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Squall Leonhart pays a visit to his ancestral home, Edenia, and finds it in the middle of a civil war whose only end will come when Laguna ascends to the throne.

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Sir Valance was a knight of the highest order in the service of the royal family of Edenia. He had been the Prince's trainer, until the day the Prince had run away from home, following a terrible argument with the King.

Sir Valance missed Laguna. The boy was willful and stubborn, but also good-natured. It was this latter quality that made the argument that much worse. Laguna, Sir Valance recalled, had wanted to be a journalist, but the King would not hear of it. It had ended very badly. The King, in a fit of rage, had slapped his son, and Laguna, equally angry, but still loving his father very much, had run off in tears.

Now that Laguna was a man, the old knight often wondered if he still had that same good-natured attitude that he'd always had.

"Your Highness," Sir Valance bowed before the Queen.

"Any news?" Queen Jade looked much like her son, except that her hair was completely white and slightly longer.

"I fear not," Sir Valance replied.

Miles away, in the city of Esthar, the Crown Prince of Edenia, Esthar's President, was having dinner with his boyfriend, Kiros.

"Laguna, there's something I want to ask you." Kiros put down his knife and fork, stood up, and led Laguna away from his half-finished meal. "I've wanted to do this since before you'd been kidnapped."

Laguna's eyes widened as he realised what Kiros was about to do.

"Laguna, will you marry me?"

Kiros found himself with an armful of Estharian President a moment later.

"I assume that's a yes." Kiros smiled as he slipped the engagement ring onto Laguna's finger.

"Oh, Kiros," Laguna exclaimed. "It's beautiful."

Kiros placed a kiss upon Laguna's lips and felt him trembling in his arms.


"I'm okay," Laguna told his fiance', his voice quivering as he spoke.

"If you'd rather wait..."

Laguna shook his head. "I lost a year with you as a result of what happened to me. I don't want to lose any more time."

"We could marry as early as this afternoon, unless you want your family at the wedding."

"Squall's on his way to Edenia. He left earlier this morning. And I doubt the King would be pleased to hear that his son was the bride at the wedding rather than the groom. But I'd like to have Ellone there."


"Of course I'll come to your wedding, Uncle Laguna," Ellone threw her arms around him. "So, who's the lucky bride?"

Laguna blushed. "I am."

Ellone blinked in confusion, then saw Kiros' smile. "That's wonderful," she hugged Kiros. "I know you'll make Uncle Laguna happy."


A/N: In "Mine Forever" (found on Laguna Loire was discovered to be Crown Prince Laguna deLoire of Edenia.
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