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Bitter Ends and New Beginnings

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The Crue goes on a tour to McGhee's studio goes on support acts for the band Kiss.

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No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to keep my eyes off of Nikki's new date. Mick followed my gaze onto Nikki's girl. He gave me a rather sad smile and whispered in my ear, "I guess Nikki has a new girl already, hm? He never seems to last very long with any of them. I bet he'll have broken up with this one by the end of our trip to Vegas." I shrugged and tried to act like I could care less about Nikki's girlfriend, "You never know with Nikki. His girlfriends always seem to get prettier and prettier though. Don't you think?" Mick scrutinized the pretty blonde barbie doll woman in Nikki's arms carefully before shaking his head, "Nah. She's not pretty to me. The only girl I want is you. No other girls seem pretty to me when you're around."
I felt my face heat up and I looked down at my shoes. Mick could be so sweet. He always seemed to know the perfect things to say to me. Looking behind me, I could see Vince looking forlornly at Nikki and his girl and Mick and me. I could definitely see jealously in his eyes. Perhaps this was the first time Vince had gone on a trip without a girlfriend to follow behind him? I didn't really feel sorry for Vince though. No doubt he would pick up some girl while we were in Vegas. After all, Vegas is known as the "City of Sin", right? It was the perfect place to find easy dates.
Nikki's door opened once more and Tommy tromped outside, lugging three heavy-looking suitcases behind him. His hair was disheveled, his clothes were rumpled, and his eyes were still half shut. It looked like he had just gotten up. Nikki and his new girlfriend approached me. I felt an unease as I looked at this new supermodel woman. Compared to her, I probably looked like shit.
"Hey there, guys!" Nikki waved at the three of us cheerily. I waved back half-heartedly. Having a new girlfriend always seemed to raise Nikki's mood up a couple of notches. It was as if each new girl was a new toy to play with. Nikki ignored my dismal expression and continued, "I don't think any of you have met my new girlfriend yet. Everyone, meet Lita Ford. Lita, this is Mick, Vince, and Amy. Amy's not part of the Crue, but she just kind of follows us around."
I scowled at Nikki; the way he had talked about me made me seem like a stalker. Quickly, I remembered my manners. After pasting a fake smile on my lips, I extended a hand towards Lita, "Hey Lita. It's great to meet you." Lita looked me over carefully as if deciding whether or not I was worthy to shake her hand.
After her eagle-eyed examination of me, Lita hesitantly took my hand and shook it limply. In a quiet, arrogant voice she replied, "Hello Amy. I suppose we'll be seeing a lot of each other over the trip." Unsure of how to respond to that, I merely shrugged. Something told me that Lita and I were not going to get along. There was something about her that just seemed to tell me to stay away from her. It was as if we were in completely different classes in a hierarchy.
Mick must've sensed my discomfort because he slung an arm over my shoulders and squeezed me gently against him. I lifted my head to stare up into his compassionate eyes. This was something I loved about Mick; he always seemed to know exactly how I was feeling. Tommy finally made his way over to us and plopped the suitcases onto the ground unceremoniously.
"God, what did you pack in these things, Nikki?" Tommy exclaimed as he eyed the heavy suitcases incredulously. "They weigh almost a hundred pounds each." Nikki rolled his eyes at Tommy, "I'm sure that they're not that much. Seriously Tommy, you need to form some muscles!" Tommy glared at Nikki, "So? Aren't you gonna tell me what's in those suitcases?"
"He's probably got like two hundred condoms packed in there or something," Vince snickered. Nikki turned slowly to Vince and punched him lightly on the arm, "Geez, just mind your own business guys!" To my surprise, Lita was laughing silently at the conversation. She looked absolutely beautiful when she laughed. Envy spread through my veins just watching her.
Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to stand being around Lita another moment without screaming with frustration, a loud whirring noise sounded from above our heads. The six of us all looked upwards to see a small plane descending towards Nikki's driveway. Nikki grabbed Lita's hand and pulled her out of the way of the plane. Poor Tommy had to lunge forward and haul the suitcases to safety. He made it just in time because the plane landed exactly where the suitcases had stood only moments earlier. Tommy wiped sweat off his forehead and grumbled to me, "I wonder if the pilot of that plane would've squished me if I was standing where he landed trying to get those fucking suitcases out of the way."
Giggling, I shrugged, "It does look like he would've. Maybe he has bad vision or something? He should get some glasses or contacts." Tommy gave me a dubious look, "He better not need glasses! He's gonna have to get us all safely to McGhee's studio." Tommy's words sent a shiver down my spine. I was still afraid of riding in planes, especially a little tiny one like this.
As the six of us stood watching the plane nervously, the door to the plane opened and a middle-aged man stepped out and strode over to us. Giving us a wide smile, he greeted us, "Hello everyone! This is the Crue, I presume?" Tommy, who was still eying the man suspiciously, replied sarcastically, "Who else do you think it would be?"
The man blushed ever so slightly and shrugged, "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you all. So which four of you are coming on the plane ride?" Tommy gave the man a funny look, "What do you mean by 'which four of us are coming'? All six of us are coming." Tommy motioned to the six of us standing on Nikki's driveway.
The man scratched his head apprehensively and looked over our group, "McGhee is only expected four of you. I don't know if he'll be too happy when I bring him two extras." Nikki rolled his eyes, "For god's sake, just let us on the plane! We'll take the blame from McGhee if he's mad so you won't be in any trouble. So can we board the plane now?"
"I guess...but you're going to have to scrunch together a little bit. This is a rather small plane. Four of you are going to have to sit in the back and two can sit up by me. I'll let you figure out how you want to arrange yourselves," the man finally relented. Vince gave a sigh of relief and asked, "So who's sitting where?"
"I'll sit in the back with Mick," I suggested, squeezing Mick's hand. I definitely wanted to sit in the back of the plane so I wouldn't be able to see outside. Looking down from the sky was enough to make me nauseous. The last thing I needed to do was get sick all over McGhee's private jet. Or worse, get sick on Mick. That would be a nightmare.
"Wanna sit in the back with them?" Nikki asked Lita. Lita gave me another inferior look and then shrugged, "Whatever." Nikki seemed not to notice her displeasure because he continued on in an ecstatic, "Okay then. That leaves Vince and Tommy to sit in the front." Vince gave me a disappointed look as he crawled after Tommy into the front seat of the plane. It was pretty obvious that he had wanted to sit by me. And truth me told, part of me had wanted to sit by him too.
Mick jumped up inside the plane and stretched out his hand to help me up. I took his cold, smooth hand and easily swung up after him. The plane looked even smaller outside than it had looked on the inside. Mick and I had to bend over so we wouldn't hit our heads on the ceiling. As soon as the two of us were safely inside, Mick turned to me and asked, "Would you like the window seat, Amy?" I quickly shook my head.
Mick laughed and took the window seat. To my chagrin, Lita took the seat right next to me. I had hoped that Nikki would sit by me. This perfect woman had an aura around her that made me jumpy. And of course, that wasn't something I needed at the moment since I was already feeling pretty jumpy about just being on a plane.
A loud grinding noise filled the air as our pilot started the liftoff. I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my hands into fists. Liftoff was definitely the worst part about flying.
