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My Next door Lover.

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Naoe and Takaya are neighbors who grew up together since they were kids. But Naoe doesnt know why suddenly his nextdoor neighbor became distant as they became adults.

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(12 years ago)

A little boy cried as he clung to the tree branch.

“What should I do? I don’t know how to climb down…” he began to wail when he saw the Sun completely disappeared under the horizon. Leaving him in darkness.

“Takaya-san~ Takaya-san~”

The boy name Takaya gasped as he recognized that voice.

“N-Nii-chan! Here! I’m here!”

Footsteps and then a flashlight blinded the boy.

“Takaya-san! There you are!”

The boy cried in happiness, “Naoe nii-chan! Help me!”

“What’s the matter? You can’t go down?”

“I’m scared. I can’t move my legs…”

The teenager took off his shoes and climbed up the large tree, “I’m coming to get you. Stay still.”

“Okay…” The boy was about to sigh a relief but then he heard a crack.

“Noo!” The branch he was sitting on is about to break. A loud snap and the boy fell, “AAAAH!”

“Takaya-san!” With a mighty leap, Naoe captured the boy in time and fell to the ground.
Then there was an agonizing pain at his back, “argh!”

Takaya, whose unharmed in Naoe’s embrace, gasped, “Nii-chan! What…oh no!”

Blood… there was blood seeping from Naoe’s shoulder and back. He landed on the sharp edge of the tree branch!

“T..Ta..kaya….take the flash light…and run to.. My brother is nearby…. Get him…I can’t...move…”, Naoe gritted his teeth from the unimaginable pain.

The boy nodded, not bothering to wipe his tears and did as what Naoe instructed.

Twenty minutes later, Naoe almost lost consciousness when his brother Teruhiro appeared beside him. He said something about the ambulance came and then a group of medics carefully put him on a stretcher. They laid him on his stomach because his back and left shoulders wounded pretty badly from the fall. There were a lot of noises, the head of the medical staff shouted a lot of orders and next thing he know, he’s at the back of an ambulance. He was ignorant of the tubes hanging from the ceiling - the saline, the antibiotics, the blood transfusion packets. They jangled as the truck race down the narrow streets of Matsumoto.

Only one thing was in Naoe’s mind, “how is Takaya-san?”

But none of the medics paid attention or heard his whisper. Thankfully his brother accompanied him in the truck, he gripped Naoe’s hand tightly, “Takaya-kun is alright. A bit frightened but auntie is taking care of him now.”

Naoe managed a nod and when he felt someone injected something into his arm, he fell unconscious.

(current time)

Takaya blinks and rubs his tired eyes, “so warm…”,

A pair of arms encircle around Takaya’s waist, the teen then snuggles closer.
“How adorable.” Naoe chuckles on top of his head.

Instantly the teenager screams and crawls away, “gyaaahhh!!! You!” he points to the other person in his bed whose not suppose to be there, “what the hell are you doing??”

Naoe smiles, “I wanted to give you a good morning kiss, but your sleeping face got me distracted. You were just so cute.”

Takaya scratches his head in annoyance until he saw the clock at his bedside table, “CRAP! I’M LATE!”

“Really? I turned off the alarm clock because I don’t want to wake you up so soon.” Naoe smiles again.

Takaya punch him and Naoe fell down the bed. "Aarrgh! It’s because of you that I’m in Chiaki-sensei’s black list!”

Naoe rubs his sore cheek with a silly grin, “so energetic this early morning like usual, that’s my cute Takaya-san alright.”

Takaya throw his pajamas at him after he’s done wearing his school uniform, “stop calling me cute! I’m not a girl!”

Naoe just laughs and sniffs the boy’s shirt.
What a psycho stalker, Takaya rolls his eyes. “How in the world did you entered my room? I swear I locked the windows with bolts!”

The older man stands up before tightening his already neat tie, “picking locks are easy.” Then he invades the boy’s personal space, “the only steel lock that I couldn’t undo is the one in your heart.” he purposely whispers into the boy’s ear, “when will you open up to me and be mine?”

Takaya’s answer is a kick at Naoe’s gut. "You pervert! Don’t do that!” Takaya blushes, covering his ear.

Naoe takes out his small book, “Takaya-san’s sensitive spot number 5, the left ear…”

“Damn you!” Takaya grabs his wrist watch, turn pale at the time and grabs his helmet, “what ever! I’ll throw away that book by the time I reach home. Don’t follow me!”
Naoe smiles and kiss his cheek, “have a safe trip.”

Takaya blush a darker red, grabs Naoe’s arm and throw him over his shoulder. Takaya’s mother shouted at the fleeing boy for breakfast but her son already far from earshot as he ran down the stairs and hop onto his bike outside.

Naoe, whose still on the floor, have love shape eyes.

“Ooh… Takaya-san, when you play rough, you’re like a cute tiger cub.”


Takaya parks his bike and ran to his class, “Crap! Crap! Crap! I’m super late!”

Just when he slide the door open, a chalk aim straight at him. “Oww!”

The deadly chalk hits right at the centre of his forehead.

“You’re late, Ougi.” His teacher spat. As if it’s the most heinous crime Takaya ever committed.

