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Chapter Two - Surprise!

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They give her a pleasant surprise. :D

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Chapter Two.
I wake up in someone else's bed, no wait, it's mine. I'm in a hotel. I sit up and look over to my right, Patrick's sleeping in his bed. No glasses or hat. I forgot how sweet he looks when he's sleeping. I get up and go to the bathroom, getting changed. Then I go look around the hotel room for a kitchenette area, doesn't take long, there isn't one. Just bedroom and bathroom. I switch on the tiny t.v and watch some gardening program quietly. The only channels we have are BBC one and BBC two, one playing news and the other playing this.

Gardens are pretty, but boring. But the news will depress me, and I'm in a good mood. I hum along to all the advert tunes I remember, before long I hear a door shut behind me, I jump in fright.

“Sorry.” Patrick says, walking out of the bathroom.

“I didn't hear you wake up?” I say, smiling.

“I only just got up then went to the loo.” He replies, giving me a what-the-fuck look.

“What's the look for?” I ask, trying to hold back giggles. His hair's all over the place.

“Why are you so happy?” He asks, walking over to the side of his bed and grabbing a t-shirt from the bag beside it.

“Because I am.” I shrug, “And I love gardens.” I say, pointing to the screen.

“Okay.” He shrugs, picking up his hat and jeans, he's dressed in pj bottoms and a plain black t-shirt.

“Going to get changed.” He says, then yawns and walks back into the bathroom.

“Have fun!” I shout.

“Doing what?” Andy asks, shutting the door behind him, I had no idea he was coming in.

“Having sexeh times with the prostitute I put in there for him.” I say, winking.

“Thought so.” Andy chuckles, coming over and sitting beside me on the floor. “Gardens, yum.” He
says, sounding extremely bored.

“Who let you in anyway?” I ask him, not taking my eyes off the flowers on screen.

“Me,” He says, simply.

“Oh, then that's okay.” I laugh, rolling my eyes.

“So you and Patrick are all good now?” Andy asks randomly.

“Yeah, we're friends.” I smile big.

“Awesome.” He taps my back. “I've had enough of plants now, thanks.” He says, smiling, then gets up and walks out.

“See ya.” I say, looking back at the screen, trying to be interested. I heard the bathroom door open again, and Patrick came out, carrying his pj's. “HEY PATRICK!” I said loudly, turning my whole body around and looking at him.

“You hated me yesterday.” He says, rolling his eyes as he puts his pj's into his bag. I get up and walk over him.

“I never said I didn't hate you.” I said smugly, smiling.

“Oh, so you still hate me?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yuh-huh.” I grin, then chew my lip.

“Thanks.” He says then laughs. I decide to hug-rape him, so I wrap my arms around him and
squeeze him tight. He hugs back, then taps my back a few times. “Oh-kay.” He says, laughing more.

“I did miss you.” I admit, smiling.

“I missed you too.” He says, then sighs. I let go and skip over to the tv, sitting in front of it again. “I forgot how odd you were.” He says, laughing.

“What-fucking-ever!” I say, trying to sound offended but really smiling my face off. Patrick comes over and wraps something around my neck lightly, it feels like a small chain. I'm not scared, but am confused. I try to look but I can't. “What's this?” I ask, then start singing the Nightmare Before Christmas song. Patrick helps me to my feet, then walks me into the bathroom as I continue my sing along. I get to the mirror and see the necklace, it's so pretty. A small heart with a star-shaped-diamond in it. And knowing Patrick, it's real silver, and a real diamond. I gasp.

“A welcome home gift.” He smiles, standing beside me.

“No no no no.” I shake my head, trying to get it off, his face drops. “I can't accept it.” I frown.

“You don't like it?” He says pouting,

“No I love it, but..” I begin. He puts my hands to my side to stop me from taking it off.

“Then keep it.” He smiles, I nod.

“Thank you.” I smile back, then I notice how close we're standing. I can't help it, I look down at his lips. Our heads move closer slowly, then I realize what I'm doing. I pull away slightly. “No, sorry, I can't.” I say, looking away and frowning.

“I understand.” He says, then lightly moves my face to look into his eyes again.

“Thanks.” I smile then hug him. He hugs back, then I feel his phone go off. The ring tone's Hollywood Whore, so it must be Pete. I changed it for a laugh back when things were good, well, better. He laughs then I let go of him and he answers it, still standing pretty close to me.

“Hey?” He says, not checking the caller-id first. There's no need we both know who it is. “Yeah I gave it to her, nosey fucker.” He laughs. “No she didn't.” He says, rolling his eyes. “You weirdo.” He adds, then laughs. “Ew ew ew stop it.” He says then hangs up.