To my left, a disdainful voice sounded, "Are you afraid of flying, girl?" I opened my eyes just a crack to see Lita giving me a quizzical look. Without speaking, I merely nodded. Mick patted my hand sympathetically, "It'll be okay, Amy. This plane is really safe. Don't worry." Lita nodded, giving Mick a curious glance, "He's right. Private planes are some of the safest vehicles in the world." To my surprise, Lita smiled a genuine full-lipped smile at me. Well, I had thought it was for me. It didn't take me long to realize that Lita's smile had been directed towards Mick. Shit! Why did every beautiful woman always have to be interested in my lover? Couldn't she just be happy with Nikki and leave my Mick alone?
"So Lita, what is it that you do for a living?" Mick questioned curiously in an attempt to start a conversation. Nikki laughed, "You'll never guess what this woman does." Lita rolled her eyes at Nikki and then answered Mick's question, "Well you see, before this I lived in England. I was the lead guitarist for a band called 'The Runaways' there. Have you heard of them?"
Mick thought hard for a moment before shaking his head, "Hm, I don't think so." Lita nodded, "Yeah, they probably aren't too popular here in America. I moved down here a few years ago and now I'm doing work on my own. As a matter of fact, I just released my first album, 'Out for Blood.' I'm hoping it's gonna be a hit, but we'll have to wait and see."
"I'm sure it'll be a hit with a voice like yours," Mick complemented Lita. Anger bubbled up inside me; this was not the way I had imagined our trip to Vegas to be like. I had wanted to have a private, romantic talk with Mick but instead Mick was talking to this pretty, flirtatious bitch. Nikki looked rather put out that Lita was talking to Mick instead of him as well.
Lita turned to look at me and questioned, "So what exactly is it that you do, Amy?" I blushed and stuttered, "Uh, I'm in college at the moment. I still have three years left actually." I knew how pathetic I seemed next to Lita. It was humiliating. Lita raised her eyebrows and went on, "Hm, college. If you're still in college, shouldn't you be there right now?"
My cheeks flushed an even darker pink; couldn't this woman just leave me alone? She had already made me look bad enough as it was. In a small, barely audible tone I replied, "Um, I guess so." Nikki was getting annoyed at being left out of the conversation for so long. In an attempt at capturing Lita's attention, Nikki pulled a strand of her long, blonde hair. Lita spun around to see what Nikki wanted. The two of them exchanged romantic smiles and then Nikki pulled Lita against him and gave her a long, noisy kiss.
I sighed irritably. This trip was starting out very badly. As a matter of fact, that was how the rest of the plane ride went; Nikki and Lita were making out in the corner, Mick had fallen asleep, and I sat in between them and sulked in my misery.

Two hours later, the six of us finally landed in Vegas. I didn't think anyone even noticed that we had landed except for myself. Lita and Nikki were still kissing and Mick was fast asleep to my left. Finally, our pilot called out, "Wake up everyone! We're here!" Lita and Nikki slowly separated and looked out the window. Mick awoke with a jerk and look around him.
"Whoa, did I sleep that whole time?" Mick asked me curiously, smothering a yawn. I nodded irritably. The plane ride had put me in a pretty bad mood. I quickly undid my seat belt and stood up. Unfortuantely, I forgot that the ceiling was so low. My head smashed into the top of the plane with a loud smash. I quickly bend down and put my hand to my head. I knew I was looking like an idiot in front of Lita. Of course she would never make a mistake as stupid as to bump her head on the ceiling.
I quickly rushed to the entrance of the plane, hoping nobody had noticed my blunder. Vince stood at the entrance of the plane, "You okay there, Amy?" I gave him a suspicious look; why was he speaking to me? I had thought we were trying to stay away from each other. I merely shrugged at him and swung down from the plane. It sure felt nice to have my feet on solid ground again. Mick, Nikki, and Lita followed after me until we were all out of the plane. Our pilot waved at us from the front seat and motioned to the building in front of us, "That building in front of you there is McGhee Entertainment Inc. You can just head on in there. I'm sure Doug and Doc will be waiting for you. In the meantime, I have other business to attend to. So long!" With that, the pilot started up the plane's engine and took flight once more.
The six of us stood for a moment just looking at the large building in front of us. McGhee Entertainment Inc. was a large, white building that looked relatively new. Nikki took a step forward, "Come on, guys! Let's head in." The five of us trailed behind Nikki to the large doorway on the front of the building. Everyone hesitated outside the door. The building had a kind of an ominous feel to it. Finally, Tommy pushed Nikki out of his way, pulled the door open, and stepped inside.
Knowing that it was now or never, the rest of us timidly followed Tommy into the building. Inside was a large, white desk with a long hallway. Unsure of what to do, the six of us waited by the desk. I looked up at Mick, "Do you think we're suppose to find Doc or Doug maybe?" Mick shrugged, "I have no idea. Let's just wait here for five minutes and see what happens."
Just after around five minutes, the door at the end of the hallways swung open and five figures emerged. To my surprise, they were all dressed in similar black outfits and they all seemed to be wearing their hair in the same style. But what shocked me most was their faces. They seemed to be wearing black and white face paint that had been applied in a mask-like way.
After the figures had approached us, one of them extended a hand to Vince, "Hey there. You're Crue, aren't you? Doc's been talking about getting you to come here for weeks now. That's all we've been hearing about lately." Vince nodded nervously, "Um, yeah. We're Motley Crue. Are you Kiss?" The man who had spoken to Vince nodded, "Yep, we're Kiss alright. I'm Eric and these are my buddies: Vinnie, Mark, Gene, and Paul. Doc's been our manager for a while now. I'm sure you'll love it here."
I smiled at the Kiss members, they all seemed quite friendly behind those ferocious masks that had been painted on their faces. One of the Kiss members seemed to be looking right at me. The only problem was that I couldn't tell if he was smiling or frowning because of the heavy facepaint.
Tommy grinned at Eric and asked, "It seems like a nice place. But where exactly are Doug and Doc? They said they were going to meet us here, but we haven't seen a trace of them yet." Vinnie, the member closest to me, let out a loud chuckle, "They should've been here to meet you. Unfortunately, the LA Guns decided to stop by this morning to see if they wanted Doc and Doug to be their managers. It hasn't been going too well so far though so I'd bet the Guns will be outta here in just a few minutes."
As if summoned by Vinnie's words, another door to our left opened and four men tromped out. I studied each one of them curiously. The first one had shoulder length black hair and matching coal black eyes. The second was quite similar to the first besides the fact that his hair was quite a bit longer and he was about a foot taller than the first. The third man had short brown hair and coffee-colored eyes. He had a nervous expression on his face and looked out of place amongst the others. I couldn't get a good look at the last man because he was still talking to someone behind him, "You can't honestly expect us to do two rehearsal sets everynight! I mean we do have a life outside of this you know."
Doc, who was standing inside the doorway, replied in an irritated tone, "If you don't like the way we run our business, you're allowed to leave. We're not chaining you up here or anything." The man who was still hidden from my sight sighed, "Obviously. Well, thanks for your time. C'mon boys, let's get outta here."
The four LA Guns members tramped past us to the doorway, giving us curious expressions. As they were passing by, the man who had been obscured from my view turned around and looked directly at me. Our eyes locked and everything seemed to go by in slow motion. The man didn't smile at me, but at least he didn't frown. He merely looked into my eyes with an emotionless gaze. My breath seemed to catch in my chest as I returned his intense stare. He was dressed completely in black and his long, chestnut hair framed each side of his face. But what really enticed me about him were his eyes. They seemed to stare directly into my soul.
