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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2010-01-13 - Updated: 2010-01-14 - 111 words - Complete

Twisting, turning, flailing.

This labyrinth, puzzling, and beautiful.

These walls, made of limestone, cage me inside.

Vines trickling down their hard surface.

Every spring, the roses sprout.

I am their gardener, the caretaker.

My roses, more than life itself, I love you.

I am the wall that holds you.

Keeping you strong.

If only it did not end this way...

I cannot escape, for that, I cannot forgive.

My lovely roses, my warden.

I end my life...

Just for you...

My lovely roses... In my maze...

I cannot keep you, my loves.

I will no longer show mercy.

Too long I've been here.

So goodbye... My roses... My labyrinth.

Forever more.
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