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What happens when a smart girls meets one of the most famous detective in the era? Will she be able to followe his steps in his clearly messed up and strange cases? This is story is all before Wats...

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I never really cared for what anyone or about what they did. It's sticks and stones, right along with I'm rubber and you're glue, it never really mattered what others did.

So why did I suddenly begin to care what Sherlock Holmes thought about me? He was nothing but a consulting detective with a knee weakening smile & to make matters worst, my room-mate . A guy who seemed to believe everything in life was connected somehow.

He believes something like the flap of a butterfly’s wing can change things across the world. The paradox of alternate realities, the many changes and things that could do and might have been. If only one thing happened or the other, if only one change, one moment could be redone, then maybe things would have been different. If you could go back and relive that moment and do something differently, history as you know it may have been changed.

But then he said he considered everyone a unit, a factor to a problem.

And to this day I stil wander how i became the small exception of his rules.

This is my story.

~Amarantha Devereaux
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