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It's the tearing sound of love notes

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Frank is starting a new school, and Gerard Way just happens to be his guidence counsler, Frerard

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It's just another damned school, I told myself as I walked through the doors. Another stupid city, I thought. Another fucking move, and I walked into the office.
Okay for all of you motherfuckers out there my name is Frank Iero, and my family moves a lot. So this is very typical of me to be transferred to many different schools.
Like I said, I walked into the office, and as I did that the secretary gave me a very searching look, mainly at my clothes. I was wereing skiiny jeans, a studded belt, a Black Flag shirt,eyeliner, and I had my black dyed hair in a fringe over one eye.
"Um... excuse you, do you have a course schedule for Frank Iero"
"Let's see," she mumbled, "Frank Iero, nope, but if you go through that door" she pointed to one on her left "I am sure he will help you"
I walked over and went into the office, and there was a tall, pale, black-haired beauty, sitting there in a very god-like form, I couldn't help but stare. I mean seriously this guy was hot.
"Do you need something?" He asked and he had the voice of an angel.
"Erm... oh, yeah" I quickly recovered "I need help to erm- arrange a class scedule"
"Okay, Mr. Iero, right?" his voice was so pure it made me melt.
"Yes" I said and he went into one drawer and pulled out a file.
"let's see, you are staring out with twelve credits, that's goo, and you are starting this year out as a junior, okay. Do you want to continue to French III"
"I guess so" I muttered as I held my backpack, to my chest
"Okay, also I am going to put you in Algebra II, and US Government, also you need Finacial Literacy, so I am going to put you in there also.
"Okay, that's good I guess" I notice him give me a quick once over and bite his lip then look quickly back at his computer.
"Let's see, since you already took Biology and Chemistry, I will put you in Biological Diversity, how's that"
"Okay, I guess."
"Okay, you have five class right now, you need at least four more."
"How about Creative Writing and Concert Band"
"That's fine, but you need another english and another extra"
"hmmm... Journalism I and Art I"
I saw him smile while he put that in, and I knew I found one of his favorite things to do, art.
"Here's your schedule" he said prining it out
The Schedule:
P1:_US Government_FY_Mr Davis______203
P2:_Financial Lit_S1_Mrs Patterson_230
P3:_Concert Band__S2_Mr McKenzie___105
P4:_French III____FY_Ms Susans_____325
P5:_Creative Writ_S1_Mr Fiorintino_301
P6:_Journalism I__S2_Mr Black______101
P7:_Algebra II____FY_Mr Stevens____336
P8:_Bio Diversity_S1_Mrs Johannson_227
P9:_Art II________S2_Mr Prichard___107
'Thank You" I muttered looking through it.
"Your welcome" and he got up and gave me a hug, I hugged back tightly and damn did he smell good.
"Well, I guess I'll see you later Mr. -" Dammit I didn't know his name
"Way, but just call me Gerard" He said and gave me a dazzling smile.
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