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Chapter 2

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A CEO and his chauffeur are killed when the limo they are in explodes. It's up to Michael and Kitt to protect the CEO's daughters and find out who is behind it.

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"Arthur Peterson was the head of RTC Enterprises and George Ross was his chauffeur," Devon told Michael and Bonnie, three days later. "He was one of the wealthiest men in the state. He has three daughters, ages 27, 24 and 22, who will inherit now.

"RTC Enterprises. I don't recognize the name. What kind of business is it?"

"It is a conglomerate, research and development mostly," answered Bonnie. "Much of it medical. He was especially interested in hypnosis as a tool for replacing anesthesia, treating psychoses, even storing information. He was so interested in it that he learned how to do it and was often in the lab working with others in experiments on its uses."

"Why would anyone want to kill him, and why are we being brought into this?"

"Excellent questions, Michael," Devon replied. "He contacted me last week. He said that he'd stumbled on some vital information that many would be willing to kill to get - or to keep others from getting. He made the mistake of letting it be known, and he felt that someone was out to stop him."

"It looks like they have succeeded."

"They would have, except for one thing. He did give the information to another - three others, as a matter of fact."

"Three?" Michael paused, thinking. "His daughters?"

"Exactly. He hypnotized them, one at a time, and gave each a different part of the information. But he believed that bit of news may be known, as well. He asked me to have his daughters protected, should anything happen to him.

"Isn't his estate well guarded?"

"You would think so, but as far as we can tell, the bomb was planted while the car was in the garage on the estate. The police have been over it with a fine tooth comb and found nothing, no bits or pieces of anything that could have been used to make the bomb," Devon replied. "And what was left after the explosion had no identifying marks, nothing to tell where the bomb - or any of its parts - came from, even what kind of bomb it was. They are guessing, based on the smell, the size of the explosion, and the residue found on parts of the automobile. Everyone who works there has been questioned, of course, and the backgrounds of all the employees are being rechecked."

"I've downloaded everything we have so far into KITT, Michael," said Bonnie. "The police are investigating, but they can't spare anyone for guard duty. So you're it."

"All right. But didn't Peterson give any hint as to what this information was? Or who he thought might be after it?"

"No to the first question. But he did say that Gregory Cameron, founder and CEO of Cameron Enterprises, tried to buy him out three years ago, shortly after Peterson's wife died. His dossier is among the files being downloaded.

"He also said that Cameron was still pressuring him and that he was the kind of man to stop at nothing to get what he wanted. And Cameron's secretary told the police that the two men had a very loud argument in Cameron's office just two days before Peterson was killed."

"Then I'm off to the Peterson estate to check out their security and get the lay of the land. They are expecting me, right?"

"They have been notified that you are coming, and why."

"Good. I'll contact you later."
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