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Frank's POV

Two days later

I sat down on the couch with a piece of pizza and stared at the television, even though there was nothing to look at. I guess I was trying to magically turn it on. I took a bite of pizza and laughed at the thought.

I finished my pizza, while still trying to magically turn on the television, when the phone rang. I knew it was probably my mom again. She had been calling me non stop for the past day and a half. All she wanted to talk about was wedding stuff, and thankfully all we had left to do now, was to decide on the centerpieces.

I grabbed the phone and sure enough it was my mom. I shook my head and answered, “What now mom?”

“They want to know if you want flowers or not in the centerpiece.”

“I thought we already went over that...”

“I don’t remember... Now do you, or don’t you?” She asked. I could hear voices in the background. It sounded like they were arguing. I laughed to myself.

“Mom... I said no flowers.”

“Okay... That was all I needed to know. You might want to write yourself a not to pick them up the day before the wedding.”

I laughed, “Will do. I’ll talk to you later, okay, mom?”

“Oh, Frankie, wait.”

“What mom?”

“Mikey, Alicia and Melody are coming over for dinner tonight, do you want to come over too?”

“Sure mom. I’ll be there about seven, is that okay?”

“That’s perfect. I’ll see you then. I love you ” She rushed the last part.

“I love you too, mom.” I laughed and hung up. I set the phone down and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed one of the markers and wrote a note to pick up the centerpieces the day before the wedding on our calendar.

Almost as soon as I walked back into the living room, the phone rang again. I picked it up, and thankfully, it wasn’t my mom again, “Gee ” I exclaimed.

“Hey, Frankie. I can’t talk long, but I just wanted to call and tell you that I love you.” I was shocked at the lack of emotion in his tone. I almost didn’t believe what he said...

“I love you too, babe. I can’t wait for you to come home so we can be together again.” I smiled as I thought about what I had planned for his homecoming party.

“Yea. Forever and Always.” Again, lack of emotion.

I nodded, “Forever and always.”

“Well, Frankie, I need to get going. I’ll call you again soon. I love you.” I heard the phone click and I hung up. I put the phone down on the coffee table and stared at it for a few seconds. I was waiting for it to ring again, but nothing happened. Thankful for peace, I walked into the bedroom and grabbed my shoes. I figured I could go ahead and get ready to go, even though I still had a few hours before we were supposed to meet over at my mom’s house.


I grabbed a fork and sat down at the table next to my mom. Mikey and Alicia were sitting across from us. Melody had already finished eating and was sleeping on the couch. My mom put her fork down and laughed, “How many plates have you had, Frank?”

I smirked, “Only four. You know that I love you’re cooking, and this has always been my favorite.”

She smiled, “Well, at least you’re eating.”

“Why wouldn’t I be eating? Are you still thinking I’m going to have a breakdown?” I laughed.

She nodded, “I can see it already.”
I looked at Mikey and Alicia, they were both laughing, and shook my head. This what I had lived with for most of my life, Gerard too. His parents didn’t approve of him very much. His father was homophobic, and his mother was a drunk. So, when we started dating, I think Gerard was about seventeen at the time, he moved in with me and my mom.

Mikey didn’t live with his parents to begin with, so he’s only ever really known my mom. When Mikey was little, his parents dropped him off at his grandparents house and he lived there. When they died, he had just met Alicia, and he already pratically been living with me, Gerard, and my mom. So, he just moved in with Alicia.

That’s why everyone is welcome at my mom’s house. They’re all pretty much family.

“You know, Linda, sometimes I worry that you’re the one having the breakdown.” Alicia smiled.

Mikey nodded, “I agree.” He picked up the empty plates and set them in the sink, and as he sat down, Melody walked into the kitchen.

“Mommy... I want to go home...” she said, walking to Alicia.

Alicia smiled, “I think we should get going. It’s been a long day.”

My mom nodded, “You guys have a good night.”

Mikey nodded and followed Alicia out of the kitchen, “You too, Linda.” He nodded at me, “Frank.”

I smiled and took another bite of mashed potates.
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