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as rice grains and roses fall at your feet

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murder parted them, but will love unite them in time? or will he wander, heartless for eternity? very mild horror, if that

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i scrapped the previous story i wrote for my course work (i'm still gonna finish it on here though for all who've read it =D) and this is the idea i came up with last night. it's only short, but if i get enough reviews (hint, hint,) i might make it longer >.< again, Frank's in it, and again, i changed his last name, this time to Calloway =] hope u all like it!!

It's 1933, and world war two is just a distant fear, unregistered in all but a fews thoughts. My thoughts however, were on the girl before me. I watched her as she crossed the room towards the dresser where her red satin evening dress was tossed seemingly without care across the back of her couch.

I noticed how, as she pulled the slender straps over her equally slender shoulders she gave a slight shudder. How long had his memory been with her? Lost forever in the dark, her beautiful eyes connected with mine for just one fleeting moment before being wisped away, never once noticing I was there, hands pressed to the glass of her window.

I entered, following her down the wide steps towards the arch at the front of the house. Marvelling at how the lantern light reflected off of the subtle patterns on the tight-fitted body and trailing calves of her dress, I took one too many steps and found myself grasping for support as my foot clipped the statue placed before me. Of course I could never trip. Not while I was with her, and where else could I be?

The ghost of a heart beat thudded in my chest, and I glanced in one of the many mirrors he had bought for her years ago, at the beginning of their tragic life together. My short, unusually styled black hair was swept to the right, carefully pinned down with just enough wax, my hazel-green eyes sparkled in a way unknown to me in to long of an age, and my pale lips were slightly chapped from the always present shroud of winter air that held me. The face I stared at was a monster. It should not exist, but it did. At least to me.

I ran ahead of her, placing my hand on the already open door, wishing just once that it had been me to buy her that dress, that it had been me to tell her that the perfume she wore was more beautiful than life, that it had been me to open the door. That it had been me to...

A disturbance beyond the light of the lanterns interrupted my thoughts, making me freeze. As long as she was unhappy, I would be here, waiting where she could not see until she could meet me, and hold my heart once again. No matter how much I wanted her to feel joy in her life, I could not imagine an eternity without her. There would be no end to my piece of forever-i would simply walk through the fields of my dreams, unable to stop, to sleep, to die. Without her it might as well be hell. Did I ever have her?

I saw her thinking of him as an UN named man began up the stairs. He was tall; his waxed blond hair brushed the lights hung above me.

'I missed you,' He told her earnestly as he took her in his arms. My muscles clenched as he did. That had once been me. 'Evelyn, you're...beautiful..' He breathed, taking her hand. Evelyn... how could I forget her name? Evelyn Lora Calloway.. widow to Frank Calloway. She kept the name..I smiled.

'Robert, thank you for offering to take me tonight. I don't get out much,' How someone like her could have been left so alone I did not know. Al she had kept of her life was a reflection in the mirror.

'Eve,' I told her, placing my hand on her arm. 'I love you still. Please wait for me,' She only shivered.

Robert pulled away from her, taking a few steps down before looking away, towards the car he would fetch.

'Oh, Frank, why did you leave?' She whispered, a hollow sob racking her chest. I paused before my arms took hold of her, knowing she was no longer mine, but his. Robert's.

A few strands of her waist length hair fluttered down her back-the waves still the same dark brown I remembered from so long ago. I caught one as it flew away from her, tucking it behind her ear as I used to. I remembered a story, long lost in the folds of time, when we had walked along the lake, her hair wisping out from her body before pulling in around her face. I remembered how she had let me hold her for hours, just sitting by the water, watching the day as it was conquered by it's calmer sibling, night. The stars that night had been magical, glinting like perfect diamonds, suspended forever, a final keep-sake from our time together.

I thought of her warm shoulders resting on my chest, and how I had been forced to let her go so I could find the tiny box I had treasured for weeks. I remembered tossing it in my hands as she slept, contemplating how she should find it, but settled on placing it by her hand. She had rolled over, still lost in some dream, and I found it almost impossible to leave. I knew I had to-the note within the box would have no use if I were there to tell her myself, but the way her face smoothed out as she dreamed acted the same as a chain does to a dog. It does not let it leave.

Finally, I stepped away, hiding behind a tree about a hundred yards from her, and simply waited for her to wake. Once she did, I watched the confusion on her face before she found the box.

Evelyn, I had watched her read. I love you more than life, and have now decided I don't want to be without you. I love how you make my heart lurch when I look at you, and how you give me purpose. You make me feel loved, and I need to be with you. This ring is for you, and I'm hiding right now, praying that you'll place it on your finger. I will love you for all my life, and not even death will diminish my love for you. Will you be my wife? Yours for as long as you want me, Frank.

I remembered the tears falling down my face as she pulled out the ring and placed it on her finger, before sobbing herself, and calling out my name.

My memory faded then, returning me to Evelyn, now being escorted towards her waiting car by Robert. He seemed to care for her, but I could tell he did not need her. His existence would not become meaningless if she ceased to be. I shuddered even at the thought.

How long had his memory been with her? How long had she carried him around with her, refusing to let go? To let him be dead? How long had I haunted her for? It was maybe four years to the day since I had died, but still she refused to bury me, letting me live on in her mind. It was this fact that meant I was able to be with her still-just a ghost, following her the way he had in life, unable to move on while she still held him, still insisted he would come home.

They never found my body, that's why she couldn't let go. And because I had once held her heart, and still did, until another man destined to have her came along.

I followed her for the rest of the night, laughing when she laughed, crying when she cried. Finally I had her to myself again as she lay in bed, her head rested against the pillows. Soft, slow tears trickled down her cheeks, before rolling off of her chin and onto the bed. She had smiled with Robert, and even let him kiss her goodnight, but her thoughts had been with me. I could see that she missed me, as yet another tear for the dead found it's way from her eye.

I stepped forwards, falling gently onto the bed besides her, lying behind her and wrapping my arms around her shoulders. She shivered for a moment before muttering,

'Frank, oh, I miss you. I never stopped loving you. Please come home to me,' I tightened my arm around her.

'I have come home, Evelyn. I'm home,' I whispered this into her ear, carefully brushing the hairs away as I did. She gasped, her sharp breath forcing her to freeze. Her slender face turned to me, her cold and deadly beautiful blue eyes searching for mine.

'Frank? Oh, please tell me that's you!' I lay there staring at her for a moment.

'You can see me?' My heart seemed to swell, the wings her voice gave it finally able to fly, but my stomach was infested with butterflies.

She grasped my face in her hands, spinning her whole body around so she faced me fully before crashing her lips to mine. Pulling away, she exhaled.

'Yes. Frank, I see you! I see you, and I love you. There was no point to this'-she gestured around her-'without you here with me. Please don't leave me,' she sobbed this, burying her face in my chest. I felt my eyes well up, and let the tears I had held for all my death fall into her hair as I buried my own face.

'I promise you, Eve, I will never leave you. I never have. You held me here,' I placed my hand over her heart before pulling her face to mine, and holding her in one, ever-lasting kiss.

They found Evelyn the next morning, seemingly deep in sleep, but instead she was with me, watching them as they carried her away, forever together, on our own level of time.

thank you sooo much for reading this! i love you all for it! please don't forget to rate and review =] xo
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