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oh my GOD!! ...theres no ice cream...

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my first comic script =] Mikey wants ice cream, but what happens when there is none?

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i hope you like this =] it's just a little script i wrote while i was hyper at lunch. if you read this please rate and review! thank you!!

(Mikey leaves the table)

M:Hmmm...I want ice cream. (looks at Gee) We got any?

G:Uhhh..yeah, in the freezer. (mutters to a block of cheese)

M:O-kay... (walks to freezer and opens it) Oh god...(digs deeper throwing food out) CRAAAAAAP....(looks at Gee) THERE'S NO ICE CREAM!?!?

G:(drops cheese which goes 'oww') H-how is that possible?! (yells) FRANKIE!!

(Frank walks in)

G:Where's the ice cream, bitch?

F:(looks shocked) We had ice cream?! You never said! My life is over! (starts crying)

M:(yells) RAAAAY!!

(same happens again and ends with Ray and Frankie hugging)

F:It must be Bob...

M:But where is he?

G:(voice comes from the other room) Guys, you might wanna see this...

(they all walk into the other room and find Gee holding a picture of Bob and the ice cream at a fair, and a note)

(Mikey reads it out)

M:'I have run away with the ice cream to save it from its cruel fate. I'm in love with it. I'm going to marry it.

Goodbye, Bob'


R:That's just wrong...

G:Tell me about it.

F:....Does this mean no ice cream??

(everyone stares at Frank)
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