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Chapter 15

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“Rise and shine my beauties” Diane sang. I slowly opened my eyes to see bright sunlight.

“Holey shit” I said and closed them again. Diane smiled and ripped back the covers.

“OMG THEY’RE NAKED!” She shouted.

“WHAT THE FUCK REALLY?!” I heard Ryan shout.

“No, but gotcha worried didn’t I” Diane giggled. Ryan faked laughed and started slapping Brendon.

“Come on man, wake up” He said, Brendon stirred but didn’t wake. Ryan sat on him, leg either side of him and bent down to his ear.

“When you wake up, I have some melted chocolate downstairs, and it needs some company” Ryan whispered seductively in his ear. Brendon grinned and stretched, stroking Ryan’s legs up and down. He opened his eyes, saw Ryan and yelled, making Ryan fall off him, laughing his arse off. Me and Diane looked at each other then burst out laughing.

“That’s not funny” Brendon grumbled.

“Aww baby” I cooed, kissing his cheek. Ryan’s head popped up, grinning. Brendon glared at him and got out of bed, standing on Ryan deliberately.

“Oh dude” Ryan squealed. We laughed as he stood up and collapsed on my bed.

“Haha what a douche, anyways, why are you in my room so early” I asked Diane. She shrugged.

“Well first we wanted to know about the MCR concert, two Pete and Patrick are over at Spencer’s G-Ma’s and need to talk to us desperately, three its 1 in the afternoon.” Diane said, counting the things on her fingers.

“Why does Pete and Patrick wanna talk to us…wow that sounds so weird to talk so naturally about Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump” I giggled. Diane grinned.

“Yeah I was totally like that at first, but yeah I’m not sure, they didn’t say, I think its something about Bella and William, you know how weird they’ve been acting lately” Diane said. I nodded. Brendon and Ryan joined us.

“So whats going on?” Brendon asked. Diane sighed and I laughed.

“Right…” Diane started again. I grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to get dressed for the day. I just pulled on some denim shorts and put a black and white dress over it, tucking it in slightly so you could see the bottom of my shorts. I brushed my teeth and applied osme makeup.

By the time I had finished, Ryan and Diane were waiting outside my room.

“Brendons getting dressed” Ryan explained, I nodded, knocked on the door and went in.

Brendon was pulling on some of my black skinnies, my raised my eyebrows at him. He smiled sweetly at me, making me laugh. I put my old clothes, picked up Brendons old clothes and put them in the wash bin as Brendon slipped on a Third Eye Blind top.

Once we had finished, I grabbed my bag and took Brendons hand, leading him out the room. Diane and Ryan huffed.

“Took your time!” Diane laughed.

“I was like 5 minutes!” Brendon complained. Diane shook her head and we made our way downstairs. Mum came up to us.

“Hey darlings, how was the concert?” She asked, I smiled.

“It was amazing, I went on stage and sang Sleep with them” I said. Diane screeched, making Liam run in.

“Diaaane whats wrong?” He said running over to her and hugging her waist. Diane smiled and hugged him back.

“Its okay Liam, I was just surprised” She laughed. Liam kissed her hand and ran back into the living room.

“Awwww he is so sweet!” She said, eyes shining. I laughed.

“So yeah, it was amazing” I finished.

“That’s great sweetie, so are you going out?” She asked, I nodded.

“We’re going round Spencers G-Ma’s” I said.

“Oh right, well can you please give her these, and tell her I’m sorry its late, she asked for the recipe the other week and I completely forgot, so I made her some as well” Mum explained, she handed me a box of coconut cookies. I nodded and tucked them under my arm.

“Okay then, well I’ll be back later, will you be okay?” I asked her.

“Of course, cya later” She said. We left the house and went quickly over to where the others were.

After we got let in, we ran down to the basement and met up with the others.

“Hey dudes, what’s happening” Brendon said.

“Patrick, It’s awesome to meet you” I smiled a smile like this -- =D Patrick grinned from his seat.

“Well…we’ve been working really hard since that visit from Bob the other day…and well we think we know who the half vampires are” Pete explained, a buzz of excitement went though the group.

“Who who who?!” Brandy squealed.

“Bella and William…” Patrick said, we all became silent. Millions of thoughts ran though my head.

“What…no way…they can’t be” Jon stuttered. We all nodded. Pete and Patrick shrugged.

“Well that’s what we think…maybe we should check it out?” Pete suggested.