“What did he say?” I ask, half curious, half amused.

“I'm not telling you.” Patrick said, blushing and smiling.

“Pweeessee!” I say, giving him puppy eyes.

“Ugh, fine.” He laughs. “He was describing, things, you were supposedly doing to me, as a thank you for that necklace.” He said awkwardly I burst out into laughter, tears almost running down my face. I could only imagine the detailed things Pete was saying to Patrick. “It's not funny! Pete's a creepo!” Patrick whined, making me laugh more.

“I know.” I say between my laughter, I pull myself together and stand up straighter, biting my lip.
“Well, we better get started?” I whisper, moving towards him, he backs away, “I'm kidding.” I roll my eyes. “Oh, so you wouldn't like it? Anyway?” I ask, trying to look offended.

“Not the things Pete was describing.” He laughs, I laugh too.

“Anyway, whens the bus leaving?” I ask, smiling and looking up at Patrick. He checks the time on his phone, and as he does he gets a text, the tone is Womanizer, so again, it's Pete. Patrick reads the text, his face a look of horror. I know he won't read it to me or let me see so I snatch it from him. I read the filth Pete's sent, picking up from where he left when Patrick hung up, I guess. And I gag, but then laugh out loud.

“Calm down.” Patrick laughs too, going to take the phone from me. I laugh and hold it away from him, typing a reply.

'no actually not just that.. she also..' I begin, adding to the filth and laughing as I do. 'That'll freak him out'. I think, a smug smile on my face, Patrick tries to get it off me but I hit send first, then he goes and reads the sent message, his eyes widening.

“You're just as bad as each other.” He says, shaking his head at me, I just smile innocently. “Me? Little me? As bad as king of the pervs?” I say, giving him the best innocent eyes I can.

“Yeah.” Patrick nodded.

“Fine.” I fold my arms across my chest and pout.

“You're so childish.” He rolls his eyes, then smiles at me.

“SEE! CHILDISH! Children couldn't come up with THAT filth.” I grin.

“Fine, whatever.” He laughs.

“So, when's the bus leaving?” I ask, he checks the time again.

“In ten minutes, we better get ready.” He sighs, I follow him into the bedroom and we pack our stuff and put the tv off. Then as we're leaving the hotel room Joe is walking towards us.

“Hey lovebirds.” He grins.

“No, no Joe.” I shake my head at him, then laugh.

“Bus is here.” Joe smiles.

“On our way.” Patrick says, then salutes him.

“Great, I'll let the driver know.” Joe smiles, walking just ahead of us to the bus, then actually telling the driver as we get on the bus. I laugh at him.

“Who's on this bus?” I ask Patrick, following him to the bunk area.

“Actually we only have the one this time.” He frowns.

“Oh, then what are the sleeping arrangements?” I ask, he leads me into the back room, where there's a sofa.

“We rented this one out, so there's no double bed like usual.” He said sadly.

“I'll sleep here.” I smile.

“No no no, I'm on the sofa, you get a bunk.” He smiled.

“You sure?” I ask and he nods. I drop my bag and hug him. “Thanks 'Trick.” I say, then pull away.

“It's okay.” He grins, “Wait, you called me 'Trick?” He asks.

“Yeah, why not.” I say, and shrug, like using his old nickname isn't a big thing.

“So, go pick a bunk?” He smiles and I nod, leaving my bag in the back lounge and into the bunk area. Joe's got top right, Andy's in bottom left. I remember that Pete always has to have the bottom one, he prefers it, it's easier to get into when drunk.

“Obviously it has to be...” I think, “That one.” I point at the bottom one, below Joe. “Just to piss Pete off.” I smile innocently. The guys all laugh. “When's the fucker getting on anyway?” I ask casually, climbing into my bunk and laying down.

“He won't be long.” Patrick replies, I can't see his face from down here.

“Come in?” I ask Patrick.

“What?” He says, laughing. Joe and Andy give chorused 'ooohhhss'.

“Shut the fuck up guys.” I laugh, but blush a little bit. I reach out and grab Patrick's leg, tugging him a bit, he puts his hand down to make me let go then I grab his hand, and lightly pull him into the bunk. He let's me do it pretty easily. It's not too much of a squeeze in here with two people, actually.

“NO shaking the bus.” Andy says sternly, him and Joe laughing hysterically.

“Grow up!” I say, then giggle, shaking the bunk a little bit. Patrick looks really awkward. “Relax, this isn't anything we haven't done before.” I say to him, smiling.

“THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!” I hear Pete yell, he's getting on the bus.

“Shh.” I say to Patrick, putting a finger over his mouth, then leaning over him to close the curtain. I hear Pete getting closer. I hug into Patrick to try and not giggle and give us away.

