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Electric Love

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A collection of Reno+Reader stories.

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Electric Love

Love 01: Believe It

Did you know that if you tell people a bunch of random information about computers, speaking so fast that they can't keep up, they will assume you are an expert? I do have a fair amount of knowledge but not to the level that one would conclude when left in total confusion. Logically, if you're an expert, then you must be the new technician appointed to maintain Shinra's information systems. You can't possibly be anyone else, so it doesn't matter that you have, coincidentally, misplaced your ID while trying to make your way around your new work facilities.

Did you know that if you show confidence, security and just a hint of arrogance, your co-workers at Shinra will assume that you are their new boss? Of course, only a supervisor would ask so many questions with such certainty and not a hint of doubt, while nodding assertively at things that cannot be interpreted due to lack of information that the real supervisor would have. Of course, you are the new head of the Information Systems Department of Shinra Inc., you can be no one else.

Did you know that once your act has earned you both a job and a promotion at such an important and vital area, a whole world of possibilities opens up? There is no need to put a password on a server that's under lock and digital key. But if said key was misplaced, because, if you have the nerve to demand it, it must be rightfully yours, to avoid being fired it shall be returned to you. And thus you have the opportunity to gain years of experience in minutes.

Walk in with very little, walk out top rank. Of course, what the computer says is law, unless you want to end up under the plate, or worse. If the screen says I'm a Turk, then I'm a Turk. If it says I've been here for over a year, then I have, end of story. There's your evidence, right there on the screen, what more do you need? If the system says I am due to leave on a mission with another Turk in fifteen minutes, then you better get with the program and get me what I need right away. Then minutes later I would be waiting for my partner to show up.

He asked no questions, though I'm sure he doesn't accept things as easily as the mindless slaves of Shinra. "Joy ride?"


"You don't look like a spy and I know you don't really work for Shinra."

"Guilty, gonna do anything about it?"

"Yeah, take twice the time I need to do this and say I ran into some difficulties."

It is also relevant to mention that if a Turk says you are an evil mutant bent on taking over the work, and more importantly Shinra, then you are. Furthermore if said Turk classifies going to the Gold Saucer to make ridiculously unlucky bets on the chocobo races while sharing a pizza, as a fight to the death, who's to say it's not? The world is a gullible place.

At the end of the day, if he tells his leader that the evil mutant was defeated, why not believe there was in fact an evil mutant? The result is the same either way, the evil mutant is not here anymore. Who cares if it was or wasn't in the first place, the point is, it's not here. I'm still here though.

Just like with the mutant, if enough people believe something happened, or a situation is interpreted in a certain way by the masses, who's to say that isn't right? So many people can't be wrong. If they all think you were on a date with your boyfriend, not just stalking a carefree Turk who felt like ditching work that day because the company owed him a break, why not believe what people think?

The world loves to jump to conclusions. It's all about perception. Everyone has the right to an opinion, everyone has the right to differ, and the ultimate truth is what the masses believe, brainless as they may be. They are right; there is no questioning something that the large majority would agree on, or at least the large majority of those who supposedly witnessed it.

I am not just a stalker who hacked Shinra's system and was let off easy by a redhead's carefree nature. I'm his girlfriend and I'm a Turk. In my illusion world, I rule.

My obsession is my truth, believe it!

Love 02: Evolution

There was something special about finding a childhood friend nearly a decade since the last time you saw him. But it also made you doubt if he was just a childhood friend, or if maybe he had somehow become more, and you didn't realize it until you saw him again.

But this wasn't about the past, it was all about the future, it was all about you realizing that the cool boy you used to play with, and occasionally pick on, was no longer simply a cool boy; he was a hot young man.

It wasn't just a matter of growing up; he had done so much more. He had evolved, undergone a metamorphosis. There he stood before you, with his unmistakable flaming red hair that confirmed his identity, despite how much he changed over the years.

The boy you played with long ago had become a man. But he was never really a child, just smaller, chibified in a way. Reno, the polygon boy you played with so long ago, had become a CG man, and the first thought that crossed your mind was "evolution has never been this hot..."