“But Bella and William, they were so nice to me on the plane, and ever since than” I said, confused. They both shrugged again.

“I suppose it is possible, I mean they’ve been acting a little distant lately and stuff, and they are always in Bellas house these days” Brandy said. Petes eyes widened.

“In her house? We must check it out” Pete said. Patrick nodded.

“Okay…well I know for fact they have gone to New York again today to visit someone” Ryan stated.

“Okay, Bella lives on her own so no one is in the house, so we need to go there” Spencer said. We all nodded and stood up.

We ran up the stairs, and out the front door, running as fast as we could towards Bellas house which was opposite mine and Brendons. We went round the back and knocked on the door, just to be safe. No one answered so Pete proceeded to break in.

“Wait…this doesn’t seem right…” I said. Everyone turned to me, and Brendon took my hands.

“We have to Hayles” He said. I shook my head.

“These are our friends, its wrong to break in to Bellas house” I said and tried to turn away.

“Hayley you’re a Valerian !” Brendon shouted, Ryan, Spencer, Jon, Pete and Patrick all gasped, whereas me, Diane, Brandy, and Emma were confused.

“Wha…what’s a ‘Valerian’?” I asked worriedly. Brendon looked uncomfortable.

“When you saved my life, it’s because you have powers…you’re in a witch like group, but you’re much more then a witch…Hayley if Bella and William are Vampires, then they would know you’re a Valerian because they watched you save me…then you’re in big trouble, because they will stop at nothing to destroy you” Brendon explained. At this point I was struggling to breathe.

“Bu…but why, why me? Why am I one of these things?” I choked out. Brendon took my hands.

“It runs in the family…so your mum is certainly one as well, and all the females in your family” He said.

“Why didn’t she tell me?” I asked, Brendon shrugged.

“Im sorry Hayley, but Valerians are very special, and Werewolves and Valerians really don’t get on…” He started. My heart skipped a beat.

“What…but that means we can’t- “

“No that doesn’t mean anything, Vampires and Werewolves shouldn’t get on but look at us” He said, gesturing to Pete and Patrick. I flung my arms around his neck, he hugged back.

“Thank you, thank you for not leaving me” I whispered, Brendon stroked my back.

“Erm guys, as interesting as that news was…we really need to check this out” Patrick said, we broke apart and Pete continued to try get in. Finally, the lock was broke and we stepped in.

“Quick, this way” Brandy said, running through the kitchen, through the hall and up the stairs to Bella’s room.

Once we all stepped in I suppose we were hoping to find something so out there that we would no for sure they were Vampires. But it was just a normal room. Covered in posters of bands, a long mirror, a bed with black and blue sheets. Just your average teenage rockers room.

“Oh…” Pete said.

“Wait, don’t feel to down yet” Emma said, running over to a door that wasn’t named, and was tightly locked.

“I wont be able to get in there, it would take hours if I even could” Pete said, throwing away the hairpin he used on the kitchen door. Ryan turned to me.

“Hayley, we need you quickly” He said. I nodded and stepped forwards.

“But…I don’t know what to do, I don’t know anything about this thing I have” I whispered. Ryan put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed slightly.

“First off, clear your mind as much as you can, concentrate on that lock, and picture it opening, just picture that in your head and we will tell you when its unlocked” He explained carefully.

I nodded and closed my eyes. First I pictured just black, I pushed everything in my head away and thought of pitch black. Next I pictured the lock and it opening. After a minute at most, Ryan stepped forwards and touched my shoulder lightly. I opened my eyes to see the door wide open. I smiled.

“Well done Hayley” Brendon said, hugging me from behind. We all stepped forwards into the room. We all gasped, but me the most.

“Hoely shit…no way guys. This is the room I have in my dream” I said. They all turned to look at me. We were in a dark room, in the middle of the room stood a big round table, with slips of paper covering it.

“What do you mean?” Diane asked.

“Whenever I don’t have my dream catcher, I have this dream, Bella and William must be the people in it. On the table should be a picture of me, and the Panic guys” I said and ran over to the table. Like I said, 5 pictures were on it, with the red crosses over them.

“So…I take it they are the vampires?” Emma asked. Ryan took her hand and nodded.

“They done such a good job of covering it, seriously we had no idea” Jon said. Brendon was still looking at the pictures.

“Why are these pictures here though” He asked.

