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Why Are Guys So Stupid Sometimes?!?!

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Guys and their selflessness...and what Kagome and Winry from FMA will do about it!

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Why Are Guys So Stupid Sometimes?

By: Brynn Parker

Author's Note: I was just put into this situation, and it made me think so much of how my favorite anime boys (Inuyasha and Edward) are always sacrificing themselves with that, "You're better off without me..." shit, that I decided to put them in my situation. The characters aren't going to meet or anything...I'm just showing how similar all of those, wonderful, gorgeous, and sometimes stupid guys are. So here it is, just a bit of drabble about stupidity.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or Full Metal Alchemist.


#1: "I just want what's best for you."


"I think I should be the judge of what's best for me," Winry said, crossing her arms.

"You'd get dragged into things that you wouldn't want to be a part of..." Ed replied resolutely.

Winry glared at him, "This is about how I feel, right? What would make me feel good is for you do something instead of being such a big martyr all the time! Edward, not getting involved with me is going to hurt me worst than just telling me how you feel! Because to me, this just seems like a stupid excuse for not wanting to be with me, and it's only making me feel worse!"


#2: "He's probably better for you."


"Inuyasha, you idiot!" Kagome yelled, annoyed, "Hojo may get me nice things and be so sweet and boring, but he's not you! Don't you get that? Would there be a reason for me being here if there wasn't something making me stay? It's you!"

"Kagome, if would mess up everything..."



#3: "I deserved that."


Ed lay still on the ground where he had fallen after Winry had pounded his head in with a wrench. "Edward, why can't you just tell me the truth and stop feeling sorry for yourself?"

"I'm not good enough for you." ARGH I HATE THAT LINE!

"You think I care?" Winry said, pulling him up...


#4: "I'll always be there for you."


Author's Note: And that's the end. I hope you liked it, even though it was really about me getting out all of my, there you have it. I would write a decent ending, but since this is identical to my problem right now, I need to figure out what'll happen with me maybe an ending later. Hope you enjoyed!
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