Then suddenly, he tore his gaze away from me and disappeared through the doorway. I stared after him, feeling dizzy. A quizzical voice from next to me brought me back to reality, "Um...Amy? Are you okay? You look frozen and you're not breathing." I shook myself out of my trance and remembered to breathe.
I gave Mick a hesitant smile, "I'm fine. Dunno what came over me there." As Mick and I were talking, Doc had approached our group and was giving us all a big smile, "Hello there! I'm glad to see you made it here safely. Sorry about the wait. Those LA Guns members are assholes. Anyways, come on everyone, let's get on with the tour!"

The six of us followed after Doc as he briskly led us through several doorways. The Crue was discussing the tour with him, Lita was peering into a small hand-held mirror while she reapplied her lip gloss, and I was lost in my own fantasies. I couldn't stop thinking about the man from LA Guns. For some reason, he had completely taken over my mind. There was something about him that was so different than any other man I had ever met.
Lost in my own daydreaming, I accidentally ran into Mick, tripped, and fell on my back. My face burned red with embarrassment as everyone turned around to see what had made the loud thudding noise. Mick peered at me sprawled on the ground, "Hey, are you doin' okay, Amy?" I nodded, still blushing furiously, and rose to my feet. Lita was eying me condescendingly from Nikki's side. No doubt she was lowering my ranking compared to her. She was probably rank ten while I was number one.
Finally, Doc led us into a large auditorium. I stared around the room; it was huge! I would never have guessed that this building would contain such a large room. Doc cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, "Hey Doug, we've got Crue here!" From behind one of the curtains on the stage, Doug appeared. He glanced down at us and leapt down from the stage to join us.
"Okay guys," Doc started, getting straight to business, "the first thing I want to do is a pre-tour rehearsal. How does that sound to you?" Vince shrugged and turned to Mick, "Did you bring your guitar?" Mick nodded and held up his guitar. Apparently he must have been carrying it along with him this whole time.
Nikki finally answered Doc's question, "Yeah, I guess we can do a rehearsal now." Doc grinned widely, "Great! By the way, do you mind if Kiss watches? They're interested to see what your music sounds like." Tommy turned pale and started biting his lip nervously. Tommy was known to get nervous before rehearsals. But before Tommy could interject, Vince replied, "It'd be great if they watched. An audience is always nice."
"Yes it is," Doug, who had remained silent to this point, agreed. His gaze immediately focused in on Lita, "Now who's this girl? I don't think we've met her before, have we Doc?" Doc looked absentmindedly at Lita and shrugged, "No idea. I don't keep track of what girls we've met." Nikki quickly stepped forward to introduce Lita, "Doug, this is Lita. She's my girlfriend." Lita and Doug shook hands while Doc motioned to the Crue members to follow him, "Come on backstage, guys. I'll show you how this place works." Nikki, Mick, and Vince eagerly followed after Doc while Tommy lagged behind, still hesitating.
I laughed to myself; someday Tommy would have to get rid of this stage fright. Unsure of what to do now, I shifted from foot to foot while I waited for Lita to do something. Luckily, Doug broke the silence, "You two girls can sit in any of the rows of seats so you can watch the rehearsal if you like."
Lita took a seat in the front row while I wandered to the back row. I decided to put as much space between me and the beauty queen as possible. While Doc helped get the Crue set up onstage, the door opened at the four Kiss members reentered the room. The looked much different without all their face makeup on. To my surprise, they tromped to the back row of seats where I was sitting. I managed to give them a little smile as they took the seats next to me.
"Hey there," the member closest to me greeted with a smile. He had shoulder length black hair and kind-looking dark eyes. In a shy tone I replied, "Hello. You're Vinnie, right?" Just as Vinnie was about to reply, music blasted from the stage and Crue started their first song, "Shout to the Devil." But even the raucous music didn't kept Vinnie from talking to me.
"Yeah, I'm Vinnie," he replied with a thin-lipped smile. "I don't think I know who you are though. Mind telling me your name?" I blushed at my lack of manners and apologized, "Oh, sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I'm Amy. It's nice to meet you." To my surprise, all five Kiss members were looking at me and following the conversation intently.
"It's nice meetin' you too there, Amy," Eric smiled kindly at me. "So how long have you been following Crue around for? Are you one of the member's girlfriend or something?" I hesitated before answering that question. I supposed that I could be considered Mick's girlfriend. We had only gone out on one date though. Was that enough to make me Mick's girl?
"I've been hanging out with Crue for about two years now. Nikki and I were best friends in high school. I guess it was just sorta natural for me to be involved in Crue with them. To answer your other question, I've just started going out with Mick Mars. He's the one playing the guitar." Paul looked up towards the stage to see who Mick was. He gave a low whistle and turned to me with sly expression on his face, "Looks like you've got yourself a hottie."
I rolled my eyes at Paul and laughed politely. Before I knew it, all the other Kiss members were laughing too. All of them except Vinnie that is. Vinnie was scrutinizing Mick's every move intently. Eric followed Vinnie's gaze and his eyes widened in mock surprise as he exclaimed, "Now don't tell me you wanted Mick to be yours, Vinnie!"
Vinnie frowned and punched Eric on the arm, "Aw, c'mon! You know I'm not gay." Looking mischievous, Gene replied, "I think you have it backwards, Eric. Vinnie's much more interested in Amy than Mick." My face turned bright red and I could fell beads of sweat form on the back of my neck. By that time, everyone was doubled over laughing at Vinnie and me.
As a matter of fact, we were causing so much of a rucus that Doc turned around and gave us a dirty look, "Can you please keep your voices down, guys? I need this rehearsal to go as smoothly as possible." Eric nodded as soberly as possible and the rest of us smothered our laughter. So far, I liked all the Kiss members. It would be fun to be working with them from time to time.
The six of us stayed quiet for the next forty minutes for Doc's sake. But after around forty minutes, the door swung open for a third time and I found myself staring at another gorgeous woman. She shook out her long, auburn hair before walking straight towards me. As soon as she had entered the room, the drumming from the stage had ceased and Nikki hit a wrong cord on his guitar. I shook my head sadly; Nikki and Tommy were such suckers for pretty girls.
The woman traipsed down our row before taking a seat on Eric's lap. She was definitely his girlfriend. I watched the two each romantic gazes as the rehearsal went on.
Vinnie leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "That's Eric's girl, Lizzie. They've been going out for almost a year now. Wherever Kiss goes, Lizzie comes too." I giggled and was about to ask Vinnie whether or not he had a girlfriend when a loud eruption of applause sounded from Doc and Doug.
I had been so caught up in my conversation with the Kiss members, that I hadn't even noticed that the rehearsal had ended. Doc exclaimed, "Great rehearsal, you guys! Come back down here now. I have to get a few things sorta out with you." Doug turned around and gave the Kiss members a meaningful look.
Vinnie made a face before getting to his feet, "I guess that's our que to leave. I bet we'll be seeing you a lot in the next few days though. Pleasure to meet ya, Amy." I waved as the Kiss members exited the room and slammed the door behind them. Lita and I joined the group assembled at the front of the stage. Lita gave Nikki a quick peck on the lips before whispering something in his ear. Nikki chuckled and Doc cleared his throat to get all of our attention.