Takaya wishes he could punch that man, “I’m sorry, Sensei.”

“As your punishment, you’ll have a lunch date with me at my office. I’ll be giving you books to read as we discuss about the History of our country. ” Chiaki grins.
Takaya’s fist shivers in anger, “yes. Sensei.” He growls. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Good, you can take your seat now.”

Takaya rubs his sore forehead and take his seat. Damn teacher, despite his young looks, he’s one tyrannical sadist. For some reason, Chiaki Shuuhei kept finding faults on Takaya only.

While the rest of the class misunderstood Ougi is the teacher’s pet.

“This is all Naoe’s fault…” The boy grumbles.

“Ougi! How dare you not paying attention to my holy class?!” Chiaki grin and before Takaya knew it, another deadly chalk hits his forehead again.


The rest of the class laughs at his misfortune.


Naoe parks his black Mercedes at the VIP section.

“oh! Good morning Tachibana-san!” greets the female receptionist.

Naoe smiles, “Good morning.” and enters the elevator.

The people who exits the elevator, all turn heads. Especially the ladies.

The two receptionists sigh in awe after the elevator door slides close.

“Our boss looks so handsome today as usual.”

“True. I wonder if he’s still single?”

“Obviously he doesn’t wear a ring at this finger.”

“Does that mean I have a chance?”

“Go ahead, just a small warning though. Our boss is known for changing partners every week.”

“Really? He’s a player?”

“Yep. Naturally you didn’t know about this cause you’re new here.”


Up at his office, Naoe put down his briefcase and turn ON his laptop. He smiles when he saw the wallpaper of a smiling Takaya, age 13, at a beach displayed as his wallpaper.

Naoe and Takaya are childhood friends because their house is next to each other. However, with their eleven years gap, Takaya used to call him ‘big brother’. Naoe doted on the boy more than the boy’s younger sister Miya. The Ougi family had a financial problem several years ago, but thankfully the Tachibana next door helped them. Now, thanks to the kindness of the Tachibana, the Ougi didn’t have a divorce and recovered from his abusive and alcohol problem.

“Back then it was quite chaotic. Miya-chan was taken care of by my sister while I took care of her brother. Takaya-san used to followed me around and called me Nii-chan~” Naoe smiles at the memory.

He takes out his cell phone, flip it open and saw the wallpaper. Young Takaya sitting on his shoulders when the boy was 7 years ago. The Tachibanas invited the Ougis for a BBQ party near the beach. This picture was taken by Teruhiro, his brother.

Naoe reminisces at another memory, “aah…that night was raining hard with noisy thunder. Takaya-san stayed at my room after we returned home. Even when his mother came to pick him up, he was too afraid to go out. So we ended up sleeping together in my bed…”

“Nii-chan, I’m scared…I’m scared of the thunder.”

“It’s okay Takaya-san. I’m here with you.”

“Takaya-san clung to me tightly. We even took a bath together. His slender body and warmth and soft… soft hair makes me wana eat him!”

Then Naoe’s smile disappears, “But I wonder… why did Takaya became so distant from me?” Naoe sighs with teary eyes, “he used to be so cute and cuddly and followed me around! But ever since…. That time…”

“Nii-chan! Naoe Nii-chan!”

“Stand back Takaya-kun! The nurses are going to carry him into the ambulance.”

“Teruhiro-nii-san! Will Naoe-nichan gonna die? Will he?”

“He didn’t come to visit me at the hospital at that time. I wonder if the blood frightened him still.…”

There was a knock at the door. "Come in.”

“Seriously Naoe. If you say anymore, people will misunderstood and call you a pedophile.” His secretary remark as she enters his office.

“Oh, Haruhie..” Naoe put away his cellphone and sit down, “was I talking to myself out loud again?”

His secretary rolls her eyes, “you need to keep your inner muse to yourself or else the police will get you.”

Naoe chuckles.

She gave him the documents for today, “’cause you’re starting to sound more and more like a psycho pedophile.”

Naoe mock a shocked expression, “what are you saying? I’m just loving my Takaya-san. My sweet but feisty Tiger cub.”

Haruhie makes a sarcastic laugh, “no, seriously Naoe. We know that you’re pretty harmless… sometimes.” She shrugs at Naoe’s raised eyebrow at that comment, “AND we know how… enamored you are about a certain teenager…”

“Just say frankly that I’m in love with my neighbor’s son.”

“In lust is what Nagahide mentioned the other day. Look, what I’m saying is that other people don’t know that you’re… always like this…this sick puppy in love.”

“Who are you calling a puppy?”

Haruhie laughs, “Rumors will spread, Naoe. Nasty ones. I’m just warning you to behave more adult-like and not some fanatic girl stalking her idol singer.”

Naoe sighs, they’ve been having the same conversation or therapy session almost every Monday, “what do you want me to do? Date women? Already did that. I could hardly pay attention to what they said! I kept comparing them to Takaya-san’s beauty and charisma!”