Love 03: Blackmail

I've always liked him, ever since I saw him looking bored under the shade of a tree as the captain and his wife worked on Shinra 27 and he only watched providing security against absent danger. We talked, probably only because he was bored but had to stay near the rocket. I kept him company, took away some of that boredom, that's it, nothing special, but I liked him, a lot and I still do.

Have you ever felt as if you're not sure if you're dreaming or awake? I feel that way right now. At times like this I start to question the existence of that thin line between an active imagination and insanity.

There he is, sleeping. His face is buried in the pillows, his goggles are still on. His left hand is wrapped tightly around a metal rod and in his right covered by a glove he holds a tiny thing. It's so small I cannot see it unless I take it from his grasp. He didn't take the time to remove his shoes before jumping into bed and he is still wearing his Turk uniform as if he was too exhausted to change.

There he is, in my room, on my bed. I wonder if he's truly there or if he's only in my mind. I wonder if he'll disappear the second I lay a finger on him. I want to know but at the same time I don't. Let him be there, sleeping beside me. If it's a dream, don't wake me up.

At the risk of having him melt away from my world I gently touch his red hair. It feels real, so very real. Once again I question my reality. Is this a dream or is it real? His presence in my room, on my bed, would not make sense unless I'm dreaming or unless I've gone insane. Dream, insanity or strange reality, I don't know, let it be, let him be, let us be.

Even if I know I shouldn't, I poke him gently on the shoulder, once again, continuous, repetitive, until he stirs. I wonder if he will disappear when he awakens or maybe my mind will somehow emulate his movements, his voice, his personality, him.

"Where am I?" Confusion, how predictable, I'm confused so the characters of my dream or my insanity are confused too.

"In my room, on my bed," what else could I say? He still seeks an answer with his eyes. I shall elaborate dear dream, "Rocket Town."

"It worked!" His bliss fades into slumber and once again, there he is, sleeping. He appears to be pretty drained, I'll let him rest. I'll wrap my arms around him and enjoy the dream, because in the morning, he'll be gone.

At the time I didn't know that it was all an experiment. I didn't know that the tiny round orb firmly held by his gloved right hand was the first step in artificial materia, one with the power of teleportation. I didn't know that by taking it from him with my unprotected hand it would melt into my skin and I would absorb its power. I didn't know my silence and loyalty would be bought by Shinra, and Reno did not know that the only payment I would accept was him.

Love 04: Awake

It sucks to be awake when I'm expected to be sleeping. In this boredom I think about random things that I wouldn't notice before. The ceiling is white but it looks gray in the darkness, his hair is a bright shade of red, but it looks a normal shade with the lack of light, almost maroon. His breaths are even and peaceful, his face is calm, he's having sweet dreams, no doubt.

I'm considering getting up and watching some TV, quietly so I won't wake him, yet I can't get myself to leave. I'm not sure if it's the stupid insistence on actually sleeping, though clearly I do not need sleep at the moment; or his arm around my waist that's holding me in place. It's possibly more the second than the first.

There are a lot of things that can be noticed by a bored mind, so empty of entertainment that it seeks anything to occupy itself. I can tell the sun is rising because of the slight change of the light out the window, even if I haven't looked at the clock. I'm getting impatient, I want him to wake up, I'm bored, but I don't want to ruin his sleep. Stupid sleep, hogging Reno's attention. Sleep is overrated anyway!

Love 05: Turks Materia

My surroundings where mostly dark, save for the faint glow of the lights ahead. Soon I would reach the Seventh Heaven bar, not that it was my original destination but it would do. The day had been filled with ups and downs. I found a rarity, materia in its natural form, a jewel of the planet thought to be extinct. Even if it couldn't really be used in the same way as the materia from the reactors, I was pretty sure I could get a nice amount of gil from Shinra for it, if only it had not been stolen.