"That was pretty good for your first rehearsal," Doc approved. "I've set you guys up with a bunch of support shows for Kiss. It'll be a great opportunity for you to get some publicity. I've also got a photo shoot set up for you after this. You don't mind doing that right now, do you?" Vince shook his head eagerly; Vince always liked to be the star of the show in photos.
"Let's get it going then!" Doc replied. "There isn't any time like the present! Why don't you guys get assembled up on the stage? Barry Levine will be up there to help you in a second." The Crue retraced their steps back up to the stadium where Barry Levine immediately started arranging them. After about ten minutes of swapping positions and different poses, Barry finally started taking the photos. I couldn't help but think that every Crue member looked absolutely perfect.
Vince's blonde hair had fallen over one eye and he was wearing that sexy smile of his. Mick stood behind Vince with a serious expression on his face. Tommy had his arms crossed over his chest and was giving Barry a little smile. Nikki seemed to have captured spotlight though. He was grinning widely and had his arms slung over Mick and Tommy. I felt jealously bubble up in me; if it weren't for Lita, Nikki might have been mine right now.
After about twenty different pictures were taken, our meeting with Doug and Doc was finally over. As the Crue headed towards the door, Doc quickly called after us, "Great job today, guys! I'm glad to have you as part of the team. Remember that we need to do a rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. Why don't you be here around three o clock?"
"Alright," Nikki agreed as he raised one hand in farewell. The six of us walked though the maze of corridors in silence. Finally, we reached the entrance door and stepped out into the cool, spring air. A smile immediately broke out across Tommy's face as soon as we had stepped outside, "This is gonna be great, you guys!" Then he turned to me with an air of excitement, "So Amy, who was that hot girl?" I looked at Tommy in puzzlement, "What hot girl?"
Tommy gave me an incredulous look, "You know, that hot girl that came and sat by you at the end of the rehearsal?" I rolled my eyes; of course Tommy would want to know about Eric's girlfriend.
"That's Eric's girlfriend, Lizzie," I explained to Tommy. Then added in a sharp tone, "Don't you dare go trying to steal her from Eric though! Eric seems like a really nice guy. Actually, all the Kiss members do." Tommy didn't reply to my question. He just gave me a big grin and skipped to the front of our group. I sighed and rolled my eyes; sometimes Tommy was impossible.

Around an hour later, we reached the hotel we had reservations at. We had taken a black Porsche Doc had lent us to get to the hotel. As soon as we had parked, Mick and Tommy rushed around to the back of the car to lug our suitcases out of the trunk. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Tommy; he always seemed to get stuck with the luggage while Vince and Nikki lounged around with the girls. Suddenly, Nikki's cell phone rang.
"Ooo, be quiet a second guys!" Nikki exclaimed as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. "This is a really important call!" We shrugged and stared curiously at Nikki as he exchanged words with the person on the other end of the phone. I wondered what this important call was about. It was always hard to tell with Nikki.
Tommy and Mick had finally managed to get all of our luggage unloaded and were tapping their feet impatiently. Finally, Nikki hung up and let out a loud whoop that caused everyone nearby to turn and stare at us. Vince gave Nikki a quizzical glance, "What was that for? Did you win the lottery or something?"
Nikki shook his head, "Nope, it's even better!" Suspicion started to fill up inside of me, "Uh, Nikki? Nothing is better than winning the lottery." Nikki couldn't keep his excitement in any longer, "Guess what guys? You know that Porsche we drove in? Well, it's mine now!" The five of us gaped at Nikki in silence.
Finally, I managed to say, "How the hell did you manage did get that Porsche, Nikki? We all know you're broke. Actually, we're all broke at the moment." Nikki, who was doing a little dancing around us, turned to me with a big grin, "I made a deal with the publishing company Warner Chappell." I had no idea how Nikki had manged to make the deal, but something told me I didn't want to know how he had gotten the deal.
I grabbed my suitcase and started through the glass doors the led to the hotel lobby, "Come on, you guys. Let's find our rooms." As we entered the fancy hotel lobby, I could hear Nikki asked Lita excitedly, "Want to go for a ride around town after this?" I never heard Lita's answer though because my heart suddenly stopped beating and I stood frozen in the center of the lobby.
In a corner of the room, the four LA Guns members were sitting at a small table talking loudly I stared at them, completely rooted to the spot. Mick, who had not anticipated my sudden halt, came barreling into me. The two of us collided and were send flying to the ground. With a loud smack, I hit the ground. And with an ugly crack, Mick fell right on top of me.
It felt as if all my ribs bones had broken. Gasping, I struggled for breath while Mick quickly rolled off of me with an apologetic expression. He leaned down by my side and looked frantically into my eyes, "God, I'm so sorry, Amy! Are you alright? I didn't mean to land on you like that." Still wheezing slightly, I manged to say, "I-I'm okay."
Suddenly, I felt eyes on us. Hesitantly, I looked up to see everyone in the hotel lobby staring at us. My gaze wandered over to where the LA Guns members had been sitting. Sure enough, they were staring at us as well. Ugh, why did I always end up embarrassing myself in front of everyone? I was much too clumsy for my own good.
To my horror, one of the members stood up and crossed the room to where we were standing, As soon as he approached us, the other three members stood up as well and followed him over.
"Hey, you're Motley Crue, aren't you?" the member who had looked to be the leader of the group asked curiously. Vince nodded, "Yep. You're LA Guns." The man laughed and extended a hand casually to Vince, "Of course. I'm Tracii Guns, the leader here. You didn't honestly agree to be managed by Doc, did you?"
"Um, yes, we did," Vince replied nervously. The brown-haired man behind Tracii snorted, "Hm, doesn't look like you're starting out too well." He was gazing at me and Mick still lying on the floor. Vince looked at Nikki as if begging for him to say something. The man next to Tracii with long black hair gave us a condescending smile, "Doc's an ass. He'll have you rehearsing day in and day out. But if you want to put up with that shit, well, it's up to you. By the way, name's Ole Beich."
I was about to get to my feet when I made the mistake of looking up. I looked up right into the face of the man who I had been daydreaming about all day. All the strength seemed to leave my body, and I remained sprawled out on the floor gazing into his captivating brown eyes.

Mick reached down and hauled me to my feet. Still rather unsteady, I started to topple backwards. Luckily, Mick caught me and I leaned against him. Suddenly, a hand waved in front of my face and Nikki's voice interrupted my thoughts, "Amy, what's up? You look stunned. Are you sure you're okay?" Blinking, I removed my gaze from the man in front of me and turned to look at Nikki, "Yeah, I'm okay...I think." Mick put a steadying hand on my shoulder. I was grateful to him for that. The last thing I needed right now was to fall over and make myself look like an idiot again.
"So anyways," Tracii continued, "Do you guys have any plans for tonight? We were going to head to the Mirage, I hear it's a pretty nice club. Care to join us? We'd love to have some company, isn't that right boys?" The three men behind Tracii shrugged and nodded. A quivering feeling ran up my spine. Going to a club with all these hot guys would be fun! I crossed my fingers sneakily behind my back and waited for the Crue to make a decision.
