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I Know What You Did Last Wrestlemania

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Chris Jericho and John Cena get caught, five other superstars come together to help the lovers out. The consequences turn out to be murderous. Part 1 of the I Know What You Did... trilogy

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This was previously posted on, but due to unforeseen circumstances I’m no longer posting there.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the WWE Superstars, just the original character, Emily.

Chapter 1

Wrestlemania. The show that made superstars. The show that every wrestling fan in the world watches. The greatest spectacle in all of Sports Entertainment.

Many of the superstars were backstage after an amazing show. Most of them were smiling and drinking champagne. It had been a fantastic show. All of them felt euphoric whether they had won or lost. It didn’t matter to them, what mattered was that they had gone out there and made each and every one of the fans happy.

“That was great,” Ken Kennedy chuckled to himself. He was still dressed in his wrestling gear and he was still sweaty and bloody from his match, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was the glass in his hand and the belt around his waist; the belt that he had successfully retained in a brutal ladder match against Jeff Hardy.

Moving around the backstage area Jericho spotted Undertaker talking to his daughter; Kane was looking on apprehensively. Ken noticed the flirty glances that ‘Taker’s daughter was giving Kane; Kane blushed and half smiled before turning away.

Kennedy decided to avert his eyes; whatever was going on with them was none of his business. He looked around for someone else to talk to when something caught his eye. John Cena and Chris Jericho were walking away from the gathering of the superstars and heading to the locker rooms. Smirking, Ken turned away and headed over to Carlito who was explaining the importance of apples to Triple H’s eldest daughter Aurora.


“I can’t believe we’re doing this again,” said John. It had been two months now. Only a handful of superstars knew of their affair, and they wanted to keep it that way. Not all of them agreed with what John and Chris were doing but they merely accepted it. It was put down to the loneliness that being on the road three hundred days a year brought, but neither John nor Chris viewed it in this way.

They were just about to kiss when the door came ajar and opened slowly. Kane’s head appeared around the door. He coughed distracting John and Chris from each other.

“Sorry to butt in guys, but some of us are going to a bar, I just wondered if you guys would be interested?” Kane said. He wasn’t entirely at ease with the situation but he respected them for their decision. He added, “Could you get a sign for the door or something, I accept you two and everything, but it creeps me out when you two are ... you know ... doing that.”

“Ok, we’ll warn you next time,” Chris said chuckling.

“We’ll be out in a minute,” continued John.

They finally kissed when Kane had left. They had moved onto the couch, with Chris taking the more feminine role leaning back and being kissed by John, who had him in a tight embrace. Despite the violence and speed of the door opening, they were too engrossed in their activities to notice that someone had entered the room.

He stood there at first, opened mouthed. The shock built up inside of him until he could no longer hold it in. “OH MY GOD.” This caught the attention of the two young studs.
John pulled away looking rather flustered. Both were now sitting bolt upright.

“Oh crap!” Chris sighed, looking back at the young man in the door then looking at John for support.

“You didn’t think you could cover that one up for long, did you?” The young man smirked. He turned briskly and began to run down the corridor with the yells of John and Chris following him.

“Wait will you?” John shouted before turning back to Chris. “What do we do? If this get’s out our careers are over! Our lives will be over!” Chris didn’t answer, he just sat there, his face pale and void of all emotion. “Chris, what do we do now?”

Chris turned to face John who was now sitting back on the sofa with his head in his hands. “We can’t let this get out,” he said sinking down next to John. “What the fuck are we going to do?!”

The scream wouldn’t sound out of place at a Death Metal gig. It was loud, sudden and totally unexpected. It even caused John to flinch.

“If more people find out, everything will be over!” John was increasingly close to tears. “What do we do? What do we do?”

“We... we need to stay calm and... and we need to find the people that know about us and... and tell them what’s happened, ok?” John nodded in agreement with Chris’s plan.

At this they got up off of the couch holding hands and left the room, Chris leading. Having an instant flash-back of the event that put them in this situation they dropped each other’s hand as soon as they left, what they thought, was the relative safety of the dressing room. They walked on, separate in body but not thought, down the hallway.

They had gathered the people that knew; Ken Kennedy, Kane, Undertaker and his daughter Emily. They were sitting looking at the two lovers curiously.
“We’re in shit!” Chris voiced loudly.

“Why, what’s happened?” Asked Ken slightly intrigued.

“That rookie cameraman caught the two of us... you know...” Chris replied, breaking the news to their closest friend’s wasn’t the easiest thing he’d ever done.

“What do we do? What do we do?” John repeated this phrase until it had lost all meaning.
“No one can find out,” said Jeff.

“No shit,” Emily said sarcastically.

Jeff glared at Emily, “Well, if you’re so cleaver you think of something!”

“Well its simple isn’t it?” Emily said. The rest of the guys drew closer like children, listening to a story around a camp fire. Emily shared with them her plan, Undertaker looked at his daughter in shock and awe at the speed in which she had come up with such a detailed and callous plan. There was only one way that they could rid themselves of this problem.


After the plan had been set and arranged, they carried on as normal as they could. Well not really as a few of them were helpfully dismantling the ring and the rest were just standing around watching, after they had laid a few well placed cables.

The rookie cameraman appeared and John winked at Emily.

“Hey, dude, come here and help us will you?” Emily shouted, her voice was tainted with a slightly nervous tone.

He jogged casually towards the Emily. As he neared the ring Chris pulled on the well placed wire, it wound around the cameraman’s ankle like a constricting snake causing him to trip and fall heavily onto the front of his body.

His head disappeared under the ring, giving Cena, Undertaker, Kane and Jeff the chance to let the ring down clumsily onto the guys head. There was the audible sound of his skull crushing upon the impact. The blood was pouring from the mutilated face and head of the rookie cameraman. Now they had a corpse on their hands... and consciences.

“So, Emily, what do we do with him now?” asked a very shaken Jeff Hardy.
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