The night brought new setbacks as I realized I was being followed. At first I ignored the stalker but the footsteps were getting closer and faster. This person does not want me to take refuge at the bar, as if those were my intentions. Pissed off beyond belief, I'm certainly not in the mood to deal with random stalkers. I firmly stopped and turned to face the one who had been following me.

He's dressed in a familiar uniform, no doubt that of the Turks, even if it's not as formal as the other Turks I've seen and he doesn't have the tie. He's standing there in a laid back fashion, carefree and confident with an electro-rod in his hand and goggles on his forehead. His red hair is brightly colored and slightly messy. A Turk doesn't follow someone for no reason.

"Is there a reason why you're following me?"

"You have something I was sent to get."

I knew right away what he was talking about. "The materia..."

"I see you know, then hand it over."

I really need to blow off some steam and sadly this man will be my target. Well, too bad for him because you I'm about to take out all you frustrations on him, poor guy. Without warning I charged with ready fists. He raised his electro rod as to counter the attack but something unexpected happened. It had been raining earlier that day. I slipped on the wet street and surprisingly tacked him to the ground falling on top of him in the process. Crap.

"That was a surprise..." It's obvious he was sure I would try to hit him, not tackle him like that. "Or an accident?"

"Shut up!" I scrambled to my feet and to be honest I don't feel like fighting anymore. "It was stolen and I'm in a bad mood so don't bother me!" I blurt out the truth before I can stop myself.

"The materia was stolen? Who stole it? Where?" He sounds like he really wants to find it. It's probably because it's his job.

"If I knew I would be after them right now." Duh!

"Looks like I won't finish this job early after all." He started to walk away as if nothing happened. The nerve!

"Wait! Are you going to look for it?"

"That's my job."

"And it's my materia so I'm coming with you!" My mind is made up and nothing he can say or do will change it.

I'm just following this guy because he wants to claim my materia and I can't allow that. Hotness has absolutely nothing to do with it. Now I just need to convince myself that it's all about business and I'm not acting like a rabid fan girl, but man are Turks ever cool. Hey wait a second, is that a helicopter he's heading to? His coolness just went up.

I rush after him and soon realize he's not waiting for me. How could he? Well too bad, because I have already decided. I run as fast as I can and as the helicopter takes off I hold on and promptly slip. This isn't my day. You know you're having a bad day when right after being the victim of thievery and embarrassing yourself in front of a hot guy, you end up dangling in mid air fearing for your life.

"Are you insane?!" You know what Mr. Hot Turk? I'm beginning to ask myself that exact same question.

After he pulled me inside the helicopter which I assume he set to auto-pilot, I cling to him for dear life.

"You must really want to come." He correctly concludes.

Without loosening my grip, I smile sheepishly and reply with solid determination. "It's my materia and I want it back!"

"You're so stubborn... I guess I have no choice, but you better be able to keep up."

"Of course!" Then I wonder why in the world he hasn't told me to stop glomping the life out of him already. Surely he must have noticed I've calmed down from my near death experience by now. This will be an interesting journey indeed. "Can I try it?" At some point I finally stopped glomping him, too soon if you ask me. He gives me a puzzled look. "The helicopter, I mean."

"Have you ever piloted one before?" Of course I should have expected such a question and I did. For a split second I considered saying I have some experience but decided that my luck has been bad enough so far and I don't want to add crashing a helicopter to the day's events.

"Not really," I answer honestly. "I've always wanted to." Lets see how good my sad kitten look is. "Please?"

"It's not too hard." I can't believe that worked.

So here I am sitting in the pilot's seat. He's even letting me wear he headset thingy, this is to fun! Yay, I'm piloting a helicopter! Well not yet but I'm holding on to the level thingy even if he has to guide my hands. Oh crap, he let go.

"See? It's not too hard you just have too keep it steady." He's right this is easier than I thought.

"Reno report." I hear a voice coming from the headset. It's so sudden I move the controls none too gently and the helicopter protests with a sudden movement.