Nikki and Vince were whispering together in low voices. It seems liked a hierarchy had formed in the Crue: Vince and Nikki were the leaders, Tommy came next, and Mick was at the bottom of the pyramid. As I tapped my foot impatiently for Nikki and Vince to make a decision, a sudden thought struck me. Beth Lynn had wanted me to take care of Vince. Vince going to club late at night would probably result with him getting drunk and fucking a girl he didn't even know.
The two sides of my conscious started to battle with each other. If I let Vince go to the club, I wouldn't be doing my job or keeping my promise to Beth Lynn. But on the other hand, I really wanted to go to the club myself. Besides, it wasn't like I could stop Vince from going to the club if he really wanted to anyways.
Finally, Vince turned away from Nikki to face Tracii, "Sure, we'll come with you. We need a few minutes to get our gear in our rooms though first." Vince motioned to the suitcases lined up besides us. Tracii nodded understandingly, "Yeah, of course. How long is it gonna take you guys to get ready?"
Nikki shrugged, "I dunno, twenty minutes maybe?" Ole Beich grinned, "We'll meet you down here in twenty minutes then." The Crue nodded and we proceeded to the reception desk to get our hotel keys. My legs still felt like jelly underneath me and I kept a firm grip on Mick's arm to prevent myself from toppling over. As Nikki retrieved the keys, I risked another glance back at the LA Guns members. To my surprise, the man with the chestnut colored hair was still gazing at me. Quickly, I averted my eyes. I hated being caught staring at people. I couldn't help but wonder why he was looking at me though. Maybe he was laughing at me for my tumble earlier? I bit my lip; hopefully, that wasn't the case.
"Okay guys, I've got the keys," Nikki pronounced triumphantly, waving three keys in our face. Nikki was still in a good mood because of his newly acquired Porsche. "We've got rooms 199, 200, and 201. I think that would be floor two. Come on everyone, if we hurry we can catch the elevator!"
Nikki bounded across the room with his hair flying in every direction as he tried to catch the elevator. Tommy shook his head and glared at Nikki, "Geez, he never takes care of his luggage, does he?" I gave Tommy a sympathetic glance and held out my hand for Nikki's bag, "Here, I can take Nikki's bag for you."
Tommy gave me a funny look and shook his head, "No, you're not caring Nikki's bag. You're shaking slightly still. Mick must've landed on you pretty hard." Mick, who had been listening in on our conversation, frowned, "Yeah, I guess I did. Is there anything I can do to make up for this, Amy?"
I started to shake my head and then changed my mind, "Yeah, you could kiss me." Mick looked surprised, but easily gave in, "If that's what you want." Mick tossed his suitcase aside and leaned down to give me a quick kiss on the lips. From inside the elevator, I could hear Vince yelling, "Ugh, come on you two love birds! We're gonna be here all night unless you two hurry up!"
Mick and I exchanged sheepish glances before we hurried inside the elevator after the rest of the Crue. The elevator was rather crammed with all six of us plus our luggage squashed into it. Luckily, I was sandwiched between my bag and Mick. Mick gently rubbed my back as we traveled upwards to floor two.
I grinned up at him; Mick was definitely the best lover I had so far. There was no need for me to be trying to win other guys over right now. Like Tommy had said, girls were meant to go out with only one guy. Now that I had finally made my decision of what guy I wanted to be with, I needed to stay away from other guys...even if they were hot. Which meant, of course, that I would not be flirting with any of the LA Guns members tonight. As a matter of fact, it would probably be safest to get a table for just Mick and me so I wouldn't even have to be tempted by them.
A few seconds later, the elevator opened at the six of us tumbled out of it. Our three rooms were at the far end of the hallway. Nikki turned questioningly to us, "So who's gonna be staying with who? I'm staying with Lita obviously." Lita and Nikki exchanged romantic glances while Tommy, Mick, Vince, and I tried to figure out who to share rooms with.
"Vince had better room with Mick," Tommy stated, flashing a knowing smile at Vince. It was obvious he didn't want to leave me and Vince alone in a room together at night. "I'll stay with Amy. How does that sound?" My heart sank in my chest; I had really wanted to stay with Mick. I peered over at Mick to see what he thought of the arrangements. To my disappointment, Mick just shrugged without saying anything.
"Great!" Nikki exclaimed, handing one room key to Mick and the other one to Tommy. "Why don't you guys get set up and then we'll meet the LA Guns downstairs?" After swiping our room key through the lock, Tommy opened the door to our room and strode inside. I was about to follow him when Mick grabbed my arm.
I turned around to look at him curiously. Mick gave me a sympathetic smile and leaned down to whisper in my ear, "I'd really like to stay with you, Amy, but I think we're better off this way." I blinked back the tears that were forming in my eyes, nodded, and then turned quickly before Mick could suspect me of crying.
Was there something wrong with me? Was that why guys seemed to think that they couldn't fuck me? Having sex with Mick seemed like a good idea to me. Apparently, Mick wasn't in the same stage of thought as I was. Did he not love me enough to fuck me? Or maybe he thought I didn't want to be fucked? If that was the case, I'd have to clear up that misunderstanding immediately.
After hauling my heavy suitcase through the doorway, I pushed the wooden door shut behind me and dropped my suitcase onto my bed. I quickly unzipped it and rummaged around for something suitable to wear. Tommy had already set up his suitcase on the other side of the room and was watching me from his bed.
"Are you gonna change before we go, Ames?" Tommy questioned. Not bothering to look up from my suitcase, I replied, "Well, yeah. I can't go like this. I might as well at least put some effort into my appearance. Not like anyone's gonna notice me anyways, but..." I trailed off as the image of the cute guy from LA Guns appeared in my mind.
"But what?" Tommy prodded with a sly smile, "Mick notices you. You're mad that he's not rooming with you, aren't you?" I selected a shimmery, one-strapped black dress and turned around to face Tommy. It was crazy how he was always able to read my thoughts. Reluctantly, I replied to Tommy, "Yeah, I am kinda upset about it. Why don't you think guys want to sleep with me, Tom? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough?"
Tommy slid off the bed and came over to put his hands on my shoulders, "Never say that Amy; you're one of the prettiest girls I know." I rolled my eyes at Tommy. He had to be lying.
"Come on, Tommy, don't lie to me. Compared to girls like Lita and Selina, I'm garbage," I complained miserably, still trying to hold the tears back. The last thing I needed to do was start crying and ruin my eye makeup. Tommy looked into my eyes beseechingly, "Maybe you're not quite as pretty as Lita, but you're sure a hell of a lot more fun to be around. Lita's got absolutely no personality and she thinks she's better than everyone else. Things like sex just take time, Ames. It'll happen, but you've just gotta be patient. Trust me on this one."
Grumbling under my breath, I entered the small bathroom and locked the door behind me. As quickly as I could, I stripped down and pulled the black dress on. The skirt landed about five inches above my knee and it exposed most of my cleavage. I peered into the mirror to see how I looked. I frowned at the image that looked back at me. My hair was lying flat in the usual ponytail and there just wasn't anything special about my face to look at. Sighing, I reopened the bathroom door and stepped back into the bedroom. No matter how hard I tried, I would just never be as pretty as Lita.