“Well I think that we are targets, the Vampires and Bella and William must be planning something against us, and seeing as your werewolves, your in it as well” I said. Everyone nodded.

“Wow this sucks” Brandy said.

“Yeah it does, but we should be getting out of here, just in case they come back” Pete said, and turned to the doorway, only to come face to face with Bella and William.

“Guys, how nice of you too drop in” Bella smirked, walking in with William and shutting the door behind her


“Oh shit” I said. Bella looked at me, smirking still.

“Oh shit indeed, so what brings you lot over here?” She asked. We all shrugged.

“Ya know, just dropping in like friends do” Emma said. William laughed at this making us all glare.

“Oh sure you were, well friends don’t usually break into friends houses” He said.

“Well friends usually tell friends if they are fucking HALF VAMPIRES!” Diane shouted at them, taking us all a little by surprise.

“Hey hey hey…no need to shout Diane, you should be grateful we haven’t called for any of the Vampires…yet” Bella grinned. Diane just rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

Bella and William started advancing on us. We walked back from them which made them smirk.

“Aww bless, don’t be afraid of us, we’re your friends! Your best friends, since baby school” William cooed, then he spotted Pete and Patrick, who were trying to not be seen.

“Pete! Patrick! Oh how nice to see you again! I knew you left the Vampires, but I didn’t know it was for these douches” William laughed.

“Do you wanna call us a douche again?” I glared at them. They turned to me and laughed.

“Aww, little Hayley Wayley doesn’t like being called horrible names” Bella said in a mocking voice, which made me pissed.

“No Hayley Wayley fucking doesn’t, not by backstabbers you slag” I shouted. Her amused face went to an angry face.

“Oh shut up little girl. You might be a Valerian but that doesn’t make you special…not in my books anyway, you’re just like all your stupid friends” She said. I felt my knuckles curl up into fists and I ran forwards, diving onto Bella and punching every little bit of her I could.

“I. Thought. You. Were. Fucking. Awesome. Calming. Me. Down. On. That. Plane. But. Your. Nothing. But. A. Fake. You’re. Not. Even. A. Full. Vampire. You. Twat.” I shouted, punching her in between every word. William advanced on me and everyone gasped, but I threw an arm at him, and a force made him fly backwards into the wall. I don’t know how I did it and I don’t care. I continued to punch Bella.

“Hayley, stop!” Emma shouted, coming forwards to drag me back to the group. Bella groaned as she sat up, her face was covered in blood.

“You’re gunna pay for that” She mumbled and closed her eyes, obviously alerting the Vampires that we were here. I quickly closed my eyes and imagined some things. When everyone gasped, moments later, I opened my eyes. William and Bella were both lying very still on the floor.

“Oh shit Hayley what did you do?!” Brendon said, running forwards. I slowly stood up.

“Don’t worry too much, I’ve only put them into a deep sleep, they should awaken in about two weeks.” I said.

“They might awaken on full moon…not this Sunday but the next” Spencer said. I nodded slightly.

“Dude we should get out of here, in case she did manage to alert some of the Vampires” Patrick said. We dragged Bella and William under the table then ran out the room, closing the door, and ran back through the house and on to the street.

We looked at each other weirdly and started walking up the road.

“Well that was odd…” Jon started. Brandy took his hand.

“Tell me about it, I seriously don’t wanna get on your wrong side Hayley” She laughed. I smiled slightly.

“Sorry about that guys…but that pissed me off…loads” I said. Everyone laughed.

“We could tell” Diane laughed, taking Spencer’s hand.

“Hey, you know what, I want ice cream, any one else want ice cream?” Pete said suddenly. I laughed at his randomness.

“I know I do” I agreed.

“Yay ice cream” Ryan and Emma squealed and started skipping down the road hand in hand. We all laughed and ran after them to grab some ice cream.


As we sat in the ice cream parlour at the mall, right at the back so no one would spot Pete and Patrick as easy, (we gave the waitress a quick autograph so she wouldn’t tell anyone they were here), I suddenly started to wonder why Mum had never told me. She had kept it from me all these years.

“I’m sure she was looking out for you” Pete whispered to me, so no one else could hear or notice. I looked at him and sighed.

“Yes but I wish I knew about it, I feel sort of let down by her now” I whispered back. He nudged me with his shoulder and smiled.

“It’s only natural, but oh god please don’t handle her like you did Bella” He said. I laughed and nudged him back, then went back to my cookie dough ice cream.

