, gashed palm pressed to his leg. Heart leaden, he saw his blood seep into the cracks between the cracks and knew what was going to happen, though he prayed it was all nonsense. A loud creak proved him wrong, drawing gasps from the assembled crowd. Gulping, the suddenly sober man looked in front of him.

Hollow black eyes gazed at Alex, penatrating his soul. Mounting the bakehouse's stairs, the figure emerged on the sidewalk, moonlight glinting on the single white streak that cleaved his ebony hair. Inspecting the man who had brought him back to the land of the living, Sweeney Todd--the name jumped to all the minds of everyone present--grinned ferally. "Thank you, boy, for your blood has restored me to this plane to continue my work. However, it appears you are not as pure as you seem, which means you, as well as this street, are mine!" Lunging forward, the demon barber tried to grab Alex, but the man ran for dear life. "You won't get away that easily!"

I'd sure like to see you catch me, you God damn ghost! Rounding a corner, he made a mad dash in the direction of his house, hoping to reach its protection. He was just beyond an alley when a pair of strong hands seized him and slammed him against a wall, driving the air from his lungs. Blinking, Alex found himself face-to-face with Sweeney, feeling the keen edge of a razor on his throat. "Please, don't kill me! I didn't do anything to you!" Once it was clear the demon barber was not going to let him free, the man did the next most desperate thing: he bit his aggressor's hand. While Sweeney bellowed in pain, Alex bent, snatched the fallen razor, and sped away. Scarcely five blocks from his hime, he crashed into a solid object.

"You'll pay for your mistake, boy," the demon barber snarled, a second razor poised to strike. As he prepared to swing the blade in an arc, Alex jabbed his razor in Sweeney's arm, severing a vein. Despite his gaping wound, he managed to knock the weapon to the ground, then slashed, laying open the man's throat in one sweep. Dropping the body, the demon barber swallowed the blood on the razor, releasing a cry that could be heard for hundreds of feet. "No one can stand in my way now! Sweeney Todd is alive again, and the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is coming for YOU!"

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