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Date on Mystery Island

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My Acara goes on a date with a Kougra.

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OWNER'S NOTE: My pet, Seasonshippy the Acara, went out on a date with my friend's Kougra, FluffyKawaii. One thing you have to understand about Seasonshippy is that she's a little...well...some would call it cynical, but I believe she prefers the term realistic. Anyways, this is her account of how the date went.


I've known FluffyKawaii for quite a while. He is a white Kougra, and I think he's not too bad looking. Also, he's not a jerk. Once he told me that I was MUCH prettier than my twin sister, and I don't even know why I'm mentioning that because it really wasn't a big deal and I certainly didn't blush or anything.

But anyways, a few days ago, he asked me out on a date. I decided to say yes, because really, I didn't have anything better to do. And if my sister tells you that before the date I spent two hours washing and brushing my fur, well she is lying!

My owner, Chaos, asked me if I'd mind writing about our date, so I said OK. I suppose I can't think of any reason not to. Besides, I wouldn't mind having an account of our date for, records.

Anyways, FluffyKawaii's favorite place is Mystery Island, so that's where he took me on our date. I suppose that a tropical island would be considered a very romantic place for a date. Not that I think about that kind of slushy stuff.

First we went on one of those Tiki Tours of the island. Basically you get into a cart and get pulled around by one of those dudes who looks like a coconut, which I have to admit is pretty cool. I mean really, who WOULDN'T want to get carted around by a giant coconut?

After that we went shopping for a while, but I have to tell you, the merchandise on Mystery Island isn't the greatest. So we got bored with that and went to the beach. Of course, the natural habitat of an Acara like me is the water, so I felt right at home. I guess Kougras must like the water alright too, because FluffyKawaii got in with me and we played in the surf. I suppose it was a fun time, better than the Tiki Tack shop anyways.

After that it was time for dinner, so we went to the tropical food store. FluffyKawaii bought me an oyster salad, which I didn't hate.

By then it was pretty late and time to go home. FluffyKawaii said that on our next date, he will take me to the Haunted Woods. Besides not being a jerk, I guess he's not too dumb either, since he figured out that the Haunted Woods is my favorite place. I guess that also means he wants to see me again; not that I was worrying about that or anything.

I guess Chaos would probably like me to make the account of this date a little longer, but really, what else is there to tell? We got pulled around by a coconut, looked at worthless merchandise, played in the water and ate some food. Nothing else happened, okay? Well, at the end of the date FluffyKawaii gave me a goodnight kiss, but really, I don't think that's any of your business!

I really have nothing else to tell you, so just go back to leading your little insignificant lives and return to whatever you were wasting your time on before I bothered you with this story.
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