Tommy gaped at me from where he was standing at the door. I frowned; did I not look good enough? Maybe I should've reapplied some makeup. I turned to go back into the bathroom, but Tommy caught my arm and dragged me back to the door, "Wow, you sure look good tonight. Mick's lucky to have you. Come on, let's head downstairs. We don't want to keep the others waiting, do we?" I shook my head silently and followed Tommy down the hallway to the elevator.
As we traveled back down to the main lobby, I thought about Tommy's words. Did he really think I looked good? In my opinion, I was the ugliest girl here. A few seconds later, the elevator door reopened and Tommy and I crossed the room to where the rest of the Crue was already waiting for us.
Vince caught a glimpse of me from a distance and let out a low whistle, "Hey there, sexy!" I blushed at Vince's remark and gave him a playful punch as I wandering around him so I could stand by Mick's side. Mick looked me up and down and gave the top of my head a little kiss, "You do look pretty, Ames. So are we ready to head out now, guys?"
Everyone nodded and Vince turned to Tracii, "So how are we gonna get to the Mirage?" Tracii ran a hand through his jet black hair and laughed, "Why, you just follow us, of course! It's only a five minute drive from here."
We followed Tracii and his gang out the door and assembled ourselves in Nikki's new Porsche. Nikki revved up the car quickly and we pulled out right behind Tracii.

Tracii's "five minute drive" ended up being a forty-five minute drive. By the time we finally reached the Mirage, most everyone in the car was complaining. Well, everyone except Nikki. Nothing was going to crush Nikki's high spirits tonight. Nikki parked the shiny, black Porsche right next to Tracii's beat up, ancient truck and announced, "Here we are everyone!"
We made our way out into the dark evening night. A slight breeze whipped my ponytail around and made my skirt swirl around my legs. After Nikki had double checked that his Porsche was locked, we followed Tracii into the Mirage. It was a very large building; much larger than the Tropicana or 7th Veil. Multi-colored lights hung from the silent and heavy metal gushed out of the loudspeakers. Several scantily-clothed girls were dancing seductively on a stage at the far right of the room.
A dream expression crossed Vince's face as he stared hypnotized at the girls. I slapped him hard and gave him a dirty look. I was going to have to try to keep Vince away from the girls tonight for Beth Lynn's sake. Vince made a face at me, but didn't attempt to go after any of the girls.
Nikki selected a rather secluded table at the far end of the room that had ten seats, "Is this okay?" Tracii nodded, "Yeah, it's great. Shall we go get something to drink? Or maybe get ourselves a girl or two?" Tracii's eyes sparkled mischievously. My heart sank; Tracii was not helping my case with Vince!
"So what do y'all want to drink?" the LA Guns member with the short brown hair questioned. Mick shrugged, "I dunno. Let's go see what they have to offer. You want to stay here, Amy?" I shrugged and nodded. As the guys disappeared to get their drinks, I plopped down on a chair at the far right of the table.
Less than five minutes later, the Crue and the Guns tramped back to the table with several bottles in their hands. I gazed at them in horror; they weren't really going to drink all this, were they? There seemed to be enough beer, wine, and whiskey present for at least fifty people. Mick seemed to read my mind because as he settled into the chair next to me, he whispered, "Don't worry, Amy. I'm not gonna get drunk. And I'll do my best to keep everyone else sober."
I eyed Vince, who had already drained a bottle of beer, and replied, "Hm, I don't know if that's possible." Tracii poured himself a glass of wine and then settled back in his chair, "So how long ago did you guys form Crue?" Nikki frowned and seemed to be counting the time in his head, "Uh, about two years ago now."
Nikki and Tracci talked for the next half an hour while the rest of the party drank their fill. Tommy was starting to get red in the face and I noticed that Vince was lustily eying a brunette girl at the table next to us. I sighed miserably; Vince just seemed like he wanted to fuck every single girl in sight.
To distract myself from Vince, I dared a glance at the man from LA Guns at the opposite end of the table. More than anything, I wanted to speak to him, but I was much to nervous too. I seemed to get tongue-tied whenever I was around him. To my disappointment, he hadn't even spoken since we had entered the Mirage.
Finally, Tracii spoke directly to him, "Geez Axl, don't you want more to drink than that? You've only had like two bottles or something." The man, who's name was obviously Axl, shrugged at Tracii and said in an emotionless tone, "I'm not about to get myself addicted to this fuckin' crap like some people."
Ole rolled his eyes at Axl, "You're the one who goes to UCLA and smokes cigarettes and you're telling us that we're the ones who are going to get addicted?" Axl looked down his nose at Ole, "That's not for enjoyment, that's for money. I do what I have to do so I don't go broke." Ole, who was half drunk himself, shook his head, "You're crazy." Axl merely blinked at Ole. He appeared not to have been offended in the slightest by his comments.
It was only then that I had realized that the brown haired member from LA Guns and Tommy had left the table. I turned quizzically to Mick and asked, "Where'd Tommy go?" Mick frowned as he took a sip of his wine and replied, "I think he went off to get a date." Just then, I noticed a motion to my right. Vince was silently standing up with a mesmerized expression on his face.
Nervously, I called out to him, "Vince! Where are you going?" Vince turned around, threw me an exasperated expression, and replied, "I'm just gonna talk to that girl over there. What are you, my mother?" I tried to think of something smart to reply to Vince to keep him away from the girl, but all thoughts seemed to clear my head.
To my surprise, Axl answered for me, "She's just trying to take care of you, you know. Why do you want a girl so badly anyways?" Vince turned to Axl with an expression that seemed to say are-you-fucking-crazy and slurred, "For obvious reasons. I don't see why this is any of your business anyways." Vince glared at Axl and started to wander over to the table next to us.
In a last attempt, I cried out, "Come on, Vince, not tonight! Please? For Beth Lynn's sake?" Vince turned at the sound of his wife's name and gave me a questioning expression, "Why are you bringing Beth Lynn into this?" By now, everyone at the table was watching curiously as Vince and I argued.
Axl gave Vince a sly look and stated, "She's your wife, isn't she? You're out in Vegas looking for a girl to satisfy you while your wife is staying home alone. But really, why you want a girl, I don't even know. Most women are evil." Nikki laughed loudly, "Evil? Girls aren't evil. What the hell are you talking about?" Tracii shrugged and answered for Axl, "He had an abusive past. It's a long story." Vince was staring icily at Axl. I could see a vein throbbing in his neck.
Without warning, Vince narrowed his eyes and walked back to the table. Enraged at his affair with Beth Lynn being made public, he swung back his fist and hit Axl right in the stomach. Axl seemed rather unaffected by the blow. Instead of crying out in pain, he stood up so he was facing Vince. In a low tone, he replied, "Hey, it's your shitty life, not mine. If you wanna go ahead and waste it, go right ahead. I'm just saying that's it pretty fucking inconsiderate to cheat on your wife like that."
Vince's cheeks were now fire red and he looked like he wanted to scream. Instead of hitting Axl again, he refocused his gaze on me. He stepped around Axl and approached me, "This is all your fucking fault. Can't you just keep your dirty mouth shut?" Vince grabbed my wrists, yanked me out of my chair and threw me against the wall nearest to us.
I winced as my head collided with the floor. Stars danced in front of my eyes as I struggled to stay conscious. Even though my vision was blurry, I was able to make out Ole and Mick dragged a wasted and insane Vince away from me. Knowing that I would be safe from any further violence, I let my eyes slid back shut.