“Date a decent woman once in a while. Those broads were only after your money.”
Naoe sighs, “it’s useless Haruhie. I’m not Gay but I’m only interested in this boy. This wonderful child who acts tough but deep inside he’s quite vulnerable and wish to be held protectively…”

Naoe did dated a number of women the past few years, to no avail. He always break up with them because he couldn’t forget about the boy. It’s funny that he doesn’t want to have a relationship with a man, except with his Takaya-san. But there’s no way Takaya-san look at him in a romantic way. The boy is too innocent for that. Come to think of it, Takaya began to stay away from Naoe ever since… that accident...

Out of habit, he caresses his left shoulder.

Haruhie has been his friend since they were in school. Back then she was a he. Not many knew of his secretary’s gender secrets.

“What’s the matter? Does it hurt again?”

Naoe’s smile looks wistful and shakes his head, “nah. I just feel numb here.”

The scars on his back will remain etched on his back like a tattoo. He can still remember Takaya’s tearful expression back in the house after he was release from Hospital. The boy looked like he was the one who suffered the massive fall. Since then Takaya hardly touch Naoe’s hand or come over to play.

Off course, Naoe didn’t mind the scar. It is a small price in exchange for Takaya’s safety.


Finally, school is over and Takaya can head home.

“Ougi-kun! Ougii-kuuun~”

He sighs and kept on walking.

“You bastard! I said stop!”

“Sigh…. what do you want, Morino?”

“It’s about Narita-kun!”

“Oh, him. What about it?”

Saori slaps him across the shoulder, “were you blind? Where is Narita-kun? Why is he absent today?”

Takaya sighs loudly, today is just not his day. “Yuzuru is sick and have to stay in bed for 2-3 days.”

Saori immediately brightens up, “oh really? Does that mean you’re on your way to visit him? What about the notes for today? Are you going to give them to him?”

“No I’m not. I already went to his house yesterday. Yuzuru is fine, he just have the nasty cough to recover from. Now move out of my way, Morino.”

Saori shakes her head and grabs his arm in a tight clutch, “accompany me to the shopping centre tomorrow!”


“Obviously a girl like me can’t just waltz into Narita-kun’s house! What will the neighbor say about me? So I need you to come with me! I’m sure the neighbors will recognize you!”

“What the hell?”

“I want you to accompany me to buy some fruits for Narita-kun before we go to his house together!” She giggles, “A guest shouldn’t come empty handed. Okay Ougi-kun? Be sure to wait for me after school, okay?”

“No, it’s not okay! Oi!” Takaya shouts to the retreating girl.

“It’s a promise! If you dare to leave me behind, I’ll seriously harm your bike!” she shouts before entering the school again. Leaving behind a dumbfounded Takaya near the gate.

“Sighs… there she goes again. Selfishly having her way with people.” Takaya grumbles on his way to his bike, put on his helmet and speed off to home.

Unaware that a 28 year old man eyed him from behind the school gate.

“My…My sweet honey pumpkin Takaya-san…will go…on a date with a girl???” Naoe sobs then blow his nose, “I won’t allow it! Takaya-san! I’ll protect your virginity even if it’s the last thing I’ll do!” he shouts to the air and cackles.

The passer-by students steps further away from this strange man. His long black trench coat and laughter makes him look like a classic evil villain.


That night.


Takaya jumps from his seat, “gyaargh!”

Naoe smiles and close the window after he climbed in.

"You! Stop doing that! And use the front door like a normal person for God’s sake!” Takaya grumbles and tidy up his messy bedroom. Embarrassed to let Naoe see his scattered magazine on bikes and automobile parts.

“Oh, but it’s closer and more convenient to meet you by just crossing over our balconies.”

“Someday one of the neighbors will call the police because they thought you’re a burglar.”

Naoe laughs and sits on Takaya’s bed, “off course that won’t happen. All their daughters know me.”

Takaya shakes his head, damn womanizer.

“So? What are you doing here? What do you want?”

Naoe feel like massaging the boy’s forehead or else Takaya may have a monobrow, frowning too much, “I was wondering if you’re free tomorrow.”

Takaya tenses up before he turns his back on him.

Naoe knew this habit of the teenager but he went ahead on asking the question, “are you free tomorrow? Would you like to try out the new restaurant downtown?”

There was a pause before Takaya reply, “um… sorry. I need to go… um, somewhere.”

Naoe pretends he didn’t know that and asks, “oh really? Where?”

Another pause, “Um, Yuzuru is sick. And I’m going to his house after school to check up on him.”

“Is that so?” actually Naoe knew Takaya already visited Yuzuru-san yesterday, “What a pity. I hope he gets well soon.”

Naoe purposely asked the question because he wants to see if Takaya will tell him about his date with that girl in pigtails. Now that Takaya obviously lie to him about meeting the girl, Naoe became unhappy and really jealous. So Takaya rather go spend some time with the girl and not him?

“Can I come along?”

Takaya gasps and finally swivel his chair to face the man. Only to gasps louder when Naoe stands right infront of him. Naoe lower his head and grip the boy’s chin, staring at those green orbs. Takaya stare back at Naoe’s dark purple eyes in return. He blushes at the proximity of their face.

“Can I come along..” he repeats, "to visit Narita-kun? It has been awhile I haven’t seen him. So I was wondering if---‘


Naoe stops in his tracks.