"Keep it steady." He grabs on to the controls leaning over the seat and extending his arms over my shoulders to do so. Of all the times to blush why did I have to pick this time when his face is so close to mine he can probably feel the warmth of my cheeks as if the color didn't make it obvious enough.

"Reno are you there?" The voice from the headset is heard once again.

"Are you Reno? You have a call on this thing." I ask the Turk and realize that I forgot to ask his name before.

"Who is this?" The voice asks again.

He takes the headset back and replies. "This is Reno... No, yes, what? It's no problem, now? Yes sir, I understand." I wonder what that is all about. I have a bad feeling about this. "I have to go to Junon," Reno announces. He once again pilots the helicopter, it'll be faster, not to mention safer, this way.

"As part of your job?" I should kick myself for asking the obvious.

"Yeah... what's your name?" I introduce myself then the rest of the flight progresses in relative silence.

"Stay here." Reno tells me after landing the helicopter at Junon, on the Shinra military area at top part of the city.

"No way, you're just going to leave me here. I said I was coming along." As if to prove my point I cling to his arm and make it quite clear I fully intend to stick to him like glue until I get my materia back.

"It's top secret, they're not going to let you board the submarine." Reno explains.

I pout, "fine I guess I'll wait in the city. You'll be back right?"

Before Reno can answer my question another voice is heard. "Reno!" There is a group of Shinra cadets passing by marching in perfect rhythm but I know none of them is the owner of that voice. "Reno!" The voice is obviously female but where is it coming from? "Reno!" As the cadets march away I see a blonde young woman standing at the other side of the street. She's wearing a Turk uniform.

"Elena..." So he does know her. Of course they must work together at the Turks.

She's giving him a disapproving look right now. "We're supposed to be on a mission. I know there's going to be a fireworks display at Junon harbor and I want to watch it too, but we're on duty so you can't run off on a date." Date? What is she talking about?

"Elena..." Once again Reno attempts to speak but he is interrupted.

Elena's expression suddenly changes from disapproval to happiness with that mischievous look people get in their eyes when they figure out how to use a situation to their advantage. "You know what? You're right, for once, this night should be spent with the person you like so I won't stop you. You know her well, right? She's trust worthy, right? Okay, I'll take your word for it, she can help out in the Gelnika mission. I won't go so that I don't make the third wheel. I'll report back to Tseng, have fun with your girlfriend!"

Wait I get it, the girlfriend is me! I instantly let him go as if I've been burn. "It's not like that!"

"Really? I thought you two..." My guess is Elena likes that Tseng guy she mentioned and wanted to be alone with him so she's using me as an excuse to skip her mission with Reno.

"Elena..." Reno finally manages to get a word in. "You talk too much."

xoxox xox xoxox

I ended up in a submarine with Reno after all. He said something about Elena being all professional all the time. She must really want to spend time with Tseng if she decided to bend the rules and send me in her place. Though technically I'm doing her job it's okay since I get to ride a submarine. This is pretty fun. "Reno, what are we supposed to do?"

"Investigate Gelnika, it's top secret so you can't tell anyone what we find there even if there's not much to be found."

"What do you mean?" I inquire.

"The Gelnika has been in the bottom of the sea for years. The weapon it carried was ruined during the crash and there were more important things to worry about, like meteor, so the plane was left there. Now for whatever reason, Rufus wants us to use the submarine to drag Gelnika to Junon and it will be taken to the surface from there." Reno explained and I kept nodding like an idiot. Honestly it's not my day.

After we got to the Gelnika I was surprised to find there was plenty of oxygen still trapped in there after all that time. Amazing, absolutely amazing in that unique way that contradicts the laws of logic, it's priceless.

I should have known this would turn out badly, but still I followed him into the Gelnika. We made our way to the room where the ruined weapon was. Although he had to drag the entire plane back he needed to check and make sure all the scrap metal that was supposed to be there, was there. Then I saw something shiny under the ruined weapon. Curiosity killed the cat they say, but they failed to warn me that it doesn't only apply to cats. "What's that shiny thing?" I try to reach under the weapon but the thing, whatever it is, is too far away.