“So what’s everyone up to tonight?” Spencer asked, lolling around in his seat.

“Erm, well I'm doing homework, seriously if we didn’t have today off then I woulda gone into Maths with no homework. And my maths teacher said it was the last time I would get away with it, so I think id better do it” Brandy said. Emma sat up a little.

“Ill come round and do it with you, I always do my homework but Ryan’s been distracting me lately” She said.

“What the fuck!” Ryan laughed, Emma grinned and hugged him.

“Okay then, so basically you’ll work it out and ill copy your answers?” Brandy said. Emma shrugged.

“Basically, yeah” She said. We laughed and cleared up our bowels a little before standing up, saying thanks to the waitress who brought us the ice cream, and making our way around the mall for a bit; despite the fact we all spent the little amount of money we had on ice cream.

“Dudes I better get home, I gotta discuss some stuff with my mum” I said, everyone nodded and we made our way home. Emma kissed Ryan, told him she’d phone him later tonight, told Brandy she’d be round after dinner, then went over to her house. Brandy kissed Jon and they went their separate ways and Spencer and Diane went over to Diane’s house for the night, me and Brendon carried on a little more after saying goodbye to everyone. Once we reached my house, Brendon turned to me.

“Don’t go to hard on her, I’m sure she was just trying to protect you” He said to me, I nodded and lent up to kiss him.

“I wont, I just need to know some things; I’ll call you later yeah?” I asked. He nodded and kissed me again.

“And I’ll be round tomorrow at 8:00. So be ready” He said, I raised my eyebrows. He laughed.

“Okay be half ready” He said. I nodded and hugged him before running up my garden and pulled my keys out to open the door, I waved to Brendon before going in and shutting the door. I took my shoes off, flinging them to the side and walking into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass out the cupboard and filled it with water, downing it, then putting it in the sink. I walked back out and into the living room. Mum and Liam were sleeping on the sofa, Liam’s NODDY film playing on the TV. I smiled and switched it off. Mum stirred and opened her eyes. She smiled at me and looked down at Liam. She gently slid off the sofa and picked him up.

“Ill just take him upstairs” She said, I gulped and nodded. She slowly went upstairs and put him in his bed. Then walked back downstairs.

“Have you eaten or do you want something?” She asked me, I shook my head.

“I had some ice cream just now with everyone, but actually Mum I need to talk to you” I said bluntly. She tilted her head slightly.

“What’s up?” She asked, sitting down on the arm of an arm chair. I swayed slightly.

“Today I…I found out something…something that I think maybe you should have told me…” I started; mum looked nervous but played dumb.

“What’s that?” She asked. I rolled my eyes.

“You’ve never said anything about a ‘Valerian’” I said. She began to silently bite her lip, so I carried on speaking.

“I found out from Brendon actually…who found out from Ray Toro himself, you see me bringing Brendon back to life wasn’t a miracle, it was me with powers, powers I had no idea about until today…powers you should of told me about” I said sternly. Mum fidgeted.

“Darling, I just wanted to protect you…” She said.

“Yeah, that’s what everyone said, but I’m 16 mum. 16, you should have told me years ago, I had to find it out from my boyfriend” I said.

“I know and I’m sorry, but that’s the only explanation I have. I was protecting you, being a Valerian is serious, you could get killed by…bad people” She said.

“Yeah, werewolves and Vampires, I know all about them, in fact I’m friends with some” I said. Mums eyes widened and she looked…angry.

“No, you are forbidden to hang around with any-“

“NO…don’t even THINK of telling me what to do…I was friends with these people before I even knew about this Valerian shit. So I will hang around with who I bloody well want to” I shouted slightly, as I didn’t want to wake Liam. Mums face softened a little.

“Okay, who are they?” She asked gently. I laughed.

“Oh yeah, like id tell you now, so you can put your spells on them. Because I know you’re also one of them” I said, amused. Mum shook her head.

“Fine, fine okay…I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but let me just say, bad things can happen when you’re friends with the enemy” She said, and walked off into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, stuck my middle finger up at her whilst her back was turned and ran upstairs to my room. I shut the door and put my iPod in its speakers, I put it on shuffle and Escape The Fate came on. I smiled, breathed deeply, calming myself down. I took my phone from my bag and rung Brendon’s number, waiting to tell him exactly what just happened.
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