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Step 20: Jealousy

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Step 20: Jealousy

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Step 20: Jealousy

"Do you like Elena?" Tseng's question came so suddenly that I hardly had time to think.

"Like her?" I don't understand, I didn't think I offended her in any way that would make her think she is disliked, "of course I do, I like all the Turks," except Reno, but I think it's best to just leave that out.

"No, not like, I mean like-like," Tseng clarifies and I finally understand.

Despite never being too involved in the playground language, I still know that there is a big difference between like and like-like. "Not like that."

"She's been really nice to you..." As Tseng goes on, I see a figure sneak behind him, finger across the lips in a sign for silence. "I just can't help it but to wonder."

I look right at the person behind Tseng, but he seems to take my apparently avoidant gaze as a bad sign. I'm only trying to warn him of our new arrival. "We're just friends," I tilt my head and finger my hair, eyes on the eavesdropper, I shift and try to think of a way to make Tseng look, but I think my gestures are being misinterpreted.

Tseng glares, "I care about her and I won't let you steal her!"

"He's not trying to steal me," Tseng jumps and turns to face Elena, who snuck up behind him in absolute silence and stood there listening.

The leader looks at me, as if accusing me for not saying anything, then finally he understands that I wasn't trying to hide a secret crush, I was trying to tell him his crush was here.

"Elena... I..." Tseng pauses, unsure of what to say.

"I like you," Elena confesses, "a lot, like-like."

"You do?" Tseng seems surprised, but he shouldn't be, Elena's liking for him is a well known fact.

"I thought you didn't like me because you didn't notice I was trying to tell you I like you," Elena admitted.

"Reno told me you liked me," Tseng recalled, "that's why I thought you didn't, because he's never right about anything."

Elena shook her head, "Reno's an idiot."

Then the romance flowed, I wish I could give the kissing couple some privacy, but they are standing at the door to my apartment. I resolved to go to my empty bedroom and wait there until they're done.

I'm sitting on the floor when my PHS rings and I answer the unknown number. "Stay away from Tifa!" The angry voice of Cloud Strife demands. He hung up before I could say anything. Given the recent happenings, I would guess that Cloud got the wrong idea and is jealous, but I don't care, I might let out some stress watching him worry. I'm going to the Seventh Heaven.

xoxox xox xoxox

I walked to the Seventh Heaven as soon as Tseng and Elena got out of my doorway. I arrived to find the place occupied by an average crowd and headed towards the bar, glancing in amusement at Cloud, who was playing waiter for one of the tables. I sat at the bar and Tifa cheerfully greeted me, my presence still unknown to Cloud.

I was making polite small talk with Tifa, hoping Cloud would look at us and get jealous, when Reno popped out of seemingly nowhere, "yo, Seph! You're not -hic- still mad at me, right?"

I am still upset by the red haired nuisance, but I decide to let it go. "No, Reno, I'm not mad at you."

"You don't sound too happy, but you know what? -hic-I got into trouble for messing up a WRO job," I don't know why Reno is telling me this but I do know why he started laughing like an idiot at the end, he's drunk.

Tifa shakes her head, "it was on purpose, so I heard, he messed up the deliveries and the WRO had to get all the materials to the right places, of course they were late. What an annoying and stupid joke, the WRO is trying very hard to help people."

"Not my fault, I'm not a delivery boy, but Cloud is, you know what the president told me? -hic- You know?"

"No, I don't," but I know he's going to tell me even if I don't care to hear it.

"He said that the WRO's like our little brother and we have to be nice to it," Reno laughed as if it were the must amusing thing in the world.

"That's a good analogy," Tifa agreed.

"But that means I can pick on them!" Reno argued.

"That's not nice," Tifa disapproved. "Would you pick on your little brother?"

"Don't have any younger siblings," Reno laughed again, as if that made it all alright.

"You know what else the president said, he told me not to pick on the WRO and I asked if I could pick on Cloud instead and he said -hic- he said... he said I could if it kept me out of trouble," Reno grinned like an idiot, not realizing that telling all of this to Tifa is a very bad idea.

"Rufus said that?" Tifa frowned, "I need to have a word with him..."

"So Seph? You want to join the fun? Tseng and Elena are not cool, they don't want to help me play jokes on Cloud, Rude wasn't sure, but I think I can talk him into it. I always talk him into doing stuff, ever since we were little kids. Rude's been my best friend for a long time... -hic- Anyway, are you going to join the fun? Are you? Are you? Are you? Cause you know, it'll be fun and stuff," Reno continued drabbling incoherently.

"Best customer or not, I won't let you hurt Cloud," Tifa pouted.

"Come on Tifa, Reno's just drunk, I'm sure he doesn't mean it, and Rufus must have been kidding, if he even said anything. Besides, Cloud is a capable adult; he can take care of himself. If anything, he might lighten up," I give Tifa my best innocent smile. I don't want her getting in the way of Reno making Cloud's life a miserable chaos, he deserves it.

Tifa dwells on it for a moment then finally agrees, "I guess you're right." For now I'll pretend I refuse to join Reno in his plans, but later, when Tifa is no longer a witness, I'll tell him to count me in.

To be Continued

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