'“Um, I meant...” Takaya fakes a cough, “Yuzuru’s mom is quite a worrywart so probably she wouldn’t like too many people crowding around her son…”
Actually I don’t think Morino will ever shut up if I brought along Naoe. She'll yell at me about not giving her a chance to be alone with Yuzuru. Takaya thought to himself.

“I see…” Naoe straightens his back and exits the room through the window, “I shall take my leave then.”

“Um, okay.” Takaya feels awkward. Naoe must be pretty upset for not saying anything and just leave.

Naoe look back at the teenager.


“Nothing. Good night.”

“Yeah, night.”

And the window slides close.

Unknown to Naoe, Takaya touch his chin and neck. He can still feel Naoe’s fingers there.

Closing his eyes and not caring about how red he blushed, “Naoe…”


The next day, after school.

“You’re late!!” Saori impatiently taps her foot like a spoiled child.

“Will you pipe down? You’re so annoying.” Takaya stretches his arms in the air and yawns.

“If only you don’t have to re-sit one of the tests, then we could have gone to Narita-kun’s house sooner!”

“Well excuse me, who was it that insisted we go shopping and visit Narita-kun together?” Takaya mimics Saori’s voice.

Saori slaps his across the shoulder again, “oh just shut up and get going.”

“Yes, my Queen.” He mocks a bow before the Queen of Hearts.

Saori drags Takaya across the busy streets of Matsumoto and enters a fruit shop market. Unknown to them, a suspicious man in a long black trench coat, hat, glasses and masks follows them.

Several shops later...

“Oookay, you bought your fruit basket. You bought a number of unnecessary items and stuffs which I don’t think Yuzuru needed because he already has them. Now, why the hell are we at a florist shop?”

“Silly!” Saori laughs, “to get some flowers off course. I want to give Narita-kun the prettiest bouquet with my lovely handwritten message ‘Get well Soon!’”

Takaya roll his eyes at her dreamy sigh, struggling to carry the humongous fruit basket. Basically he became her slave to carry her stuffs.

The man wearing shades, mask and hat is none other than Naoe. He follows the two teenagers at a distance, unfortunately he’s a bit too far from hearing shot. So all he could see is Saori and Takaya talking and laughing at each other.

Off course what actually occured is Takaya and Saori bickering and arguing at each other.

“Oho, isn’t this Tachibana Yoshiaki? Or should I call you by your nick name, Naoe?”
Naoe gasps and turn around, only to be pinned to the wall by a man who wears purple lipstick.


“The one and only.” The guy wears make up, tight purple top and leather pants with matching leather boots.

“What do you want?”

Kosaka grins, “You.”

Naoe forcefully release himself from Kosaka’s hold on his wrists, “stop fooling around!”
The other man chuckles, “come now. I was only joking.”
Naoe can feel the odd gazes from the nearby people. Imagine, two grown man who seems to be rubbing against each other on the wall.

“And take several steps away from me, your perfume is suffocating.” Naoe pinch his nose.
Kosaka naturally ignore his demands and hugs Naoe close. He knew this action annoys Naoe further, “what were you looking at?”

Naoe sighs in annoyance and try to push him off, “that is none of your business.”

“Were you pursuing after your unrequited love again?” Kosaka purrs.
People passing by are starting to whisper at each other about these two suspicious looking men.

“Eew, are they perverts? Get a room already.”

Naoe heard one of the girls whisper to her friend. He has enough of this man who could never get over their rivalry from school days. Kosaka hates Naoe to the core because Naoe always beat him in terms of looks, brains and money. Ever since Kosaka found out that his rival has an interest on a teenager 10 years younger from the man, he never stop picking on Naoe even after they graduated college.

Well, Naoe can play the stubborn game too. Even if it means some rough plans need to be executed. “Kosaka.”

“Yes, Naoe?”

Nuzzle. Nuzzle.

Naoe is repulse at the nuzzling and immediately grabs Kosaka’s arm before throwing the unexpected adult over his shoulder like what Takaya did to him the morning before. Finally Kosaka stop grinning when he’s thrown 180 degree in the air and landed hard on the floor.

Naoe release his grip and pick up his hat which fell to the floor, “I need to thank Takaya-san for that technique.”

"Ooww…” Kosaka groans on the floor.

“Serves you right.” Naoe grins and turn to scan the florist shop for any familiar attractive youth.

Only to see none.

“Oh no! I lost track of them!”

Naoe left Kosaka and ran down the streets of Matsumoto. “Takaya-san~ ~ where are you??”



The door opens and Yuzuru's face lit up, "oh hey! Welcome. Sorry for the mess. My mom’s out to get me some food.”

“Sorry for the trouble!” Saori blush and bows deeply.

Yuzuru laughs and urges them in, “actually you two are the last batch to arrive.”
Takaya blinks, “last?”

Yuzuru nods as they past the kitchen, “the others came about an hour ago. Everyone is so nice.”

Saori mentally berates herself, “arrgh! The other girls already took the chance to get close with my Narita-kun?!”