"What is it?" Reno takes a look under the weapon and easily spots the shiny thing that caught my attention. "Materia," he concludes. He tries to reach it but it's too far away so he tries to use his electrorod to push it out. I'm standing there next to him watching him battle the little materia out of its hiding place when the entire weapon comes down on us, trapping up between a cold wet floor and a ton or two of scrap metal. Isn't life grand?

What a day. I just want to collapse into a nice soft bed and not wake up until my luck has changed. For the better that is, then again I'm not sure it could get worse. Reno and I were trapped under the scrap metal for about half an hour before we managed to squeeze out. I kept thinking that the entire thing would come apart and crush us any second. I guess I was too busy fearing for my life to accuse Reno because I'm sure his hands didn't slip on accident more than once but the space was really small so I wouldn't have any proof.

The scariest part had to be when the water started coming in. The Gelnika has been underwater for years since the meteor incident and now it decided to flood? Why did it wait until I was trapped in there? It's official, I'm a jinx! At least we managed to escape with our lives and an adorable summon materia. It's a chocomog, not the most powerful summon there can be, but it's adorable. It seems Shinra isn't interested in it; it's also quite small as if it hasn't really been used.

Reno knows which materia to bring to Shinra for bonuses and which not to bother bringing. I guess this is one of those he shouldn't bother bringing. They only like the big powerful ones. On the bright side I get to keep it. Currently I'm cuddling it like a baby while I try to stop myself from catching a cold which will happen unless I change out of my drenched clothes.

"Where are we going?" We already used the submarine to drag the Gelnika to Junon and Elena took it from there, I'm guessing the man with long black hair who was with her must be her beloved Tseng. Right now we're back in the helicopter flying towards... I'm not sure.

"Midgar, I should take you back home Miss Stalker." Reno is amused, of all the possible moods he could be in, he's amused!

"I'm not a stalker I'm only following you to get my materia back and I don't really have a place to stay in Midgar." I blurt out the entire thing as if it was one long word instead of a sentence.


"It was short notice, I went to Midgar to sell the materia. I was kind of counting on that. I don't have a place to stay in Midgar, or any luggage for that matter." Stupid me going to a far away city with nothing but materia and the clothes I'm wearing, which are still soaking wet.

"Then we'll go to my apartment." Then he's letting me stay? Good at least I won't have to wonder around the city all night or stay in the helicopter or... wait, did he just invite me to his apartment? Bad girl, don't think such thoughts, he's just being nice. Dear brain, please shut up, thank you.

xoxox xox xoxox

I need to make it a point to carry a change of clothes when I'm traveling far away. I guess catching a horrible cold would be worse than wearing some guy's clothes because naturally he doesn't have any girl clothes, but then it's a good thing he doesn't because that would be weird.

Reno said something about having to file a report and is currently in the living room grumbling while typing into a laptop computer. I want to check my email but I'm not going to ask. The man has a report to file and he's letting me stay in his apartment, that's already a lot so my beloved emails will have to wait. I adore the internet, I wonder if that story I was reading was updated? Ah, well right now I should focus on getting some sleep.

I wonder if he ever makes the bed when he gets up or if he just got up in a hurry today. It's a mess but who cares it's soft and comfortable I really don't mind the chaos of sheets and pillows as long as it's good to sleep on. I wonder what my friends would say if I told them I spent the night on a man's bed. It's true yet so misleading if left without an explanation.

When I woke up the first thing I noticed was that I was not in my room, then memories of yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks. I stretch and try to make myself woke up completely then my hand collides with something that wasn't a pillow.

"Ow!" There was Reno with a hand over his nose which I had accidentally hit. "Good morning to you too."

I blinked, I stared and I blinked again. "What are you doing here?!"

"It's my bed."

"You said I could use it!"

"I didn't say I wouldn't." If he wasn't so cute I would rip his head off.

