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Touch of the Feared

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Ray is just your normal, average homeless teenager who attended the Cirque Du Freak with her friend one night. Deathly afraid of snakes, she feinted at the sight of the last performer and winds up ...

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Full Summary: Ray is just your normal, average homeless teenager who attended the Cirque Du Freak with her friend one night. Deathly afraid of snakes, she feinted at the sight of the last performer and winds up in the care of the Cirque. Offered a place in the Cirque, she becomes friends with one Darren Shan, but is afraid of his snake-skin best friend. Guilty of her fear of him, she tried to be friends, but how can someone as physical as Ray be a friend to someone who she is afraid to even shake hands with?

Hello. I am new to this website. This fan fiction was made purely on an idea that won't leave my head. I thought it would be fun for me to type it. I hope you all enjoy and please review~

Chapter 1: The Cirque Du Freak

Diana, or Ray, as she liked to be called, stared at the brown haired girl in front of her. The girl was grinning broadly, her green eyes closed. Ray gave the girl a blink before looking down at the two tickets in her hands. It was around noon in the small city, but the shading of the alley way was made by the tall buildings that blocked out the sun’s light. Ray was still able to look at the tickets while her brain tried to wrap around what the brown haired girl had just told her.

“You bought tickets for…the Cirque Du Freak…?” Ray didn’t know much French, but she could probably guess correctly that it meant Circus of Freaks, or something along those lines.

“Uh huh!” The girl nodded her head and she opened her eyes to look at the shorter girl clad in ripped clothing. “I found a flier on the way home yesterday and I thought it would be fun if the two of us went together! I bought the tickets as soon as I looked over the flier. And trust me, it wasn’t easy.”

Ray looked at the girl, a small grin on her face. “Oh you know I am in. When is it?”

“Tonight.” The girl answered simply.

“Tonight?! Sally, you know I can’t-”

“You will!” Sally demanded. “You can’t just sit the night mourning the deaths of your parents! It’s not healthy!”

“But I always mourn! Every year on this date. I just can’t-”

Sally interrupted her again. “Your parents wouldn’t want you to be sad every time you think of them! They would want you to live your life! Even if you’re homeless, at least you’re still alive. I can’t believe you won’t even go to the police.”

“The police? Screw the police! Hell, screw the whole damn system. They didn’t do shit for my parents!” Ray said angrily. She noticed the cringe Sally had when Ray cursed and she sighed. Sally really hated curse words.

“Please Ray. Just have some fun. You won’t regret it…” Sally gave Ray huge pleading eyes and Ray immediately gave in. Sally had done wonders for Ray, she could at least do this for her.

“Alright, alright, Sal. I’ll go. WAH!”

Soon as Ray said that she will go, Sally had grabbed Ray by her wrist and she sprinted I\out of the alley way and into the sidewalk. “Awesome! Now, let’s go home so you can get ready! There is no way that you’ll go anywhere with me looking like an urchin off the streets!”

“I AM an urchin off the streets!” Ray yelled back, laughing along with Sally as they ran down the side walk. Ray really was looking forward to seeing the Freak Show. Of course, it’s all going to be fake, but she knew that she would enjoy it all the less.

What she didn’t know, was how wrong she was.


Later that night, Ray and Sally had arrived at the old, abandoned theatre that stood at the edge of the city. Sally had made the excuse to her parents that she was staying with her friends at a slumber party. Ray had told her cardboard box that it better be there when she gets back, or she’ll be pissed.

More pissed off than she was at the moment. Sally had forced her into a green dress and a pair tan colored Uggs. She honestly had no idea why Sally told her to wear that combination of dress and shoes. She looked like a walking contradiction with the winter boots and the summer dress.

It was the dress that Ray was pissed about. She hated dresses. She felt like it can give a creeper easy access. She shivered at the thought. Ray was grateful though. She was clean with her fair skin contrasting with the green of the dress and she felt ten pounds lighter with all that dirt and grime washed from her hair. Her hair, which reached her shoulders, was dry and felt silky. She loved that feeling.

The two had walked in through the front doors of the dark theatre and Ray felt a chill run through her spine. Why was the Cirque being held in such a creepy place? Her thinking was interrupted by something HUGE walking out of the shadows. Sally shrieked, backing up until she bumped into Ray. Ray put her hands on Sally’s shoulders, trying to get her to calm.

“May I help you two ladies?” The tall man asked, staring down the two teenagers. Ray had moved around Sally, putting the girl behind her and she stared that tall man in the eye.

“We’re here to see the Cirque Du Freak.” she told him, not giving any excuses to why two teenage girls were standing in an old theatre when they should be doing each other’s hair.