A hand grabbed my wrists and helped me to my feet. Reluctantly, I reopened my eyes to find myself face to face with Axl. With a cold expression on his face, he took my left wrist in his hand and started dragged me out of the door, "Come on. Let's get out of this fucking place."

Slightly shocked, I followed Axl out of the Mirage and out into the cool night. The wind had picked up an a strong breeze chilled me to the bone. Shivering, I wished I had brought a jacket or something warmer to wear. As soon as we were outside in the moonlight, Axl let go of my wrist and stared up at the sky.
I wanted to speak to him or at least say something, but no words came to my lips. It seemed a shame to waste the precious time we had alone together. Most likely, I would never be alone with him again. Finally, after what seemed liked ages, Axl glanced away from the heavens and redirected his gaze towards me.
A shiver went down my spine as he turned to look at me. I could feel his gaze travel from my chest to my face and back to my chest again. Nervously, I shifted from one foot to the other. What was he looking at my chest for? I regretted wearing such a skimpy dress. I made a mental note to always bring a jacket with me when going out.
"I hate people like his kind," Axl finally spoke as his eyes narrowed. Unsure of what he was talking about, I asked in a small voice, "What people are we talking about?" Axl shot me a funny glance from the corners of his dark brown eyes, "Vince Neil, of course. He's one of those people who has no self control. He'll go and get himself drunk whenever he gets the opportunity. Soon he'll be a drug addict and then he'll be living in a constant hell."
I shrugged, "He's already kind of drug addicted. But what's worse is that I know he's been abusing his wife. I found this big black and blue bruise on her neck the last time I was visiting her. I promised her that I'd do my best to keep Vince out of trouble but I'm failing miserably so far." I sighed while I thought of poor Beth Lynn home all alone. I remembered how I had hated her for being Vince's wife from the moment I had met her. Ugh, I had been so shallow then. Beth Lynn was now one of my best friends.
Axl continued to stare at me. In a angered voice, Axl muttered, "I should go back in and teach that bastard a thing or two. He needs to be taught a lesson." Axl's eyes narrowed and he whipped around to reenter the club. Naturally, I followed him to the door and walked through the door behind him. Suddenly, Axl spun around and gave me a suspicious glance, "What are you doing? Can't you just wait outside?" Taken aback, I nodded silently and retreated back towards the door.
Once I was outside again, I leaned against the building and peered around me. To my left was a group of drunken guys that were laughing loudly and cracking crude jokes. I edged along the wall away from them. What was Axl doing to Vince inside though? He said he was going to "teach Vince a lesson." I wondered what that meant. Did it mean he was going to go pick a fight with Vince? That didn't sound like a very smart idea to me. Vince could be very violent when he was drunk or upset.
Suddenly, I heard someone whistle at me from my left, "Hey, you over there against the wall, come on over here!" I turned to see the group of drunkards beckoning to me with sloppy smiles on their wasted faces. Tension filled me and I pressed myself as flat against the building as possible in an attempt to hide myself from their view.
Apparently, my plan didn't work because one of the guys started walking over to me with a big grin on his face, "Aw, c'mon honey! Don't be scared. You look cold. We can help warm you up." The gang chortled loudly as the man approached me. My breath caught in my throat; what were you suppose to do in a situation like this? I wanted to go back inside the building, but the gang was blocking me from the door. Having no other choice, I turned and started running across the street to get away from the man. Even though I ran with all my might, I could hear footsteps behind me coming closer and closer.
Within seconds, the man had grabbed my shoulder with a sturdy grip. He whirled me around to face him. The strong fragrance of beer and whiskey gushed into my nose. The man gave me a vicious smile and began lugging me across the street to where the rest of the gang was waiting, "So you wanna play games, girl? I must've forgotten to tell you that we don't play games around here. You do as we say and nobody gets hurt, alright?"
In a frantic attempt to get away, I wrenched my left arm free of the man's grip and slapped him as hard as I could on the left cheek. He grunted with agony but did not release his grip on my shoulder or even loosen it at all. By now, we were standing back in front of the building. The man's smile was instantly replaced by a scowl, "Don't you try escaping, little girl. You're only making this worse for yourself." In a sudden movement, the man's hand disappeared down the front of my dress and he pinched my breast as hard as he could. I bit my lip hard to keep from crying out. The gang laughed louder at my misery.
I shut my eyes tightly; what had started out as a wonderful night out had turned into a girl's worst nightmare. Suddenly, I heard a noise that sounded like a fist colliding with someone's skull. The man who had been holding me captive released me and fell to the ground with a heavy thud. The rest of the gang stopped laughing and turned and ran down the street.
"Don't you dare come back here!" a voice shouted from behind me. I turned around quickly to see who my savior was. Axl was standing with a hand on his hip as he gazed menacingly at the men retreating from view. A loose strand of hair had fallen in between his eyes and he was breathing heavily.
"You came back," I stated. Axl nodded without removing his gaze from where the gang had disappeared in the darkened streets, "Mm hm. I didn't feel too good about leaving you out here all alone. I should've known better than to leave a little thing like you outside a club in Vegas in the middle of the night. I'm sorry." Axl looked down at me and for the first time I saw an emotion in his eyes. It looked like a mixture of sympathy mixed with guilt, but I couldn't be sure.
"Don't be sorry," I replied in a rather weak tone. "It could've been worse. What did you do to Vince?" Axl scrunched up his nose at the sound of Vince's name, "Nothing. I wanted to come make sure you were okay. Let's go back to the hotel, shall we? I don't like hanging around these parts of town in the early morning."
Early morning? I had realized so much time had pasted, but it was definitely past two am. I nodded to Axl's question, "Yeah, let's go back. I'm really tired. Besides, it's really cold out here." I followed Axl to Tracii's old truck, expecting to ride back to the hotel in it. So I was surprised when Axl pulled out pair of shiny, brass keys and unlocked Nikki's Porsche.
"Where did you get those from?" I asked in surprise as Axl pulled open door to the Porsche. A hint of a smile played across his lips as he replied, "Why, from Nikki, of course." I frowned at him; it was very unlikely that even in a drunken state Nikki would just randomly hand over his brand new car keys to a stranger.
"Yeah, I know. But how exactly did you get them from Nikki?" I continued suspiciously. Axl shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, "Don't ask and I wouldn't tell you any lies." I crossed my arms across my chest, "But I already did ask! I'm not going anywhere until you tell me how you got Nikki's keys."
Axl sighed and rolled his eyes at me, "You're a stubborn one, that's for sure." Just then, footsteps and the sound of heavy breathing came from behind me. Thinking it might be one of the men from earlier, I quickly backed up against the care and whirled around to face the newcomer. To my relief, it was only Tommy.
"Are you guys leaving? I wanna go back to the hotel," Tommy slurred. Axl's brow creased as he looked down his nose at Tommy, "Fine, you can come, but we're not letting any more drunkards in the car."
"What about Mick though?" I asked quickly. I wasn't about to leave Mick inside a club all alone with Vince, Nikki, and Lita for company. Nobody answered my questioned. Unsure of whether or not I was being ignored, I repeated in a louder tone, "What about Mick? I don't want to leave him in there all alone."