It took me a few minutes to notice that he not wearing a shirt and sadly it took me another few minutes to stop staring. Refusing to look back, I got out of bed and marched myself out of the room hoping that my clothes are dry by now.

As soon as I exited the bedroom area I found myself face to face with a man I didn't know. He's tall, bald and wearing a Turk uniform so I assume Reno knows him. Once again I just stand there.

Reno soon joins us and greets the other Turks. "Yo Rude!"

The one called Rude nods in return.

Before I can say anything, Reno opens his big mouth. "It was kind of short notice but we slept together." He's joking, I know he is, but it sounds so wrong!

I could kill him for that. "What are you saying?"

Reno gives me a cocky grin, "the truth."

"Well yes b-"

"Let's all have some breakfast together! I think I still have some poptarts left." As Reno leads his friend towards the kitchen I am left with my mouth open and my finger pointing towards the ceiling as I was cut off in the middle of a very important statement.

But... but! It's not like that! He cut me off on purpose. That sneaky Turk, oh he's going to get it. As soon as I recover from the embarrassment, he's in so much trouble!

I ended up quietly eating a poptart with Reno and Rude but my vengeance has not been forgotten, no sir, no way! As soon as Rude leaves, Reno's gonna get it.

Said and done, after Rude left and Reno walked back to his room blissfully unaware of what was coming to him, I ran after him and tackled him with my hands firmly gripping his throat. Okay maybe I'm overdoing it, but he deserves it and I must get back at him somehow. I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't. "Why did you make it sound so misleading? What will Rude think of me now?"

"Can't you take a joke Miss Fangirl Stalker?"

Oh crap, he did not just flip me over so he's on top. I shouldn't have lowered my guard. Oh no, he did not just tickle me! I'm not going down without a fight I'll just have to tickle him back.

"Elena, wait!" A voice is heard, the same voice from the helicopter.

Elena stands there at the door, eyes and mouth wide open in total and absolute shock. Her left eye begins to twitch and I realize how wrong this must look.

"Let's go." Tseng gently leads her away as she seems to be in too much shock to move on her own. "I'll leave a note with the new information for the mission." Then they both leave. This looks so wrong!

xoxox xox xoxox

I'm currently sitting on Reno's bed feeling sorry for myself. My attempt at revenge ended up as wrong as it possibly could. I just made things worse, I lot worse. Oh I can see it now, rumors spreading all over the Turks and then all over Shinra, about Reno's affair with that girl, and that girl is me. I wanted to get a job at Shinra but now I can't possibly walk in there with straight face. My career just went down the drain. "The world hates me," I have come to that conclusion. Stupid planet, I hope Jenova and Sephiroth kill you for making me go through all of this. Yes, I'll blame it on the very planet. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"I don't hate you." He's amused, Reno has the nerve to be amused by this entire situation. I feel like curling into a ball and dying right now yet he's amused.

I briefly consider killing him but with my luck I'll probably end up causing another misunderstanding in my attempt, so all I can do right now is pitifully sit here and let Reno attempt to cheer me up.

Or not... "Aren't you happy that I'm letting you stalk me?"

"Why do you really think I'm your fangirl stalker?"

"When we first me you glomped me, more like tackle glomp then you glomped me again, actually how many times have you glomped or tackled me so far?" Reno's logic is... sadly true, but only in the misleading way that has caused so much trouble.

"The first was an accident and in the second I was trying to get over a near death experience, then after that... there was a reason; there was always a reason or an explanation."

"Miss Fangirl needs a hug!" I'm going to kill Reno, I so totally am! Then again I think I really do need a hug and it feels kind of nice. Maybe I'll let him live.

xoxox xox xoxox

We're finally back on track searching for materia. Luckily my clothes did dry up so I was able to wear them again. I just hope we find my materia quick, but not too quick, it's been unlucky, dangerous and mortifying, yet somehow it will be sad when it ends, then Hot Turk and I will go our separate ways and... oh crap I really am his fangirl. Why? Because he's amazingly hot? Because he has a great sense of humor? Because he's fun to be around and never boring? Because... okay, I really need to stop giving myself reasons to like him, I must stop.