At the livingroom, a group of 8-9 people wearing the same school uniform cheers when they saw Yuzuru coming back with Takaya and Saori. The two were most surprise to see Chiaki-sensei comfortably chilling on one of the comfy couches.

"Now we have two more of my kiddies,” Chiaki grins.

“Woohoo! Let’s have a party!” cheers Maki and the rest of the boys.

“Hey, who would have the thought the tyrannical class president is here?” laughs Nakajima.

“Who are you calling tyrannical?” Saori throws a pineapple at Nakajima, who expertly caught it, thanks to him from the Basketball club.

“I knew Takaya-kun will come, he’s Yuzuru’s boyfriend after all!” one of the girls laughs.

Takaya roll his eyes, “boyfriend?”

Yuzuru almost drop the tea cup, “what are you saying?!”

The girls all laughs, except for one of them. Her name is Sayuri and she kept staring at Takaya with a pink face.

“Now don’t just stand there, come here and sit with us. We got beer.” Chiaki laughs.

“Are you sure you’re our teacher?” Takaya shakes his head and sits down at the table.

To his surprise, the girls force Sayuri to sit next to him. They kept pushing the shy girl until Sayuri accidentally fell on top of Takaya.

“Oh, Oh my God! I’m so sorry Ougi-san!”

The boys cheers noisily, “woohoo! Way to go, Ougi!”

“Guys, shut up!” Takaya helps Sayuri to sit, “are you okay?”

Sayuri blushes redder and feel around the floor, “um… my glasses...”

Takaya found it under the table and put it on her, “here.”

Sayuri look up at Takaya as he put on her glasses.

Takaya saw her face without the glasses and remarks without thinking, “hey, you’re actually kinda cute.”

The boys cheers again, “aww! We have a couple!”

“Get the champagne! Let’s have a party for the newly wed!”

Sayuri blushes like an apple and ran off to the toilet.

“Aww, go chase after her Ougi!” Maki shouts.

Takaya wrestles Maki to the floor, “will you shut up? She obviously didn’t like that!”
Nakajima and Tadashi laughs.

"Seriously, you boys don’t understand how a girl felt!” Saori huffs and went to get Sayuri who locks herself in the toilet.


When Yuzuru’s mother returns, she was surprise to find the half of the class flooded their livingroom.

Yuzuru apologizes for their mess. Mrs. Narita announces that since everyone is here, why not they have dinner together. The boys and girls cheers excitedly. Good thing the Naritas have a large dining table so everyone has a place to sit. The girls helped Mrs. Narita to cook and when everything is ready, they all sit down to eat.

Saori swiftly took a seat next to Yuzuru’s. However she was hardly given any attention from Yuzuru because the teenager was talking animatedly with their Chiaki-sensei.

The girls again forced Sayuri to seat next to Takaya, just as how the boys force Takaya to seat next to Sayuri. They even purposely sat a few chairs apart to give them some ‘private space’. Much to Takaya’s annoyance and Sayuri’s embarrassment.

Takaya was mentally grateful that Naoe is not here. Or else he will make a huge fuss about his female classmate and etc. Naoe is so overprotective that even the tiniest hints will make him explode. Takaya isn’t sure what will Naoe do since the whole of their classmate got the impression that he and Sayuri is a couple.

“Mrs. Narita. I have something to tell you and to the whole my students here.” Chiaki announces after dinner.

“What is it, Sensei?”

“It’s almost the season of Spring. What better way to enjoy the last weeks of Winter other than going to a Rotenburo Hot Spring?”

The boys all became excited, “Sensei! Are you saying that….”

Chiaki nods, “lets have a getaway to an Onsen trip!”


The girls all became excited too because it is believe that the hot waters are good for having smooth skin. Sayuri eavesdrop on their conversation and a mental resolution set in her mind. She looks up at Takaya’s bored expression and made up her mind. Maybe the hotspring trip is her best chance?

Takaya blinks as he take in the news. “A hotspring trip huh?”


The night before the trip.

“NOooooo~ I wont allow it!!”

Takaya roll his eyes as he packs his stuffs in his bag, “give it up Naoe. My parents already gave me the OK sign.”

The older man dramatically has spotlight casted on him, “an Onsen trip? Why would the whole class need to go to Kyoto and bath at that place rather than the ones we have in Matsumoto! This is absurd!”

Takaya shakes his head, “come on, its only for 2 or 3 days.”

Naoe blow his nose into his handkerchief, “but how can I guarantee your safety in Kyoto? What if the bus capsizes? What if there’s a bear on the loose? What if that Onsen house is haunted??”

“Naoe, seriously, you’re thinking too much.” A bear on the loose?

“I’ll come along!”

“No way.” Takaya grabs Naoe by the collar, like how someone picks up a poodle and throws him outside his window, “now get out and stay out. I need to sleep early for tomorrow’s trip.”
Naoe howls on Takaya’s balcony outside like a stray puppy, “Takaya-san~ ~”


When dawn approaches, Takaya blinks his eyes open. He feels sad because he dreamt about that accident in the forest where Naoe rescued him. He shakes his head but smiles, “He’s a selfless bastard… and yet he’s one big pervert.” Then his smile falters when he remembers the scars across Naoe’s back.

