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I forgot

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It’s Devon’s fourth piece of cherry cheesecake. Man, that kid can eat.

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A/N: All I can say is I'm sorry. Sorry it's so short and I haven't updated frequently like I wanted. Basketball takes up so much of my time right now. Two games, twice a week, practice everyday except for Mondays. Two hours long. Then homework, dinner then sleep. But the season is almost over and I will get back to all of you. More chapters coming your way. Please bear with me here. I'm only a human being for Pete's sake. Sorry Pete. =} XOXOX ANDREA. =}

It’s Devon’s fourth piece of cherry cheesecake. Man, that kid can eat. “Man, I’m stuffed. What did you out into this pie?” Devon asked handing me the empty plate where his fourth piece sat.
“Oh, nothing special.” I smiled.
“Well, whatever it is I like it.” Devon grinned. Then he peered over at the clock that hung from a nail in the wall. “Shit, I have to go. I need to finish some stuff over in heaven.” Devon stood and Michael and I looked at him. “You know, paper work, unfinished documents. It’s not all gonna finish itself, you know.” Michael stood to lead him to the door when Devon stopped, and said, “I would like some cheesecake for the go. If I could.”
“Sure. Let me go get you some. If there is any left.” I giggled. He laughed.
I left to the kitchen and loaded what was left of the cheesecake into a Ziploc container and sealed the lid over it. I went back to the living room and handed the container to Devon. “Here you go. Don’t eat it all at once.” I joked.
“I’ll try not to.” He smiled and walked to the door. Michael opened it and Devon was halfway through when he stopped. “There’s a Christmas Party tonight. At my place. You can come if you want. You can bring Levi too.”
“Holy shit! It’s Christmas!? Are you serious?!” How come I didn’t remember? There’s snow and ice outside! I’m such and idiot!
“Yeah. You forgot?” Devon asked.
“Oh my gosh! I haven’t done any shopping or anything! Michael, we need to go.” I grabbed my Puma’s and leather bike jacket. “Can you take care of Levi, Devon? While we shop real quick?”
“Yeah, sure. The party starts at nine and ends at one.” He said. I nodded and Michael went to go get Levi.

Walking down the street looking for anything that might suit anyone on our quick Christmas list. Which consisted of Donna and Donald, Levi, Bob, Ray, Gerard, Lyn-Z and Bandit, Christa, Frank, Jamia and Devon.
I keep on walking. I pear into the store windows to find just anything that fits anyone on our list. I got tired after a while and gave up. I’m fast walking angrily up the crowded sidewalk. “Wait, babe. We’ll find something.” Michael jogs up to me. I just keep my eyes up. Then someone bumps into my making me have to turn my head to cuss him out. But as I finish up my string of insulting English I glance into a store window I’m stopped in front of. Just the perfect thing for Donna sat on fine polished oak. A China tea set. Intricate painted flowers embroider the plates, rims of the cups and bowls. The shiny sterling silver ware glistening as the light hit them.
“I found it.” I whispered to Michael and grab his hand and drag him into the store. There we find everyone else’s gifts. Donald, a Swiss pocket knife. Frank, a Hooters gift set of the hot wings and hot sauce to accompany the wings. Jamia, a new Nikon camera. Ray, new guitar strap. Christa, a hot chocolate set complete with four mugs shaped as snowmen. Bob, a How-To-Make-Smores set. As a joke though. Gerard, a sixty piece calligraphy set. Lyn-Z, some more ruby red lipstick. Bandit, a huge teddy bear. And Devon, a box of chocolates. And we just added Alexander, and his new Scrabble game board. After we were satisfied with the wrappings the cashier offered to do, we left and flew up into the sky. We found our way to Devon’s, but when we got there no one seemed to be home. There was a note on the door.
I’m at your mother’s, Michael.
Change of plans.


So we hauled all of the gifts back down to earth and drive all the way to Donna and Donald’s. I didn’t mind. I was just tired. Therefore a tad irritated.
We finally made it to our destination, and spotted everyone’s car in the drive way and parked at the curb of the Way’s house. We parked right behind Frank and Jamia.
Walking up the drive way I could hear laughter from family inside the house. I could hear music (Christmas carols preferably), and screaming from the children as their feet carried them around the house. I could see shadows waltzing around the living room where bright yellow light beamed at the curtains that closed off the sight of the room to the public. It was very chilly outside. I could see my breath in the darkness of the night. Michael was right next to me. Walking up the slick drive way.
I was just walking when my feet started to slide back down the drive way. Michael grabbed my coat immediately and pulled me back up. My breath hitched in my throat, but when I was safe in the hands of Michael I laughed. He just chuckled. A nervous chuckle, but still a hardy laugh. Just as we started walking again I lost my balance again and leaning back, flailing my arms about trying to grab something to hold onto and regain my composure. Just at that Michael grabbed my hand and pulled me back up again. “What’s wrong with you today?” He laughed.
“I don’t know.” I straightened up and walked the rest of the way with Michael behind me.
We entered the house and a gust of warm air hit us. It felt great. My face suddenly felt numb. From the cold to the warm Michael and I were ushered into the house by his mother. “Get in before you guys get sick.” She closed the door and helped up remove our heavy winter coats.
“I can’t really get sick, but it’s nice that you thought of it before hand.” I smiled. Donna just laughed.
“I forgot. I just like to take care of you. Once you were a mother of two teenagers you have to take care of everyone else.” She grinned and lead us to the kitchen where everyone was gathered around a candle lit dining table. Everyone was chatting away and laughing and smiling and having a good time. “Just take your seats and dig in. We kinda said grace without you.”
“It’s okay.” I smiled as Michael pulled out my chair and I sat. This was going to be a great night.
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