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It's kinda.. long.. :)

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: heyyyy

Stranger: 17
Stranger: non pedo
Stranger: u dig

You: 16
You: totally

Stranger: ohh finally

You: lmao

Stranger: i like u allready

You: yay!

Stranger: non pedo type
Stranger: :)
Stranger: yea im male

You: non pedo xD

Stranger: cheers
Stranger: :)

You: female ALL THE WAY

Stranger: sweet
Stranger: not a 40 year old dude?

You: >.>
You: maybe?
You: lmFao no

Stranger: :O
Stranger: please tell me ye not
Stranger: yur cool

You: im not xD

Stranger: :)
Stranger: :)

Stranger: im aussieee
Stranger: :)

You: thats hot lol
You: im.. american? gahhhh

Stranger: ohh koool:)
Stranger: what state?;)

You: im not at liberty to discuss that (: offensive?

Stranger: noooo problemoo
Stranger: i like u alot
Stranger: :)

You: what's the closest thing to you that is.. purple?

Stranger: ummmmmmmm
Stranger: umm
Stranger: ummmmmmm

You: haha

Stranger: jst scaing my room


Stranger: ummm
Stranger: the AUSIE flag
Stranger: loll

You: o_O

Stranger: naa idk
Stranger: my mj pic
Stranger: lol

You: that's a bomb arse flag!

Stranger: dayyyyyyyyyyym str8

You: hm.. mj.. -_-
You: mwa ha ha you said dayyyyyyym >.>

Stranger: ahahahah
Stranger: :):)

You: peds are creeeeeeepers

Stranger: 98% of losewrs on this site are ped00 virginss

You: O_O

Stranger: the 2% left ova are GIRLS and guys like me

You: now thats just sad
You: ^^_^^

Stranger: shammmeee on theeem
Stranger: shaaame


Stranger: sum dude asks me for web cam
Stranger: duddee
Stranger: yukk

You: o.O
You: i got asked if i wanted a sensual back rub.. >.>
You: i said yes.. xD

Stranger: whatss thatt?
Stranger: lol

You: i have nooooo clue? :O

Stranger: ahahahah
Stranger: tell them to JUMP
Stranger: :):)

You: orrrrr lead em on?

Stranger: yeaa
Stranger: that would get thewre dick hard
Stranger: ahahahha
Stranger: PERVOS

You: ewwwww!

Stranger: haha
Stranger: do u play along

You: of course (: do YOU?

Stranger: imaa dudeee:O:O
Stranger: hahahahahaahhah
Stranger: :)

You: true.. true.. but thats even better! pretend to be a womannnnn

Stranger: iv got a secret..since im a fact is a pedo is tellin the truthh..they dnt play along
Stranger: they desprett
Stranger: ahahahah

You: >.>
You: now thats just wrong.. xD

Stranger: ahahahaha
Stranger: they full tink girlss are like sex slavess
Stranger: how SLACK
Stranger: :(
Stranger: dude
Stranger: low

You: hm.. some of us are? >.>

Stranger: sum

You: mwa ha ha
You: ?

Stranger: i perfer the oppiistee

You: xP

Stranger: the oness that like stand up for them selfss

You: ima slap you, nikaa!
You: likeeeee that?

Stranger: yeaaa
Stranger: orr jstt sayy to bitee me
Stranger: unoo

You: if you disconnect... warn me first!

Stranger: there madd girlss
Stranger: :)

You: lmao
You: yes.. they are..

Stranger: naa i wontt
Stranger: :)

You: ever?

Stranger: wanna msn?

You: i dont have it

Stranger: :O:O

Stranger: :(
Stranger: facebook

You: im a looooooserrrrr

Stranger: ?:(

You: myspace?!

Stranger: noo:(
Stranger: omgg

You: twitter?!

Stranger: :(

Stranger: facebook
Stranger: MSNN
Stranger: :(

You: aim?!

Stranger: NOOO:(
Stranger: noo:(

You: facebook it is then (:

Stranger: omgggg uhav itt:O

You: yesssss i doooooo
You: name?

Stranger: deannn
Stranger: ill send u a linkk
Stranger: ahahah

You: okies

Stranger: whats urs?:)

You: you first? >.>

Stranger: deeaannn
Stranger: baa wait till this gay inter hurris upp

You: quest?

Stranger: quest?

You: like cable? internet? lol

Stranger: internetttyeaa
Stranger: but im slowed for now

Stranger: grr

You: grrrrawr

Stranger: omgg it workd:)

You: never mind

Stranger: addyy
Stranger: adyy!

You: okeeeeee
You: done..

Stranger: sweeeetmuchh

You: (:

Stranger: ohkk wenever it comes upp
Stranger: ill accept u

You: yay! btw.. do you do farmville? im obsessed -_-

Stranger: that died like 3 months agoo
Stranger: ahahah
Stranger: :)

You: lmao! poor farm..?

Stranger: ahaha

You: what if.. it turns out.. that i lived.. right next to you? O_O
You: THAT would be creepy

Stranger: loll
Stranger: nahh that be koool
Stranger: lol

You: probably

Stranger: make a msnn:)

You: i actually have one. im just not allowed to download it on this computer..
You: too many viruses!

Stranger: ohh

You: gayyyy

Stranger: no problemooo:)
Stranger: well if it all clearss add me
Stranger: its on fb sumwere
Stranger: lol
Stranger: lol

You: lol is it still going all slow?

Stranger: yeaa:(


Stranger: no notiforcation yett
Stranger: :(:(:(

You: oh no! i clicked add..

