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We kinda find out what happened to Kichi.

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Now we kinda find out what happens to Kichi.

Kichi tossed once more in her sleep, trying to escape the invisable monsters in her head. She still could see them grabbing at her. Their claw ripping into her, sharp white fangs gleeming in the moon light. She woke-up with a scream that echo'd around the house. She sat bolt up right, clutching the bed sheets, looking about wildly for the momster that wasn't there.
"Kichi?" came a voice from the floor. Kichi jumped and slowly peered over the edge of the bed to see Mikey lying there, curled up in a sleeping bag.

"Mikey" sighed, reassuring herself it was him. He sat up so they were at the same level.
"What's wrong Chi-chi?"
"Oh god Mikey! It was so awful there were these...things and-" Kichi never got to finish her sentence as everyone else came bursting in the door, light flooded the room making Kichi and Mikey blink a few times to get used to it.

"Kichi! What's wrong? We heard you screaming" Poor Frank, he always worried about her.
"Just a nightmare" she said, blushing slightly. Everyone looked at her worriedly.
"You sure?" Gerard asked, peering over Frank's shoulder.
"Yeah" she nodded.
"Are you-" Kichi gave a small laugh.
"-I'm sure" she said. Everyone nodded and left. Mikey went to leave and Kichi called him back.
Don't leave me she whispered. Mikey looked unsure. Please?
Mikey just nodded and went to lie back down on his sleeping bag.
"What are you doing?" she asked him.
"I'm gonna lie down, clearly."
"Stay with me...up here" Kichi looked away when she asked. Mikey studded her face closely, wondering wither she was kidding or not.
I'm being serious Mikey she told him, a small smile on her lips. Mikey just nodded, not daring to trust his voice and walked to the other side of the bed and gingerlly climbed in. Kichi gently held his hand and clurled up on her side, falling asleep almost instantly. Feeling complete and safe for once in her life.
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