Reno's partner, Rude, apparently finished his other mission and can now join Reno. Great, just great. Don't get me wrong, Rude is nice, I have no problems with him, but after the misunderstanding caused mostly by Reno, I really don't want to be around him. I guess I'll have to deal with this. We're heading to Wutai, why? I have no idea. My guess is they have a clue about where to find the stolen materia.

xoxox xox xoxox

After we arrived at Wutai and had an unsuccessful interrogation with a ninja girl we're off again. The ninja named Yuffie claims that she is not the materia thief. Regardless of her past accusations, which are many according to Reno and Rude, I really don't think she was the one to steal my materia. The thief appeared to be bigger and by the sound of his voice I'm sure it was a man.

I guess I should have mentioned that sooner, but after they went through the trouble of going to Wutai to interrogate the prime suspect I knew I would only look stupid if I mentioned, it so late so I'm keeping quiet about it. Who cares if it helps, saving what's left of my poor shattered ego is more important than even recovering my materia. Besides, they look like they know where they're going anyway.

xoxox xox xoxox

What a battle! Who knew that the man in the black cloak who stole my materia would transform into a monster. A very odd monster that muttered things about a reunion while crying for his mother, strange indeed. I guess we might or might not, eventually find out.

At least we beat the monster, yes we, I did my part too. Never mind that the creature ate my materia before I could stop it. Like I said, yesterday was not my day and apparently neither is today. That thing made me so mad! With my materia gone my trip to Midgar ended in failure, as did my mission to sell the materia and fill up a job application for Shinra while I'm there. Such is life.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Why do you look so sad?" Did Reno suddenly decide to ask the obvious? Because honestly, it's so obvious he couldn't have missed it. We're heading out right now and away from the Northern Crater were we encountered the monster, probably a left over mutant from a certain past reunion.

"That thing ate my materia and now I don't have anything to sell and I can't request a job at Shinra." I half answer and half whine.

"You don't need to sell anything to request a job," Rude quietly explains.

I should be more clear. "I know, but I still can't request a job because... because..."

"You forgot to bring your resume?" Reno asks; how could he miss it?

"Because of the misunderstanding, you know..." I look away.

"Is that all? Relax Miss Fangirl Stalker, it's okay, what happens with the Turks, stays with the Turks."


"You'll do alright, rookie, what do you say Rude?" Rookie? What's he talking about?

"Agreed." What is Rude agreeing to?

"I think I missed something." Or a lot.

"We were supposed to keep an eye out for possible new Turks, are you interested?" I could glomp Reno right now but I'm holding back. He's piloting the helicopter and I don't want to make him crash or worse, give Rude the wrong idea again.

"Me? A Turk? That would be great! But... could I possibly make it in?" I wonder...

"You handled that mutant thing pretty well, I would say you're as good as in." Reno, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that.

"Then I'm in!" I'm going to be a Turk, this rocks!

xoxox xox xoxox

Looking back on it, maybe my bad luck was good luck all along. Because of all that happened I got to join the Turks. Before I thought I would be lucky if I managed to get an office job at Shinra, but now I'm a Turk. Sometimes all of us go on big missions, Tseng, Elena, Rude, Reno and me. Most of the time I go on missions with Rude and Reno, it's actually a lot of fun.

I think that eventually I really did become a Reno fangirl, or maybe I was his fangirl from the moment we first met and didn't admit it until now. Either way it doesn't bother him; he seems happy about it. Ah well, I guess that means I should feel free to stalk him, and be stalked by him? Maybe... that's what it looks like recently. I need to stop spacing out and day dreaming or I'll be late. We finally got a day off and Reno and I are going to the Gold Saucer. It's going to be so much fun!

All in all it's been good. What's a few near death experiences on the road to happiness? The rumors are still flying among the Turks, but it's true that what happens with the Turks, stays with the Turks. But you know what? Rumors aren't so bad after they become truths.


Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII.
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