Takaya winces and bit his lip, “It was all my fault.”
Shaking his head to get a grip on his emotions, Takaya quickly change his clothes and exits his room with his back pack.


The next week.

Naoe returns home from work with dark clouds hovering above him. Up in his room, Naoe blindly reads the report given by Haruhie this morning. She scolded him for not finishing any of his jobs the past two days and ordered him to go home and rest. All Naoe could think about is his Takaya-san.

His cell phone rings and Naoe flipped it open without looking at the number, “Hait, Tachibana-dess.”

“Naoe, are you busy now? ”

Naoe gasps and stare at the number in the screen, “T-Takaya-san?” all sense of formality and business manner disappears like smoke.

Takaya chuckles, “what? You sounded like you’ve heard a ghost.”

“Takaya-san! When did you return home? I swear I checked the computers at the Train station about your…oops..”

"I’ll pretend not to hear that you just hacked the computer system at the train station to search what time will my return time will be.” Takaya tries to sound train angry but Naoe can hear the amusement from his voice. “I’ve just came home. My mom said to invite you for dinner at our house. Would you come over?”

“Oh I see, off course."

“I’m unpacking my stuffs now. See you later at 7pm." Then Takaya ends the call.

Naoe stares at his cellphone and then at his window where he can see Takaya's window. Their houses are so near to each other that someonce can actually see what the other person is doing in their room (if he or she didn’t close their curtains) In the speed of lightning, Naoe appear at Takaya’s balcony and pick the lock of the window.

He doesn’t have to because Takaya opens the window for him.

“Sighs, didn’t I tell you to use the front door?”

“Takaya-san...” Naoe cries in joy staring at the teenager all in one piece with no missing limb or injuries.

Takaya turns around and fish around his bag, “anyway, its good that you come over so soon. I bought some souvenirs for and your brothers too… it’s nothing extravagant. Cuz, you know, I’m always broke and stuffs…”

“I told you, you can use my GoldCard to pay off your bike loans.”

“No thanks, it’s a man’s job to finish a job that he started.”

Naoe sits on Takaya’s bed, anxious, “so, um. How was the trip?” What he really wanted to ask was how many girls groped his cute butt!

“Oh, the waters was nice and I felt refreshed. Saori was annoying like usual but turned out she and Nakajima acts like a pair of husband and wife.” Takaya chuckles. “Chiaki-sensei orders me around like I’m his slave. For some odd reason, he never left Yuzuru’s side.”

Naoe nods as he takes in the details at his notebook.

Takaya then remembers Sayuri, “and oh yeah, I got a confessed by a girl.”

Naoe instantly snaps the pen in his hand into two, “what??”

Takaya shrugs, “she was shy and cute. I was surprise when she approached me after dinner and confessed.”

Naoe’s tears flooded the floor, “cute? Shy? That girl?”

Takaya nods, “but I rejected her.”

Naoe gasps, “huh?”

The younger man looks away, hoping his blush isn’t obvious, “I told her that I already have someone I like. So off course I can’t go out with her.”

Something in Naoe snaps.


His Takaya-san.

Already has someone…he likes?

His Takaya-san already has someone he likes other than Naoe?

Takaya continues to talk about the trip until he felt a shadow looms over him. He gasps when he saw this look from Naoe’s face. “N-Naoe?”

Takaya is pushed down to the floor as Naoe seal their lips together. It was a rough kiss.

Brutal and frightening. Takaya struggles to get oxygen and pushes Naoe’s broad shoulders away, “stop!”

Naoe pulls back and stares down at the teenager with eyes like a wolf. Sharp like the tip of a dagger. His face was unreadable. Like the calm before a storm.

It’s like staring at a different person.

“No! stop!” Takaya struggles as Naoe kiss his neck and unzip his pants, “what are you doing??”
Naoe whispers into his left ear, “tone down your voice or else Miya-chan will hear you.”
His voice is so cold and emotionless. Who is this man?!

"Let me go! My mom will come up soon-- mnnh! No!” Naoe rips Takaya’s T-shirt, “Naoe!” Takaya froze when he saw Naoe's face. He's...he's angry.... Naoe is mad at me...

Naoe silence him with a deep kiss. Takaya pants after the kiss and moans involuntarily when Naoe pull off his jeans and mouths his arousal. Naoe ignores his cries and continue to pleasure the boy with his tongue and fingers. Takaya covers his mouth from moaning out loud.

A few hours later, both of them on Takaya’s bed. Naoe passionately embrace the boy again and again. It was like a seductively sweet nightmare. Takaya felt good but at the same time frightened of this side of Naoe. The older man never lets him go, he pleasures the boy and thrusts into that sweet heat over and over. There was blood, because Naoe wasn’t careful.

Takaya felt that the night never ends.


There’s a knock at the door.

Takaya gasps, "it’s mom!"

Naoe smoothly grabs his red tie somewhere above Takaya’s head (it was thrown there in the midst of struggling and disrobing) and tie the teenager’s wrists to the bed posts.

“Takaya? Takaya, dinner is ready.”