The tall man seem to ponder at the moment before he held his hand out. “Alright then. Tickets please.”

Then Ray fished out the two tickets from inside the boots and she handed them to the tall man. He took them from her hand and he ate them!

Ray blinked and she turned and gave Sally a bewildered look. “Well, that isn’t weird.” she muttered to Sally, who nodded.

“Not as weird as what you two ladies are about the see. Please, walked straight to the theatre and take your seats. We will be beginning shortly.”

Ray immediately began to walk forward, followed by Sally who gave the tall man a thank you.

“Wow…” Sally trailed off when they walked into the theatre. It was around half full with people, obviously here to also see the Cirque. The lights in the theatre was dim, giving the room a dark, creepy atmosphere. What made it more creepier was the old fashioned design of the theatre. Though creepy, both Ray and Sally found it beautiful.

Ray felt a rush of excitement and she grinned at Sally. “Come on! Let’s find some seats in the front!” Ray rushed down the aisle of the seats all the way to the seats by the stage. Fortunately, there were two extra seats left for them to seat. “Awesome! We’re right at the middle! This is going to be awesome!”

As soon as Ray said that, there was the sound of trumpets. Ray and Sally sat up straight in their seats as the trumpets grew louder and then, the lights went out. Ray could feel Sally clutch at her hand, but she almost didn’t take notice. Ray was too excited to get scared now. The trumpets stopped and a green light shone on the stage. Two men came out, carrying a cage covered with a large sheet. It was set down and after a moment, the sheet was pulled off, revealing…

“The Wolf Man…” Sally muttered, her jaw dropping.

Screams were heard about the theatre as Ray’s jaw dropped as well. “Holy Mother of God…” she whispered to herself.

The Wolf Man was snarling out of the cage, shaking the cage and she let out a loud roar. Ray jumped and she heard Sally scream, along with some others. Soon enough, The Wolf Man had calmed down and the tall man made his way on stage.

He introduced himself as Mr. Tall (Ray gave him a blank look, though he probably didn’t see it) and he went on about the Cirque Du Freak, explaining that the freaks that they were to se were indeed real, some even dangerous. Some of the attendees had left the theatre upon Mr. Tall’s warning.

Mr. Tall left and two pretty, and curvy (much to Ray’s annoyance) women came out. They opened up the pad lock to the cage and the Wolf Man made his way out. The grip Sally had on Ray’s hand tightened, but she stayed where she sat.

One of the woman did a movement with her fingers and the Wolf Man seemed to be hypnotized.

“Please, keep quiet.” The other woman told the crowd. “The Wolf Man will not hurt you under the hypnotizing control, but one noise could possibly be deadly to ALL of us.”

Ray shuddered and the two woman started to lead The Wolf Man up and down the aisles. Ray was ecstatic that they were able to touch him, if they were gentle, and she gave The Wolf Man a pet, much to Sally’s horror.

Soon, The Wolf Man was back into his cage and he was snarling and growling soon after. The cage was carried off by the two same men who brought it on the stage and the two woman also left the stage.

The rest of the show was indeed, a huge shock for Ray and Sally. All of these people! Alexander Ribs, with his skeleton like structure, and Rhamus Twobellies, who Ray watched him horror and fascination as he ate forks and spoons! It was too much for her, yet she did not want to leave.

The Bearded Lady had fascinated Ray. She was beautiful and that beard of hers, when she grew it out, couldn’t even be cut by anything! And it looked so soft and silky. Ray was jealous. She wished that she had nice soft hair.

Hans Hands had been a hoot to Ray and Sally. He was he favorite already. Then, Mr. Tall came out and he introduced them to the next act, which was Mr. Crespley and Madam Octa.

The performance with the huge spider had to be the craziest, in Ray’s eyes. She would never forget such a performance. The spider was crawling all up on Mr. Crepsley face while a boy that was younger than Ray and Sally played a flute. Ray shook her head in disbelief.

There were two more performances after Mr. Crespley and Madam Octa. Gertha Teeth had her indestructible teeth that can bite through anything. Sive and Seersa were twin contortionist that wrapped themselves around each other and performed other things.

After the twins, Mr. Tall came out and he thanked the attendees for coming and he dismissed them. Soon, the people started standing to make their way out of the theatre when there was a collective gasp then some screams.

Ray and Sally stood and looked around to see what was up. Upon a glance at the high balcony above the entrance, Sally let out a fearful gasp. Ray looked in the direction of the balcony and she blanched. At the sight of the huge, scaly snake slithering down towards the crowd, all breath had caught up in Ray’s chest full of immense fear, and then she fainted.

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