“Where've they gotten to?” Pete asks, “I heard Kaila talk just now.”

“I don't know dude.” Andy said, restraining from laughing. I decide to make it a little more interesting and climb on top of Patrick, straddling him.

“What-” Patrick begins, but I cut him off with my lips. Pete was sure to have heard him and know where we are now. I hear the curtains open, then Pete wolf whistle at us. I pull my lips from a now heart-attack-shocked Patrick.

“A little privacy?” I ask Pete, then smile at Andy in the bunk opposite who's in fits of laughter, as is Joe. The bus is actually shaking, which makes it more funny. Pete gives us a shocked-confused look. Then bursts into laughter, and falls to the floor. I can't help but laugh myself, making the bunk shake even more. Patrick looks very uncomfortable, it's then I notice the huge bulge in his pants. I blush, but try and hold back giggles. “Sorry.” I say, giving him an innocent look, then climbing off him. He rushes into the back room.

“Bless him.” Andy said once he's left, then the guys try and laugh without him hearing.

“Hey. Don't be mean.” I say sternly. Pete's still on the floor, sitting cross legged.

“That's my bunk, by the way.” He says, putting a hand out for me to help him up.

“I'm not your slave,” I say and he rolls his eyes then gets himself up. “besides, why would you wanna sleep there after what me and 'Trick did?” I add, raising my eyebrows.

“You didn't really do anything.” Pete says smugly.

“That's what you think.” I say casually, and he pretends to gag. Me, Andy and Joe laugh at him as I go and knock the back door of the bus. “It's me.” I call through the door, “Open the door for me when you're, uh, ready?” I ask and the others all hoot again. I shoot them death glances then lean against the wall as Pete climbs into his top bunk. I knew one day I'd get him to have top bunk instead of the bottom ones. The back room door opened and I walked in, shutting it lightly behind me.

“Sorry Patrick.” I say, pouting. He's sitting on the sofa the other side of the room.

“It's okay.” He blushed like mad and smiled weakly at me.

“Could be worse.” I laugh.

“Oh God, how?” He asks, looking me in the eye. I lean against the door.

“I could off played with you more, started stripping you and stuff.” I say, blushing but laughing.
“Would you really rather the guys see that?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

“No not really.” He admits, laughing.

“So be thankful.” I say smugly.

“Next time, warn me okay?” He says, smiling.

“Alright.” I say, rolling my eyes.

“I was in a dark, close place with you, then you hug me, then next thing I know you're on top of me, kissing me.” He says, “It might have been, uh, handled better, if I knew it was coming.”

“I will.” I say, smirking. I walk over and sit beside him, then hug him from the side. “As much as I denied it at first. I missed you.” I say and he chuckles.

“You've said.” He grins and hugs me back. “I missed you too.” He says. I pull away, then press my lips again. He kisses me back, wrapping his arms around my waist. No tongues or anything, just our lips touching. I know I kissed him like this earlier, but that was just to scare Pete and I didn't pay attention to how it felt. It feels amazing. My heart has butterflies. I pull away and smile at him.

“Sorry, did you want a warning?” I ask and he laughs and shakes his head. “I think we should get back together now.” I say quietly.

“I'd love that.” He smiles and his eyes sparkle.

“So would I.” I agree, then hug him tight again. The bus starts to move and we both fall back on the sofa a bit. I pull away from the hug a bit but stay in his arms. “How long 'till we get there?” I ask him.

“Two nights on the bus, then one in a hotel, then the concerts the next night, then we travel a day on the bus to get to the airport.” He explained.

“Two whole nights on the bus?” I say, frowning.

“But we'll stop up in a few places.” He smiles and I smile back. “An interview and a few restaurants or shopping centers?” He offers.

“If I have to.” I smile. There's a silence and we look into each others eyes. “I, uh, better go get changed into pj's?” I ask.

“No need, we're stopping up somewhere, a surprise.” Patrick smiles.

“Surprise?” I say, butterflies in my tummy.

“Yepp.” He laughs. “Won't be long.” He says, checking his watch. I feel my pocket for my phone, it's not there. It must of dropped out in the bunk.

“I dropped my phone.” I frown.

“When?” He asks, sounding concerned, he knows how much I love it.

“When I pre-raped you.” I say, wearing a cheeky grin.

“Want me to go find it?” He offers.

“No, I'll go.” I say, smiling and getting up, walking out of the back room. Just as I get to the door the bus jumps and I fall. I hear Patrick getting up to come help me, but get up myself. “Thanks.” I smile at him, then leave, my hair's all over the place. I get to my bunk and see my phone, then pick it up.

“OHHH SEX HAIR!” Joe yells from his bunk.