Takaya wanted to shout but Naoe silence him again with an open mouth kiss.
“Do you wish your mother to see you like this?” Naoe whisper into his ears a few hard breaths later.

Takaya’s tears drip down his face as he shakes his head.

Naoe licks the tears away before geting off the bed. Buttoning his white office clothes, then answers the door.

“oh! Yoshiaki-kun! I didn’t know you were in there. When did you came in?”

Naoe smiles his professional smile, keeping the door open only enough for to see him and not Takaya on the bed behind him.

“I came in by climbing across our balconies like usual. Old habits can die hard indeed.”

“Oh, hahaha. Yes. Just like you were kids. Now,” She try to step into the room but Naoe hardly budge from his position of leaning against the door frame, “um, where’s Takaya?”

“Unfortunately he’s fallen asleep, . The trip back from Kyoto must be an arduous one.” Naoe smiles sympathetically.

“Oh, I see.” She believes Naoe’s lie and steps back to the stairs, “oh well. Guess I have to put away Takaya’s share of dinner until he wakes up then. What about you, Yoshiaki-kun? Will you join us?”

“That’s alright . I’ll wait for Takaya-kun so that we can have dinner together.”

“Alright then, if you need anything, do call.”


Then Naoe closes the door as she descends the steps.

He look at the boy on the bed.

“How beautiful.” He came closer to caress Takaya’s inner thigh.

Takaya turn his head away.

“Look at me, Takaya-san. Tonight, you are mine. I will never give you to anyone. Not to that girl in pigtails and not to any other men as well.”

Takaya gasps, “girl…in..pigtail?”

“Now no need to pretend you don’t know what I’m saying. I meant the girl you went to the florist shop last week.”

“Huh? But that’s Morino--- ah!”

Takaya lost his words as Naoe lifts his legs and enters him again. Reclaiming his luscious body with passion.

“I won’t allow you to speak of another woman’s name. I only want to hear you call out my name. I’ll pleasure you until you became a mindless sex doll. A doll that has my name branded on it. Mine. Takaya-san, you are mine.”

Takaya moans because he could do nothing but to succumb to the pleasure. He could hear only Naoe’s words beside his ear. Words he couldn’t comprehend. The only words he understood was Naoe calling his name endlessly.

Takaya’s tears drips down his cheek, in which Naoe kiss it.


The next day, Naoe (lust no longer control his mind) wakes up and saw what he had done. Takaya’s wrist is bound together by his neck tie. He quickly undoes it.
To his shock, Takaya is awake. But his eyes are empty. Like looking through a foggy green glass. No longer the beautiful Emerald eyes Naoe used to jerk off to.

“T-Takaya-san…Takaya-san… can you hear me?”

The boy cowers away from Naoe’s touch. He uses his injured wrists to cover his face.

“Takaya-san, please don’t cry…”


“I beg your pardon?”

Takaya croaks, “do you… still hate… me?”

Naoe gasps, “no! why should I?!”

Takaya continue to refuse staring at him, “liar…you do hate me…”

“No Takaya-san! I never hated you!”

“Then…” Takaya suppress a sob, “why…did you do that?”

Naoe felt someone stab his heart. “Ta.....Takaya-san…please believe me that I… I embrace you because I love you.”


“Please believe me.” Naoe pleads desperately. He knows he doesn’t have the right to plead, after what he did to his beloved.

“You don’t have to pretend, Naoe.” Takaya looks away and slowly sits up, “I know that you act all kind and nice to me because of your obligatory. You don’t have to waste your time caring for me. I’m a grown man now. You don’t have to rescue me if I fall off the tree. I can call the ambulance myself.”


“I know you hated me because of that accident.”


“That time when I fell off the branch. You didn’t have to rescue me! Now look at you! You almost broke your shoulder bone back then! Those scars will never fade!” Takaya ignores the tears wetting his cheeks, “I know you hated me Naoe, ever since that day! And now you have your revenge. You ra---- forced me. Satisfied now? If you are, then please leave.”

Takaya weakly get out of bed but Naoe stops him by embracing him from behind. “Please let me go!”

“No! Takaya-san! Please listen to me!”

Takaya stay still but refuses to look back.

“I… I am sorry for taking you… I was… jealous when you said you have someone you like. I know it’s your life to date any girl your age but…. But the thought of you dating someone other than me makes me so mad… so last night… I just… snapped… but… but I did not regret embracing you, Takaya-san. I do, however, regretted taking you so roughly… ”

“Bastard.” Takaya wipes his tears, “why won’t you ever listen to me first? That girl you saw with me is Morino Saori! Remember Morino?”

Naoe blinks. Then he gasps like a Goldfish.

“Yes! I meant THAT Morino Saori! Next time get your eyes check, Naoe. Because I think you need glasses.”

Now it’s Naoe’s turn to cover his face in shame, “what have I done…I thought…the person you like…is that Yuzuru-stalker.” Then he snap his attention back to Takaya, “then you’re saying, if Morino is not the girl you like, then who? Who is the one you love that you rejected that confession at the Hotspring.”

Takaya blush deep red and look away.

“Shut up! It’s none of your business. I hate you, I don’t want to see you for awhile! Look at what you did to me! I should call the police for this!”