Axl let out a derisive laughed which he quickly tried to change into a cough, "Don't worry; Mick's not alone. He's still in there partying with the rest of the group. He'll be fine, don't worry about him. Now get your ass in the car before I have to pick you up and force you in!" Reluctantly, I peered into the shiny, new care. I wasn't sure if I should sit in the back with Tommy or in the passenger's seat next to Axl. Axl saw me hesitating and slapped the passenger seat, "Get in, will ya?"
I slipped into the seat next to him and slammed the car shut behind me. Axl revved up the engine and before you could say "one, two, three", we were speeding along on the highway. Within minutes, loud snores met our ears. I turned to glimpse behind me. Tommy was sprawled across the backseats with his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open in slumber.
I wished Tommy would wake up to help me with some conversation starters. My mind always went blank when I was in such a close vicinity with Axl. We sped along the highway at an alarming rate. I risked a look at the speedometer; it read ninety miles per hour! I was positive that the speed limit was seventy here, if Axl wasn't careful, we could all end up with a big ticket.
"Uh..." I started. Axl turned towards me and caught me in that big brown gaze, "Hm?" I pointed at the speedometer, "Don't you think we should slow down a little? I think the speed limit is seventy here." Axl merely laughed at me, "Nah, we're fine. Besides, I'm in a hurry to get back." Was he half crazy? Being in a hurry was not an excuse for breaking the law and driving twenty miles over the speed limit! Axl must have noticed my concern because he gave me a reassuring glance, "Don't worry. We're fine."
A foreboding feeling filled my soul, but I didn't keep harping on the subject. We drove in silence for about ten minutes. Finally, Axl started a conversation, "By the way, I don't think I know your name."
"Oh," I replied, blushing. "It's Amy." Axl nodded slowly and tested the name out, "Amy. Hm, I like it. It's short and simple. I'm Axl Rose, but you probably already knew that." Suddenly, a white car parked nearby caught my gaze. I gasped with horror; it was a police car! To my dismay, Axl didn't even bother slowing down. We flew past the police car and down the highway at an even faster. I didn't want to look behind me; I was almost positive that the police car would be traveling behind us.
"Chill, will you?" Axl asked in annoyance. "The cop in that car was sleeping. I'm not stupid you know." Humiliated, I nodded and kept my mouth shut for the rest of the drive.
About twenty minutes later, we pulled back into the hotel driveway. I sighed with relief. Even the sign in front of the hotel looked friendly to my weary eyes. I couldn't wait to get into my bed and sleep the rest of the night away. My body was so fatigued that it felt like I had weights attached to me. Axl parked the car and ran around to the back seats.
I watched as he slapped Tommy on the chest to get him to wake up. Tommy jerked awake and opened one eye. Axl gave him an impatient look, "Come on, get out of the car. We're back at the hotel now." After slowly processing Axl's words, Tommy yawned and swung himself out of the car. Axl peered at me through the window of the car. I was so tired that I didn't even feel like getting out of the passenger's seat.
"First, I can't get you in the fucking car, and now I can't get you out of it!" Axl complained in an exasperated tone. "Hurry up!" I forced myself to open the car door and walk over to where Axl and Tommy were waiting for me. The three of us traipsed through the darkened hotel lobby and over to the elevator. Axl punched in the button for floor number two.
My brain seemed to started to shut down; I was going to fall asleep right here on my feet. I started wobbling and would've crashed to the ground if Axl had not dashed over to me and caught my elbow, "God, don't pass out on me!" I shook myself awake and smiled up at him half heartedly.
A moment later, our elevator reopened and we stepped out onto floor two. Tommy searched around in his pocket until he found our room key. After sliding it through the lock, the door swung open and Tommy burst through it. I could hear a crash as Tommy collapsed on his bed. I hesitated at the doorway, not wanting to leave Axl just yet.
Before following Tommy through the door, I turned to Axl one last time. Axl looked at me questioningly. After finding my voice, I said, "Thanks for everything tonight. I would've hated to see what would've happened if you weren't there..." I trailed off, thinking of the drunken men outside the club that had attempted to capture me.
"Yeah," Axl nodded, "It was no problem. Now take care of yourself, alright?" The two of us gazed at each other in the hallway. Axl was about a foot taller than me, but if I stood on my tip toes, I could probably reach his mouth. Impulsively, I reached up and slid my lips across his lower one. Without waiting to see how he would react, I quickly pulled away and entered Tommy's room.
As soon as I had shut the door behind me, I fell onto my bed and let my eyelids fall shut. In less than thirty seconds, I was sound asleep.

"Amy?" a soft voice sounded in my hear. Irritatedly, I muttered, "Go away!" I had been having such a good dream! It had picked up after last night's events. After I had kissed Axl, he had grabbed my arm and started kissing me back. The two of us and traveled back down in the elevator until we reached Axl's hotel room...
"Amy, you've gotta get up! It's two pm and we've gotta leave here by three," the voice commanded. Groaning, I flopped onto my back to see Tommy leaning over me. Was it really two pm already? God, I must've slept through most of the day! Suddenly, a thought occured to me. Weren't we staying in Vegas for three nights? So far we had only been here one night.
Sitting up, I frowned at Tommy, "But we're staying here for another two days. Why do I have to get up? Besides, you have a rehearsal today." Tommy shook his head, "No, we aren't. We did our rehearsal earlier this morning. Doc thinks that we're good enough to head home today so he's sending his private plane back over in an hour. So yes, you do need to get up."
"Okay, okay," I grumbled as I flopped out of bed. "Did the others make it back okay last night?" Tommy nodded, "Yeah, pretty much. Vince brought three girls with him though. And now he's suffering a hangover." I bit my lip as I rummaged around in my suitcase for something suitable to wear. I had failed Beth Lynn after all.
After selecting a gray tank and black skirt, I retreated to the bathroom. Before I made it inside, however, Tommy called me back, "Wait, where are you going?" I gave Tommy a funny look, "Um, to get changed obviously."
"Aren't you gonna tell me about last night?" Tommy asked in a wheedling tone. I froze on my way to the bathroom and turned around slowly to face Tommy, "What do you mean? You were there last night. You know exactly what went on." Tommy rolled his eyes, "What I meant was: what happened between you and Axl last night?"
"Uh...nothing..." I stuttered nervously. "Is it that obvious that I like him?" Tommy shrugged, "Yeah, kinda. You guys must've done something. Did you kiss him? And what about Mick?"
Mick! I had completely forgotten about him last night when I had kissed Axl. Ugh, I was such an awful girlfriend. Oh well, it wasn't like anything was going to happen between me and Axl anyways. Mick would never know. Guiltily, I answered Tommy's question, "Uh, yeah, I did kiss him."
Tommy motioned with his hand for me to continue, "Well? What happened after you kissed him?" My cheeks colored and I looked at the ground, "I dunno." Tommy's mouth fell open and he gazed at me incredulously, "What do you mean, 'you dunno'? He must've done something!"
I blushed even more, "He didn't because I didn't wait for his reaction." Tommy shook his head at me, stood up, and crossed the room to where I was standing. He looked down at me with a sympathetic expression.
"No offense, Amy, but your love life is getting shitty again. Forget about Axl. You have Mick now, you'll break his heart if you leave him," Tommy pleaded with me. Tears popped into my eyes; Tommy was right. I was just digging myself into my grave.
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