“Fuck off.” I laugh. “I fell.” I say, holding onto his bunk so I don't fall over, the roads bumpy.

“And landed on Patrick's cock?” I hear Pete say from his bunk.

“No Peter, I didn't land on his cock.” I say, rolling my eyes at Andy, who's holding back fits of laughter. “You lot are so childish.” I laugh, then start making my way back into the back room.

“Three times in one night? Someone's making the most of being back.” Pete said, leaning over the side of his bunk and grinning at me. I laugh and shake my head, then open the back room's door. I walk across the room, the bus seems to have stopped jumping. Just before I get to the sofa the bus goes over a huge bump and I fall forwards, grabbing onto Patrick for support. I some how end up on his lap.

“Hey.” He says, laughing softly.

“Hey there.” I say, we're both blushing, but smiling. I move around a bit to get comfortable. “I like it here.” I smile innocently. “Can I stay, pretty please?” I say, fluttering my eyes.

“Sure.” He laughs, wrapping his arms around me casually, like we never spent all that time apart. I notice his pants are getting tighter already, but ignore it.

“Where are we going?” I ask, wrapping my arms around his neck and looking into his eyes. He doesn't answer me. “Patriiccck!” I laugh.

“Oh, sorry, what?” He says nervously.

“Where are we going?” I ask again.

“Surprise.” He smirks.

“I'll have to force it out of you.” I say, smirking back. He gives me a half scared, half pleading look.

“I'm warning you first, this time.” I grin, then turn my body around to face him, straddling him again. “Tell me?” I whisper into his ear, he shudders.

“Never.” He says.

“Fine.” I say, then press my lips against his, with all the love and passion I can. His pants are now painfully tight. I pull away and rest my forehead on his.

“You're evil.” He says, giving me puppy eyes, I smirk.

“Tell me?” I ask again.

“No.” He says, biting his lip. I sigh,

“You asked for it this time.” I laugh, then put my lips to his neck, breathing air onto it. He lets out a moan. “Tell me?” I say against his neck. He shakes his head. I roll my eyes then gently suck at his neck.

“Okay, there's no way you were just doing it to scare me this time!” I hear Pete say from the door. I didn't hear him come in, I pull my mouth away from Patrick's neck quickly, but don't get off him. I don't want Pete to mock his pants again.

“Thanks for knocking Wentz.” I say, “Whatcha want?” I ask casually.

“We're here.” He says, sounding amused.

“Okay, we'll be out in a minute.” I say. He goes to say something smart ass.

“Pete. One minute.” Patrick says, giving him an evil look. I hear the door shut.

“Guess you don't have to tell me.” I say, laughing, then climb off him. “I'll go wait outside with the others.” I smile, then wave and leave the room. I should stop being so evil. Pete's telling the others something and they're all laughing, I can't hear properly 'cause they're all outside the bus. I go outside and they all go quiet. “What?” I ask. “Have I got cum on my face?” I say, grinning. They all laugh.

“You guys are like rabbits, but worse.” Andy says to me, laughing.

“I was messing around, both times.” I say, rolling my eyes.

“I believe you.” Pete says, then laughs. I shake my head. I look around to see where we are, I can't really tell. It's dark out already and all I can see is a building. Patrick comes out eventually and I smile at him.

“Where are we?” I ask him,

“Surprise!” He says again, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, it's that way still?” I giggle, walking over to him. He backs away.

“Fine, follow me.” He smiles and takes my hand, leading me into the building, the others following. We get inside, it's a small concert club, with a little stage and a small standing area. I try to recognize it but I can't, until I see the bar. This is the bar me and Patrick got kicked out of way back in the good days. We were drinking fizzy pop and Red Bull, and acting really drunk, and messing around on stage. One of our best memories. I turn to him and smile. The other's aren't in here with us.

“You remembered?” I smile and he nods. This is also where he jokingly asked me to marry him.

“How could I forget?” He raises his eyebrows. I throw my arms around him and hug him tight. “One more surprise.” He smiles, then calls the others. They walk on stage with their instruments and Patrick goes to the bar, then brings me back a Red Bull. I smile and then he goes on stage, picking up his guitar and facing me, I go and sit on the audience floor just in front of him, there's no barrier so I can see him clearly.

I drink some Red Bull as they start playing Pretty in Punk, he knows all my favorites. I dance along, sitting down, and sing the words loudly. Patrick doesn't take his eyes off me once. By the end of my ideal playlist, including all the covers they learnt and a few acoustics with just Patrick playing and singing, I'm standing up and dancing around. Once they're done I run and hug each of them.

“You guys are the best, honestly.” I grin. “I love you all.”

“We love you too.” Patrick said for them, chewing his lip.

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