“No! Takaya-san! Its because I’ve been yearning to hold you…. So I kinda got carried away…” Naoe explains lamely.

“Don’t lie. I know how much you hated me.”

“I never hated you.”

“Liar! Its because of me that you almost died!”


“The accident fall back in the forest! Remember? We were playing hide and seek but stupid me climbed up a tall tree and was too scared to climb down.”

“But I didn’t, see?” Naoe spread his arms as if to show that he’s physically alive “I’m here now! Alive and healthy!”

Takaya shakes his head, refusing to look at Naoe’s honest eyes. “I always bring bad luck, someday in the future you’ll get hurt again. Maybe not an ambulance will come to you but from the morgue! So please stay away from me from now on.”

“Please don’t look down on me Takaya-san. Actually I’m stronger than you think.” Naoe tap his chest proudly.

“Please don’t tempt fate! I don’t… I don’t want to see you bathed in your blood again!” Takaya hold his head in anguish, “Its so frightening! I thought you’ll die. Naoe nii-chan will die was what I thought when the ambulance came and carry your lifeless body on the stretch…er...”

Naoe cups the boy’s face kiss him deeply. Takaya at first struggles but gives in, this is Naoe. The man he secretly yearns for. Naoe release the kiss and held the boy’s head near his heart. Allowing Takaya to hear his heartbeat.


Takaya hears the sound of Naoe’s heartbeat.

“I’m here. I’m alive. I’m breathing.”

Takaya covers his mouth from sobbing.

“It will be inevitable in the future for me to be injured or hurt. But I will not die that easily. In order to protect you, give me all you got, I won’t fall.”

“Do not tempt fate, Naoe.” Takaya said again. Hugging the older man close. “you’re still human. Not a God.”

The boy hugs him close, Naoe caress the black gloss of hair soothingly.

“If only you listen to me and leave me alone. Then… then I will be able to bury these feelings of mine. Then you wouldn’t have to know…damn it…”

“Takaya-san… what are you…”

Takaya kisses him softly.

“I…the reason why I rejected Sayuri’s confession is because I’m in love with this bastard.
This man who never know when to quit. When to stop entering my room every night to sleep in my bed. This bastard who knows when I’m lying or when I needed his help the most. This bastard whose such a bastard that he would even take the injury twice of what he had just…to…protect…me….”


“The one I love…is you … damn it.”

Naoe had to cock his head slightly to hear the tiny voice of confession.

“Ever since you rescued me from that fall, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. But I couldn’t forgive myself that you have those scars permanently. Its not fair that you were hurt while I was the one who stupidly fall…” Takaya covers his mouth from crying.

Naoe cups his face up so that they stare at each other’s eyes, “Takaya-san… is this why you kept your distance from me?”

The boy turns his eyes away and nods.

Naoe grasps the boy’s chin and lift it up so that they stare at each other’s eyes,

“Takaya-san, did you know what I thought of these scars?”

Takaya wince and casts his eyes down.

“They are like a battle’s scar. It gives me the right to brag at my brothers and friends that
I rescued my beloved with just a few scratches on my back.”

Takaya shakes his head, “you broke your arm.”

Naoe lifts the said arm easily, “all patched up and working well now.”

“Baka..” he calls Naoe with an endearing tone.

Naoe smiles and kiss the boy’s forehead, “please stop blaming yourself, Takaya-san. You may find these scars hideous, but I like them. Isn’t it like a physical proof of my love to you?”

Takaya gasps, his tears flow down again.

Naoe chuckles and wipes the tears dry, “yes, I love you too Takaya-san.”

“Naoe…” And the boy cried in his arms. He finally feels like the burden in his heart disintegrate and disappears.


They make love a few more times that morning.

To Naoe’s pleasant surprise, Takaya is such an active participant in bed, although at first he was shy and awkward in his moves.

Good thing it’s a Sunday, so none of the Ougis care to come up and wake Takaya up from his “slumber” because they thought he’s tired from yesterday’s trip.

This gives the new couple some more fun time alone.

Together in each other’s arms. No more misunderstandings between them.

“Oh, I need to set some rules here. Naoe.”

“What is it, Takaya-san?”

“I want you to break up with allll of your girlfriends by tonight. Including that secretary of yours.”

Naoe blinks, “Secretary? You mean, Haruhie?”

Takaya’s eyebrow twitch, “oh how nice. You two are already calling each other by your first names? While you still call my name with a suffix?!”

Naoe cowers at the corner from the looming murderous figure on the bed, “no! no, off course not Takaya-san! Haruhie is just an old friend.”

“Friend, right.” Takaya cross his arms on his chest.

Naoe forgot that Takaya too can be scary when he’s jealous or very angry.

“I’ll buy you a collar chain, this mutt needs to know whom he belongs to.” Takaya smirks. “and maybe I should buy some leather, whip, candles and cuffs. You like to play rough right? Well, two can play that game. I do, off course, prefer you to be tied up…Naoe…”

Naoe’s scream can be heard across Matsumoto town.

Who would have thought that his next door lover is a sadist? And a Dom?!

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