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Turn Around

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SEVERE SPOILERS! Kazuma has been gone for nine long years, and Kanami has grown up into a beautiful young woman. Will he be able to cope with these newfound feelings for her, or will he run away ag...

Category: s-CRY-ed - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Kanami Yuta, Kazuma Torisuna, Mimori Kiryu, Ryuhou Ryu - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2006-02-26 - Updated: 2006-02-27 - 1340 words


Chapter 1: Turn Around

By: Brynn Parker


Author's Note: Before we start this off...this is a companion fic to my oneshot, Things Change. You don't need to read it, but if you like KazumaxKanami stuff you're welcome to going and reading it after you read this. I just had this urge to write an sCRYed fic, and since the end of that show just yearned for follow-up fanfics, I decided to write one. After saying that, I'll warn you that this contains SEVERE SPOILERS for the end of the series. So if you don't want it to be ruined for you, stop right here. This starts right at the end of the don't be confused, OK?


Disclaimer: I do not own sCRYed. I'm sure that if I did, it would've ended differently and there wouldn't have been all the corny stuff with Kazuma and Ryuhou always saying things in sync, and Ryuhou wouldn't have been such an ass to Mimori.


Kazuma backed away from the last of the gang members, turning around to see if the group of kids they'd been attacking was alright. Of course, they were already gone...the powerful alter user had to admit that he probably would've been intimidated as a kid, if it hadn't been for his brother, the alter user of Radical Good Speed, Straight Cougar. That guy had taught him everything about using his alter power, and after he'd disappeared, Kazuma had been left alone...until he met Kanami.

Kanami. He wondered how she was, where her life had taken her. It had been ten years since he'd last seen her; somehow, he'd managed to avoid their old home for that long, wandering the Lost Ground and hoping that she'd somehow forgive him for abandoning her and move on with her life. Kazuma was now Kanami would be eighteen. He tried not to think of it...Kanami as a grown woman? That would just throw his world out of balance.

After he and Ryuhou had fought, they'd both been brought back to where Mimori and Kanami were living, and the girls had nursed them back to health. Ryuhou had left first; and Kazuma had run off as soon as he had his strength back. Kazuma knew that it would be better for Kanami if he would make it easier for her to find a stable home and hopefully someone she loved. Still...he wished he could see her cute, loving smile again.

Something landed on his foot and he jumped back, glaring down at whatever it was that had sent such a jolt into his ankle, and was surprised to see a simple red scarf. "What...?" he muttered, bending over to pick it up. His fingertips tingled when he touched it, and he pulled it up to his face, examining it carefully. There was something familiar about it...and he realized what it was when a youthful feminine scent drifted towards him and he pulled a long red hair out of the cloth.


Maybe this was a sign for him to go back? And what was she doing without this? Kazuma growled, jamming the scarf into his pocket and walking in the direction it had blown in from. If she was Why did he always assume that she was in danger? She was a smart girl...there was no need to worry. And there was probably more rescuing for him to do anyway. Some thugs had run away from him yesterday, and he still had some business to settle with them. But his desire to see Kanami again overrode all this, and he quickly searched his mind for a reason to go looking for her. "Should probably give this back," he said to himself, finally finding justification. With that thought in mind, he continued walking, a smile coming to his lips at the thought of seeing little Kanami again.


He was shocked to see the familiar green fields of the dairy farm when he finally found some sign of civilization. He hadn't realized that he was so close to him and Kanami's old home...was she still here? He unconsciously sped up as the house and barn drew nearer, pushing his hand into his pocket and pulling out the brilliant red scarf. A wave of comfort and familiarity washed over him; something that he hadn't felt in nine years, and a grin tugged at his lips.

The three women in the room fell silent as he walked into the house. Kanami was not among them. He supposed he must look pretty rough; he hadn't checked into an inn and shaved lately, and he was probably coated in dirt from his latest excursions into the decimated parts of the Lost Ground.

The old hag that owned the farm finally cleared her throat and remembered to glare at Kazuma like she always used to. "Kazuma..." she muttered, shaking her head sadly. She went back to her work and the other women soon followed suit. Kazuma scowled in annoyance, trying to fight back the feeling that she was justified in her disapproval.

"Is Kanami here?" he asked, his voice quieter than he would have liked. He held up the scarf. "I found this...thought she might like it back."

The old woman looked up at him again, sighing, while the other women continued knitting. "I'm only telling you this because I'm sure that she'd want to see you...but she's out back." She pointed towards a side door and Kazuma nodded his thanks before going in the same direction.

Things were the same as they'd always been: the clucking of chickens, the mooing of cows, the green grass cleanly cut, and little pieces of hay blowing around in the wind. He breathed in a deep breath of the fresh air, smiling and closing his eyes as he strolled across the lawn. He tried to ignore all the glares that he knew must be heading in his direction, the whispers that "that irresponsible boy of Kanami's" was finally back. He was starting to get uncomfortable when he opened his eyes at a familiar hay bail, long light brown hair spilling across it. He grinned, walking closer and looking forward to seeing the little girl again.

"Kanami..." he started, reaching out and moving her hair so he could see her face. He pulled back his hand in alarm, jumping back and observing the girl in front of him, suddenly afraid to say what he'd been planning.

Kanami wasn't a little girl anymore. A beautiful, angelic face was framed by the long brown hair, delicate black eyelashes brushing against porcelain cheeks that met soft pink lips. His hear jumped into his throat. She was wearing a white tanktop and a knee-length orange skirt, her hair down and spread around her. She was...beautiful. Feelings that he hadn't felt since meeting Ayase sprung up in his stomach and he stared in shock for a minute before shaking his head and backing up more, hiding her face behind the hay bail. He caught his breath and then turned on his heel and began to walk slowly away, his head bowed in shame at what he was thinking. "What did I expect? That she would still be little? I knew she was eighteen...I knew..." he said hoarsely, lodging his hands in his pockets.

Wait. The scarf. He turned back around and placed the scarf gently on her hand, savoring and memorizing the feeling of his skin on hers, before continuing away. Back to a life of fighting...where nothing was ever the way it should be...where Kanami would be safe and happy.


Author's Note: So how do you like it? I've been trying to get into more detail for my stories, and it seems like it's working...there will be more soon, probably in about a week. I'm in a play that's opening this weekend, so I don't know how easy it'll be to update, but I will try!

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