Stranger: mkae sure u pressed add as friend

You: it says "awaiting confirmation"

Stranger: grr that means its my internett thats sloww
Stranger: it shld work in like 5
Stranger: ihpee
Stranger: !
Stranger: :)

You: yayyyyy

Stranger: wow

You: yes?

Stranger: omelge gave me new friend:
Stranger: this site aint hpeless pedo land
Stranger: loool
Stranger: :)

You: woo!

Stranger: ahyeeaaa ifoundd uu
Stranger: all good

You: im about as happy as a bunny on crack >.>

Stranger: lolll
Stranger: ahaha

You: ^_^

Stranger: woo uluv the farmvilll
Stranger: ahaha:)

You: yessss i doooooo -_- its my weakness

Stranger: kooolmuchh:)

You: duuuude! who's the guy.. with the fake breasts?!

Stranger: loll
Stranger: mi frienddd
Stranger: ill giv u his add

You: lol

Stranger: agaaha

You: i can probably get it :)

Stranger: ohidokii
Stranger: =]]
Stranger: he is 18
Stranger: ahahaha

You: go oldies! lol

Stranger: ahaha
Stranger: =]

You: so.. facebook? or here?

Stranger: upptoou=]

You: noooope! i asked you first :P

Stranger: i askkkd u lassttt
Stranger: =]

You: ..that soooo isn't gonna work lmao

Stranger: ahahaha
Stranger: hmm

You: guess what

Stranger: waaaa

You: your face (:

Stranger: ohhyeeaaa
Stranger: ahaha

You: guess what!

Stranger: omgg it wrkss
Stranger: =]]]]]]]]

You: yes it does!
You: i have.. 15 mins.. -_- pooey

Stranger: naww

You: si senor..

Stranger: trannnsslateee

You: yes sir
You: (that was the translation!)

Stranger: ohh

You: ha ha its spanish (:

Stranger: ahahah
Stranger: kool
Stranger: =]

You: i suppose? i hate it xD

Stranger: lol
Stranger: naa sounds hot

You: spanish sounds hot?! that's a first >.>
You: xD

Stranger: itss doess
Stranger: :)
Stranger: ahha

You: do you speak another language?

Stranger: nooo
Stranger: :(

You: good!
You: do you have an accent?

Stranger: naa
Stranger: idk
Stranger: auusie
Stranger: count
Stranger: lol
Stranger: lol

You: yes it does :}

Stranger: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

You: accents are.. amazing..

Stranger: i like jamaciann
Stranger: yahhh monn
Stranger: looll

You: do you have fast food places there? >.>

Stranger: yeaa ronald mcdonald has his stores everyweree
Stranger: lol

You: lmao they're so grossss

Stranger: yeaaa

You: my dad loves it O_O

Stranger: conel sanderssss kfcc
Stranger: everywereeee
Stranger: koolmuchh

You: kfc is okay (:

Stranger: yeaaa
Stranger: :)

You: taco bell?

Stranger: not much of them heree:(
Stranger: subway

You: fresh.. !

Stranger: yeaaaa
Stranger: :)

You: i used to go there all the time.. and then i ran outta money
You: sort of..

Stranger: aha
Stranger: naw

You: >.>
You: do you sing?

Stranger: i wish
Stranger: lol
Stranger: i bet u do
Stranger: :)

You: o.O i do, actually... ^^_^^
You: guitar?

Stranger: ihavent playedd for a longg timee:(
Stranger: u play?

You: i do (:

Stranger: koolmuchh
Stranger: :)

You: bananarama!

Stranger: ahaha

You: xD

Stranger: =]

You: i have a banana... O_O
You: be scared!

Stranger: :O

You: or be square?

Stranger: squaree seems hot

You: ha ha thats cos im in it!
You: >.>
You: jk?

Stranger: loll

You: guess what

Stranger: wa?

You: *poke

Stranger: dat hurts afta a whilee
Stranger: loll
Stranger: ahah

You: good thing i have no fingers?
You: O_O
You: jk

Stranger: ahaha

You: now im sad :(

Stranger: naww
Stranger: :(
Stranger: :(
Stranger: :'(
Stranger: :(
Stranger: why:(

You: my brother's kicking me off!
You: *throws tantrum

Stranger: baa
Stranger: naw

You: i shall go.. play guitar?

Stranger: yeshh ucan=]

You: in a bit?

Stranger: uptou:)

You: woo! i shall.. no wait..
You: i wanna sleep >.>

Stranger: whats the tym?:O

You: 10:00

Stranger: 5pm
Stranger: :)

You: oh whoa
You: you're 5 hours behind me?!

Stranger: inoo
Stranger: how sad are wee
Stranger: :(

You: just think.. when im getting up at like, 6.. you're still asleep!

Stranger: seemsss wierddd
Stranger: butt mehh
Stranger: hahahahahaha

You: ha ha butt... >.>

Stranger: butt
Stranger: ahah

You: we're hilarious

Stranger: indeeed=]

You: WOO!
You: go.. whiteness?

Stranger: whiteeness?:O

You: i have no cluueeeee?

Stranger: ahaha
Stranger: iv whitenesss alott lately
Stranger: aha

You: really?!

Stranger: yeaashhh
Stranger: its a sad world at tymsss
Stranger: ahahahhahaaaaa

You: really?!

Stranger: im so NOT funni
Stranger: lol
Stranger: nooo
Stranger: ahahaaa

You: im funny!!!!!
You: oh no!
You: i have to go!

Stranger: naww:(
Stranger: ohk
Stranger: :(

You: xD

Stranger: i shalll=p

You have disconnected.
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