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What I saw, was a sin.

Glancing in my garden.

My maze.

From my manor house.

I saw...

The one who cares, my guardian.

There he was, hanging from my vines.

His throat, slit open.

The crimson taint, spilling upon his precious roses.

He was silent while doing this.

Died for the beauty...

The one in the garden.


My poor guardian angel.

He came in a light, but I imprisoned him.

In the darkness, he glowed.

In my maze he waited until the day...

Judgement day.

His time has come.

My time, not yet.

For my sight to be torn...

Is not yet here.

From me, to him...

My misery has passed.

To cease the pain.

I wish I didn't care anymore.

My heart's wish...

Shattered in my very being.
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