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Slothy Boy

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Yes, I know this is stupid XD. I just randomly started writing it back when the RoDS plot was going on- Best. Plot. EVER. Sloth x Space Faerie.

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AN: I got into the whole Sloth/Space Faerie thing a long time ago when I read this really good romance fic about them, which doesn't seem to exist at all anymore. So yeah, I randomly started writing this fic during the Return of Doctor Sloth Plot. And yes, I know the Space Faerie didn't actually have anything to do with RoDS...the Space Faerie/Sloth plot was a totally different one. But seriously, RoDS=best plot ever. And I've participated in every plot since the original Meridell vs Darigan war (and have the 8-year account with the trophies to back up that claim.) Anyways, yes, I know this fic is stupid. It started out funny and then got kind of maudlin towards the end.


He was a Sloth
She was a Space Faerie
Can I make it any more obvious?

He was evil
She was a fae
What more can I say?

He wanted her
And she'd never tell
But secretly she wanted him as well
But all the other fae
Said he couldn't be redeemed
They had a problem with his evil schemes

He was a Slothy boy
She said, "Better back off, boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
She had a pretty face
And she lived up in space
And that's just the way things were

Five years from now
Space is still her home
Protecting Neopia, she's all alone

She turns on Neovision
Sees Sloth has made a decision
To try to destroy Neopia again

She calls up her friends
They already know
And they've all got plans to stop him down below

She tags along
And stands in the crowd
Looks up at the Sloth that she turned down

He was a Slothy Boy
She said, "Better back off, boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
Now he's a super villain
Enslaving Grundos by the million
To show the pretty fae just what he's worth

Sorry, girl, but you missed out
Well, tough luck, Neopia is his now
Until he's defeated by your friends
This is how the story ends

Too bad the others couldn't see
See what Doctor Sloth could be
He is more than meets the eye
She saw the soul that is inside

He's just a Sloth
She's just a fae
Can I make it any more obvious?
They were in love
Or haven't you heard?
Her love for him shattered her world

Me, I follow Lord Darigan
I said, "I'll see you all again
If TNT ever makes another plot"
Till then I'll be feeding Kadoats
Singing the song I wrote
About a Sloth you used to know
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