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At the Moment

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A boy in a band has a crush on one of the workers in the office of the record label.

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I walked into the New York City office on a rainy day. We had the day off of tour and needed to talk to management. As I passed, I noticed her. She had long brown hair pulled in a pony and bangs side swept feel in her matching brown eyes. White ear buds were in her ears and she bounced her head to the beat. She wore a bright pink halter top with a black jacket over top with dark wash jeans and yellow ballet flats. This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen this beauty. She is our new PR girl. I dreamed of the day when I would be able to work with her.
“Hey guys!” Adam greeted us and led us into a meeting room. Emily was already there.
“Hey boys, how are you?” she hugged us. “We’re just waiting for Lys then we’ll get started.” That was her. The next thing I knew she was standing in the room ready to go.
“Sorry I am late. Shall we get started?” she asked and made eye contact with me. I soon realized I was the only person still standing. Blushing, I sat down nearly falling off my chair. “Ok great! Let’s begin.” She started her presentation and I was drowning out with sound of her voice. Thinking about what we could do together. Like walk through Central Park or go to the art museum. My mind keep wandering as I watched her power point presentation.
“So what do you think?” Oh no! I must have zoned out the entire presentation. Dan spoke first giving his opinion and it all seemed positive. “David, how about you?” she asked. I didn’t know she knew my name. I was awestruck but replied.
“It was good.” She frowned a little. “I can’t wait to implement it!” I smiled and then she smiled her amazing smile.
“Great! If you could all bring your girlfriends or a date that would be lovely!” She smiled again. “Thank you!” she said goodbye and walked out of the room.
“Aww David’s love struck.” Gavin teased, I blushed and told him to be quiet.
“But can someone please tell me why I need a date?”
“We are going to a have a big FBR bash to give reporters and such the chance to talk to us.” Andy explained.
“Oh that sounds awesome!”
“You think?” my bandmates teased me.
“Why don’t you ask her?” Adam told me.
“Well I know she’s talking to Brendon but I’m not sure they know about the bash yet. They are in Africa at the moment.” Emily informed me. My heart sank a bit.
“Just ask her out for coffee mate.” I nodded and walked out of the meeting room and straight to her desk.
“Hey Lys great presentation, would you like to grab some coffee?” I spat at her all too quickly.
“I don’t drink coffee but I’ll go with you anyway. Thanks.” She slipped her shoes back on and grabbed her wallet. “Should we see if anyone else wants anything?” she asked me. It was nice she was being considerate. We asked but they declined. Off we were to the Starbucks on the corner. We small talked the whole way.
“What would you like to drink instead then?”
“Hmm…I’ve got an event tonight so I should drink some awake tea please.” I ordered for her and paid. “Aww thank you. You didn’t have to, though.”
“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Not for such a beautiful lady, I thought to myself. We sat down with our drinks her tea and m cappuccino. “I’m excited that we finally get to work with you. And I’m sorry but when is the bash again?”
“You’re really excited? Because you seemed to zone out during my presentations, but it’s July 10th.” I blushed. She could never know I was thinking about her.
“Long night, sorry.” I chuckled and looked away.
“You’re lying.” She told me bluntly. “I took a class in college and we touched upon how you can tell when someone is lying.”
“Oh.” I chuckled again.
“But it’s cool. I’ll let it slide this time.” Just then her phone rang. “Excuse me I need to take this.” She answered it. “Hey hey how’s the tides?...that’s good…miss you too…wait what did Jon do?...oh my goodness. Please tell me you got a picture of that!...ha good I can’t wait to see it when you get back…aww I can’t wait to see you either…alright talk to you later…have fun!” Half of the conversation went before she hung up. “Now where were we?”
“I was going to ask what kind of music you like.” I stated not going back to the lying situation.
“Pretty much anything, I love it all!” she told me. “What about you?”
“Oh the same but mostly the classics.”
“Good times.” She smiled. We continued to talk until we realized it was almost lunch.
“Well hey if you’re not busy later, didn’t know if you wanted to come to my event.” I was speechless. “I’ll give you my number. Just call or text me and let me know for sure.” She reached for my phone on the table. “There. I really must be going.”
“Well I don’t think the guys left the office so I’ll walk you back.”
“Great thanks.” We headed back continuing our conversation. Upon arrival I ran into the guys coming out the door.
“Hey we were just about to call you.” Dan told me.”
“Ok thanks for the tea text me about later.” She hugged me and went inside.
“Way to go David!” Andy exclaimed.
“What are you doing tonight?”
“She invited me to her event.”
“Yea Hey Monday’s performing. We were going to attend.” Gavin informed me. Uh-oh, Cassadee will be there. I’ve talking to her for while but our tour schedules always conflicted so I’d be excited to see her and Lys will be there. This will be one interesting night.
“Text her back and tell her you are going.”
“Uh Dan, Cassadee will be there…” I trailed off.
“Oh well you’ll be fine you are not dating either of them.” he had a point and I don’t think Lys likes me much if she has Brendon – but why did she give me her number? Sigh. We’ll see how it plays out.
“What are we doing till then?”
“Sleeping.” Andy stated. Great I just had coffee and they wanted to sleep, not going to happen for me.
“Alright I’m going to take a walk.” I headed toward Central Park.
“Be careful.” I decided to text Lys back and before I realized it we were having another conversation. She was so easy to talk to, I couldn’t believe I waited this long. I walked aimlessly around the streets of New York City trying to stay as close to Times Square as possible before heading over to Pete’s bar for the show. Lys told me she was heading home to get ready and she’d talk to me at the show. That was when I realized it was 5-o-clock. I should be heading back to freshen up myself or the boys will come looking for me.
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