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Sweet Escape

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'she turned so she was lying on her stomach and whispered, "One of the advantages of being fun-sized!" she kissed me on the tip of the nose'

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A/N: Okay as its valentine's day it's going to heat up in this chapter! FINALLY! So yeah, enjoy!

Gerard's POV

Rhi shuddered violently, the cold, wet t-shirt was getting to her and we were still trapped in my room. I went to my wardrobe and found a top and gave it to her, before running to the en-suite and getting a towel. She took off her wet shirt, not even bothering to turn her body away from me. She started to towel dry her torso before turning around, to what I guessed was sort out her bra. She put the dry t-shirt on and turned to face me, her eyes flitting around the room.
"I've got an idea!" she smirked, jumping up onto my bed. "Does this window open?" She asked, trying to reach the small privacy window that was the source of light into my room, even though it was dusk now.
"Yeah..." I said uneasily, I didn't think I would like her plan.
"Give me a boost!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me up so I was standing on the bed too. I put my hands around her waist and lifted her slender frame upwards, she unlatched the window and began to climb through the small hole, legs first, she turned so she was lying on her stomach and whispered, "One of the advantages of being fun-sized!" she kissed me on the tip of the nose before sliding out the window. I heard an 'Oof!' as she lightly hit the ground. "I'll come rescue you!" she shouted in a hushed tone.

I sat down on the bed and waited, swinging my legs. Soon enough, the door was unlocked and she stepped in quietly smiling, her hands behind her back.
"Ta Da!" she sighed and did jazz hands, silently laughing
"You're a genius!" I whispered picking her up in my arms and spinning around. I kissed her on the cheek and she kissed mine, holding longer than I did; she pulled back and smiled before wriggling out of my arms and running to my desk where my sketchbook sat, she opened it to the painting of the woods.
"I want you to take me there. We can hide there." She whispered. I nodded and picked up my sketch book and my art box, a blanket, a torch and two hoodies, one for me, one for her. "Thanks!" she smiled and put on Iron Maiden hoodie I had given her. We quietly slipped out the door of my room she quickly locked it and we slipped out the back door, over the next door neighbours fence and into the woods.


"Stay still!" I placed my hands on Rhi's shoulders and kept her still before going back to drawing her sitting in the woods. She moaned and laid down on the blanket, staring at the moon-lit tree tops, star-gazing. Her pale skin looked pure in the moonlight; her dark lashes showed as she closed her eyes and began to hum to herself, her eyelids were covered with liquid eyeliner at the lashes and pale pinky/purple eyeshadow covering the remainder, the only other part of her face that wasn't white was her red lips, slightly parted as she inhaled through them.

I placed the sketch book down and silently moved closer to her. I placed one hand on the ground the other side of her face and put my other hand on her cheek. Her eyes slowly opened, surprised by how close I was to her.
"Rhi" I sighed and pressed my lips to her full, warm lips. Automatically her body shifted, one hand went to my cheek, the other to my back, pressing me closer to her. I pulled back and opened my eyes to judge her face, she was smiling and lent upward to kiss me, I pushed her head back lightly so it was against the ground. My tongue moved along her smooth bottom lip, asking for entry, her lips parted and our tongues danced together, a moan escaped from her throat into my mouth as I rolled us over so she was on top of me. She placed both hands on either cheek and deepened the kiss, my hands moved down her body. I moaned as her right hand moved to my chest. I moved my lips to her ear "Do you know how long I've waited to do this?" I whispered. She kissed my cheek and whispered "First day of college?" her cool breath against my skin made me go mental, I took her face in my palm and guided her mouth back to mine. I moaned again as our tongues danced.

We stayed in our happy place for a while.

"There you guys are! Oh urm-" Quickly, to my despair, Rhi was off of me. We straightened up but Frank had already seen. He was a shade of red but nothing compared Rhi's cheek colour. I collected out stuff and stood up, following Frank back to the house.

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